Newspaper reports relating to the
Who could a' thowt it, Southowram

The following Newspaper reports mention the Who could a' thowt it, Southowram

The Sheffield Daily Telegraph [Monday 4th January 1904] reported

At Halifax on Saturday, Henry Kaye landlord of the Who could a' thowt it, Southowram was summoned for permitting drunkenness on Christmas Day, and for being drunk on his own premises. Defendant pleaded guilty and was fined 10s and costs in each case

The Halifax Evening Courier [Saturday 7th May 1904] reported

Southowram Landlord and Three Elland Men Summoned – a Moot Point

Ben Taylor a labourer, William Wilson a tobacconist and Frank Sunderland a mechanic all residing in Elland were summoned for having been on licensed premises of the Who Could Have Thought It Inn, Southowram during prohibited hours.

On Sunday afternoon, Sergeant Jackson said that at about 4:20 he called at the inn and found each of the three defendants supplied with beer. They had come from Elland and had told the landlord who said they were within the limit stipulated by law. The Sergeant had measured the distance travelled was 260 yards short. To go by the ordinary footpath would be more that three miles but the route taken by the defendants was short. After saying they came from Elland, he asked them if they had come from the other side of the bridge, believing that they had fulfilled the requirements of the law. There was, however a technical offence. The magistrates, on imposing a fine of 1/- with 7/6d costs said they sympathised with the men.

The charge against the landlord Griffin Oates for keeping open during prohibited hours was next taken, the Sergeant giving the same evidence as in the previous case. The defence solicitor said that the landlord was not on the same footing as the defendants, because if he did not make a bona-fide mistake he was protected by law. The landlord and even the police were under the impression that anyone coming from beyond the bridge at Elland had come the proper distance required by law. The landlord had done his best to conform with the law. The landlord believed his house was beyond the three mile limit for people coming from the other side of Elland Bridge. The magistrates decided to dismiss the case


The Hull Daily Mail [Thursday 2nd February 1933] reported

Ba Gum who wod a thowt it is the name of an inn at Southowram, Halifax, the licence of which at West Morley Brewster Sessions yesterday was referred for compensation. Almost hidden in the fold of the Pennines the inn has gained wide fame because of its title.

Customers last night, when told that the inn was to close, said to the licensee, Mrs Ada Horner, who has held it for 21 years 'Ba...


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