Documents relating to Abraham Greenwood & family

The following documents mention Abraham Greenwood and members of his family

The Brighouse News [Friday 5th July 1901] reported

Inquest at the Cross Keys, Siddal, on the death of Mrs Elizabeth Greenwood

Abraham Greenwood of Pit House Farm, a farmer, said deceased was his wife (age 61).

Witness returned home when his son and daughter-in-law were in the house. When asked where his wife was the son said

I don't know, she may have gone up to Southowram

Afterwards, knowing that his son had been talking about white-washing the cellar, he went down and found his wife there with her head and body in a well. It was a square underground well and the water was almost level with the floor. It was made for the accommodation of cattle, and it went underneath the cellar wall and then underneath the yard.

Witness did not know the depth of the well.

The Coroner:

Did you find any candle about?

No. I suppose she would know her way about the cellar? She had not been in much since we went to live there over seven years ago

Witness said his wife had influenza in March and complained of terrible pains in the head and was much depressed.


Has she ever made any threats?

I never heard her

The son, Alfred Ernest Greenwood, a Manchester grocery warehouseman, said there was a roof over the well about 18 inches higher that the floor. It would be impossible on account of the roof for any person to fall into the well accidentally.

A Juryman:

There was no pail or vessel indicating she might have gone for water?

Nothing whatever

Lizzie Maria Greenwood wife of Albert Ernest Greenwood gave evidence and Maria Greenwood of Siddal Wells, cousin of Abraham Greenwood gave evidence about the laying out of the body and said there were no marks of violence.

Verdict: Drowned herself whilst in unsound state of mind


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