Highway Robberies at Halifax [1829]

The Public Ledger & Daily Advertiser [Wednesday 14th October 1829] reported

Robberies at Halifax
Committal of Six of the Gang to York Castle

On Saturday night week a highway robbery was committed upon the person of Benjamin Tetley of Southowram, a cloth dresser, when on his way home from town.

Yesterday night week John Robinson of Hipperholme, before nine o'clock in the evening, a short distance from his son's shop, was robbed and maltreated in a public street. Four or five men pounced upon him, and, after preventing him from crying out, took his hat from his head, his shoes from his feet, his handkerchief from round his neck and money from his pocket. Not content with that, proceeded to strip him naked. Mr Robinson entreated the villains to spare his life, and with some person coming in that direction they made off.

The following evening William Kitson, a cloth dresser, was proceeding home when, at the top of Old Bank, he was knocked down and had his week's earnings 14s. and a bundle taken from him. Four of the ruffians were upon him and once they had effected their purpose one gave him a kick in the side and they all ran away..

The same evening at eleven o'clock Eli Abbey of Southowram was on his way home when he was stopped at Shaw Hill not far from the residence of Michael Stocks, Jnr.Esq., The ruffians threw him down, rifled his pockets, took his canvas bag containing weavers' pickers, a pound and a half of butter, two pounds of sugar, some wearing apparel. After maltreating him severely they tied his legs together and left him laid on the ground. About one o'clock in the morning another robbery was committed upon George Bates Ripley of Skircoat. When Mr Ripley was near Goldsmith's grave four ruffians attacked him. After knocking him down they took 11s. in silver, a valuable hunting watch and his hat from his head, leaving him a pitiable sight from their violence. The same evening Mr T. Mitchell of Siddal Hall, Southowram was robbed. It gives us great pleasure to add, that speedy justice is likely to overtake the robbers. Two men, both old offenders, John Clarke and Daniel Maude were taken into custody. On the person of Maude was found a silver hunting watch. The man who had been robbed refused to swear to the persons, but this came to the knowledge of Mr Brierley, who went to Bradford, and the watch being identified as that taken from Mr Ripley, he took the men in charge.

As a result of further information Mr Brierley apprehended William Walsh, John Wood, James Wilkinson, Edward Holden, John Maude, John Walker and two men in the names of Mitchell and Aked.

Mr Brierley found a canvas bag and a pair of shoes on the person of James Wilkinson, and in a box at Wilkinson's home he found Mr Ripley's hat with the lining torn out, and subsequently the lining itself concealed inside the bed amongst the chaff.

After a long examination before Christopher Rawson, Esq, six of them were committed to York Castle to take their trials.

John Walker, John Maude and Mitchell and Aked were discharged with a suitable reprimand


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