Andrew Heaton

Andrew Heaton was born in Rochdale.

He was a farmer [1871] / a carpet weaver [1881].

On 7th September 1847, he married Sarah Laycock [1830-1907] in Halifax.

Sarah was born in Craven, North Yorkshire & died at Stoney Brow Farm [14th January 1907]


  1. Susan [1847-1856]
  2. Thomas [1849-1850]
  3. Frances [b 1851] who married Leonard Hartwell,  emigrated to Australia and settled in Townsville, Queensland
  4. Wainwright / William Wainwright [b 1853] who  married Grace Lumb
  5. Oliver [1855-1903] who married Mary Jane McKnight
  6. Frederick [b 1861]
  7. Ruth [1858-1882] who was buried at St Anne's Church,  Southowram
  8. Robert [b 1859] who married [1882] Harriet  Alderson and had 6 children [1901]
  9. Rhodes [1863-1923] who married Sarah Ann Holker
  10. Ann Ellen [b 1864] who married John William Bowes
  11. Andrew [1866-1936] who married Barbara Ann Kershaw
  12. Sarah [1868-1937] who married James Ellis Knowles
  13. Harry [b 1874] who married Emily Wood
  14. Leonard [b 1877] who was a corporation carter [1901]

The family lived at Siddal Wells [1871, 1881].

Living with Andrew, Sarah and 9 children [in 1871] were son-in-law & daughter Frances & Leonard Hartwell.

Living with Andrew, Sarah and 4 children [in 1891] were daughter Sarah & son-in-law James Ellis Knowles and their son Wainwright [1891]

Living with the widowed Sarah [in 1901] were son & daughter-in-law Robert & Harriet and their 6 children.

Jeffrey Knowles, his great-grandson writes

On 28th October 1894, at the age of 66, Andrew Heaton walked from his home at Siddal Wells to Elland, and then rode to Brighouse to pay his rent.

He walked home up Brookfoot Hill to Southowram.

It was raining, thundering and lightning at the time, and feeling unwell, he called in at the Shoulder of Mutton for a drink. Having drunk just one whisky, he suddenly got up and went outside, crossed the road and collapsed banging his head on the kerb.

On seeing this, one of the locals shouted

He's drunk, let him stop where he is, he's wet on the inside, let him be wet on the outside as well

No-one offered assistance except one young man named James Brown – also known as Fiddler Jim – and a lad, John Jowett, who carried him up the road to the stable of the Pack Horse Inn, wrapped him in a horse sheet and left him. James Brown was seeking work and had to be on his way, but he asked the lad to look in on him later. Some 3 hours later, the lad looked in at the stable and found Andrew quite dead.

At the inquest, Anthony Bairstow landlord of the Shoulder of Mutton said the deceased was not drunk. He arrived at the pub tired, starved and nearly finished and had only one drink.

Fred Baines landlord of the Pack Horse said that he did not know the deceased was in his stable, and John Jowett did not know the stable belonged to the Pack Horse Inn! Verdict: Accidental death due to a fall


Sarah died at Stoney Brow Farm [14th January 1907].

Members of the family were buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram [H 29]

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