Solomon Barsdorf

Solomon Barsdorf was born in Mecklenburg-Strelitz [11th October 1822], the son of Hanuchen (née Heymann) & Itzig Barsdorf.

He arrived in England [24th August 1844].

He successfully applied for naturalisation [11th September 1858] when he was

about to become a landed proprietor

He was a stuff merchant, and commenced business as a manufacturer in 1853 / a worsted stuff manufacturer employing 35 men & 50 women [1861] / a worsted manufacturer [1871].

For some years, he rented space in Holme Top Mill, Little Horton, then in Beck Mill, Clayton [1862]. He (possibly) bought Highgate Mill, Clayton Heights for £7,350 [1869] He also owned the newly-built Oak Mill, Clayton.

In 1877, when he was described as

late of Clayton

he took a lease of a worsted mill at Bolton-in-Calverley with capacity for 400 looms and declared he was already in a position to employ 150 more weavers than he was able to find.

Early in each year he organised a knife-and-fork tea for his employees, their wives & sweethearts, and over time, the occasion was enlarged to include speeches, songs, recitations and dancing. Forty people attended in 1866, 160 in 1868, 300 in 1871, and restrictions on attendance were relaxed such that in 1873 nearly 500 of Clayton's inhabitants sat down to eat and make merry at his expense.

On 9th May 1854, he married (1) Martha Knowles at St Paul's Church, Denholme.

Martha, of Denholme Gate, was the daughter of Jonathan Knowles


  1. George Isart [bapt 25th December 1857] who was a  commercial clerk in a lace warehouse in Nottingham [1881]
  2. Ellen [bapt 19th October 1860-1928] who never married
  3. Henry

Martha died 22nd February 1865 (aged 37).

On 27th March 1867, he married (2) Ellen Frank [1842-1924] in Chorlton.

Ellen was the daughter of Meyer Frank of Manchester.

Her brother Dr Philip Frank married a sister of the 1st Duke of Westminster



  1. Philip
  2. Lewis [1868-23rd October 1881] who died at Darmstadt
  3. Alice [1870-1887] who was buried at Lightcliffe [4th June  1887]
  4. Ernest
  5. Walter
  6. John [b 1877]
  7. Mabel [1878-19??]

They lived at

Living with them [in 1871] was Hedwig Lehmann [aged 22] (Governess born in Germany).

They lived at

Shortly afterwards, he sold his house in Manningham, because he was

removing to Germany.

He died at Darmstadt [6th September 1881] (aged 58).

His body was returned for burial in Undercliffe Cemetery. The funeral was attended by many freemasons of the Lodge of Harmony, No.600, of which he was a Past Master.

His widow and younger children lived at Perth Villas, Lightcliffe [1891, 1901, 1911]

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