Southowram Bank Clearance [1939]

In the 19th century, Southowram Bank and Pineberry Hill, Halifax were densely populated.

The Council took steps to clear the areas in 1939

A Local Newspaper [April 1939] published

Southowram Bank Clearance

Letter from Geo. H. Fry of Oxford Lane, Siddal.
Borough Treasurer.


Ratepayers in the Southowram Bank Clearance area have been circularised as follows

Dear Sir or Madam,

Adverting to the notice recently served upon you by the Town Clerk, I am now instructed to offer you a house either at Ovenden or Pellon. Keys to view can be obtained in your calling at this office.

This circular was said to be causing consternation in the district.

When this property, along with Caddy Field, was scheduled for demolition, 300 ratepayers sent a petition to the Housing Committee pleading that they be allowed to reside at Backhold Lane being in close proximity to their present address and most suitable regarding transport to and from their work.

The Committee agreed unanimously stating that it was agreed that, after the widening of Swan Bank, it is the intention to run double-decker buses via Swan Bank and Bailey Hall Road thus serving every factory and workshop in the valley.

The workman's fare from Backhold would be 2d.

Dated 24th April 1939


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