Robbery of George Haigh [1826]

In 1825, George Haigh was robbed by David Taylor and Charles Law who broke into Haigh's house and stole money and other valuables.

The York Herald [Saturday 23rd July 1825] reported

David Taylor (25) was charged with having, along with Charles Law, burglariously broken into, and robbed, the house of George Haigh, a Stone Merchant of Southowram, and stolen therefrom, two Bills of Exchange value £313, fifty sovereigns, a quantity of silver & copper, etc.

The principal witness was Charles Law who was admitted evidence on the part of the prosecution and to whose testimony we shall confine ourselves. Law said he had known Taylor for 18 months, they had met in the House of Correction. He lived in Southowram.

In April, Law went to Taylor's house and Taylor told him he had been to the house of George Haigh several times to draw some money. Taylor said the money was in the house behind the door and asked Law to help him get it.

They went to look at the house several times before eventually going to the workhouse to see if Mr Haigh was there. He was, and they watched him go home at 12 o'clock. After seeing Haigh go to bed, Law got in by the back window. Taylor stopped outside and gave Law an iron bar, some matches and a candle. After lighting the candle, he forced a drawer open and got some silver and copper. Law gave it to Taylor who said it would not do. He told Law to try a desk in the parlour, but there was nothing in it. Taylor told him to try the desk again as he should find another drawer. He did so and found two cups, 30 sovereigns, a watch, a pair of silver sugar tongs, half a dozen silver spoons, two bills and two silk handkerchiefs.

This property was then buried in some ashes behind Taylor's house. They shared the money and Taylor said he would give Law anything if he would swear he had nothing to do with the robbery. Since then he had given Law some money.

The jury found Taylor guilty and a judgement of death was recorded against him


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