Henry Greenhalgh

Henry Greenhalgh was the son of Joseph Greenhalgh.

From 1909, he added the name Eastham to his name.

Born in Blackburn.

He was a wheelwright [1871] / a garment dyer [1881] / a dyer & cleaner (employer) [1891, 1901, 1911] / a dyer & cleaner at Greenhalgh Dyers & Cleaners, Todmorden [1905] / a dyer & cleaner for James Arthur Holt, Copperas House,  Walsden.

On 11th April 1873, he married (1) Elizabeth Ann King [1852-1898] in Todmorden.

Elizabeth Ann was born in Todmorden

The Todmorden & District News [18th April 1873] reported the wedding

Mr Henry Greenhalgh of Salford, Todmorden, married Miss Elizabeth Ann King of Omega Street, Langfield, at Cross Lanes Chapel, Hebden Bridge

Child: James William

Living with them [in 1881, 1891, 1901] was Emily Butterworth [b 1879]; she is shown as niece in 1881, and daughter [in 1891, 1901]

Henry & Elizabeth Ann (possibly) adopted Emily unofficially


Elizabeth Ann died in Todmorden in 1898 (aged 45).

On 18th November 1902, he married (2) Mary Baron [1869-1908].

The Todmorden & District News [21st November 1902] reported the wedding

Mr Henry Greenhalgh, 84 Crescent, Todmorden, married Miss Mary Baron at Bridge Street Chapel

Child: 2. Harry [b 1906]

Mary died in Todmorden [21st June 1908] (aged 39) 

The Todmorden & District News [26th June 1908] reported her death

Mrs Mary Greenhalgh, wife of Mr Henry Greenhalgh, dyer &c, Waterside, died of heart failure from a severe attack of Bright's disease. She had not been well for some time.

She was buried at the Parish Church


On 20th April 1909, he married (3) Ellen Crossley [1862-19??].

Ellen was born in Halifax

The Todmorden Advertiser & Hebden Bridge Newsletter [23rd April 1909] reported the wedding

Mr Henry E. Greenhalgh, dyer, Crescent, married Miss Ellen Crossley, who for many years has been head costumier for Messrs Pilling & Elders, Strand, Todmorden.

The marriage took place at Salem Wesleyan Chapel, Hebden Bridge.

The wedding breakfast was provided at Hurst's restaurant, Hebden Bridge.

Afterwards the couple left for London for their honeymoon


The Todmorden & District News [23rd April 1909] reported the wedding

Mr Harry Eastham Greenhalgh of Rochdale Road, Todmorden, married Miss Ellen Crossley of Rochdale Road, Walsden, at Salem Chapel, Hebden Bridge

The family lived at

Living with them [in 1911] was sister-in-law Martha Crossley [b 1857]

Living with them [in 1921] was one of Ellen's relative Alice Margaret Crossley [b 1893] baker for J. & B. Lord, bakers & confectioners, Walsden

Henry died 16th June 1927 (aged 75) 

The Todmorden Advertiser & Hebden Bridge Newsletter [24th June 1927] reported his death

Henry Eastham Greenhalgh of 11 Ewood Lane, Todmorden, died on the 16th of June 1927. Widow: Ellen Eastham Greenhalgh. Effects: 2959.

Mr Henry Greenhalgh of 11 Ewood Lane was born in and lived his whole life in Todmorden.

Formerly head of the firm of H. Greenhalgh, dyers & cleaners of Todmorden.

The business was disposed of soon after the termination of the Great War but he only relinquished his position as traveller seven years ago.

He had enjoyed good health till about three weeks ago, and had been confined to bed for a fortnight.

Politically, he was a Liberal.

He was associated with Bridge Street U.M. Church.

He left a widow and two sons


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