Joseph Thwaite: Funeral

Joseph Thwaite was the son of Isaac Thwaite.

He was buried at St Anne's Church, Southowram on 3rd October 1854.

At his Funeral, the total cost was £12 10/6d, including

Charges for the use of Best Hearse & pair£1 5s 0d
Mourning Coach & pair£1 5s 0d
Mourning Coach & pair£1 5s 0d
Best Velvet Pall10s 0d
6 Hoods & Scarfs6s 0d
3 Black Crepe Hatbands10s 6d
9 pair Blk. Berlin Gloves9s 0d
18 pair Gents' Best Blk. Kid do£3 3s 0d
9 pair Ladies' do£1 7s 0d
Glove Envelopes6d
Paid for Cards, Plate, Printing etc.,£1 4s 8d
4 doz. Biscuits & 2 doz. Fingers£1 4s 10d
 £12 10s 6d

For the Funeral Feast on 6th October 1854

  • Adam Priestley supplied 15 gallons of ale for 20 shillings
  • John Thwaite provided 39½ lb of Beef and Veal for £1 4/8d
  • The shop of Eagland Bray furnished Currants, Raisins, Almonds, Nutmeg and other ingredients for the funeral cakes
  • Dozen cigars for 1/10d
  • Half-a-pound of tobacco 1/11d
  • Quarter Gross of (clay?) pipes for 9d

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