Wilkinson vs Ingham [1890]

In December 1890, George Henry Wilkinson, landlord of the Royal Hotel, Brighouse, sought to recover damages from R. George Ingham, for an assault committed by Ingham and his coachman.

The court heard that Ingham's father had lent his son a considerable sum of money, and he went about the country getting drunk and behaving in a fiendish manner.

Ingham had spent the day (before the assault) driving about with his groom, calling at local pubs as a bona fide traveller and getting liquor.

Around 6:15 am on the 26th August 1890, he called at the Royal Hotel and tried to kick the door in. Wilkinson went to investigate and seeing that Ingham was in liquor, told him that he could not admit him. Ingham – a big, strong fellow – struck Wilkinson and went inside, calling his man to "come inside and pitch into the --" whereupon they both began to pommel the landlord. Wilkinson's ostler came to his rescue and was also attacked.

Mrs Wilkinson called the police and Ingham went outside, saying he was "prepared to fight any -- in Brighouse" PC Brooke arrested Ingham and he was fined £2 plus £1 for being drunk and disorderly.

At the trial, Wilkinson was awarded £100 damages.

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