Right Rev Thomas Carr [1787-1859]

The Right Rev Thomas Carr BA, DD.

was the son of Thomas Carr.

He was educated at St John's College Cambridge [1809, 1813].

He was appointed a chaplain to the East India Company and moved to India [1817].

He was appointed Archdeacon of Bombay [1825].

In February 1838, he was appointed the first Bishop of Bombay.

He resigned in June 1851 on account of his health and returned to England.

In 1854, he was appointed Rector of Bath.

In 1856, he gave evidence in the case against Archdeason Denison.

He died at Bath and was buried in Bath Abbey.

There is a monument in his memory in Bombay Cathedral.

On 19th May 1814, he married (1) Elizabeth Matilda Farish [1807-18??].

Elizabeth Matilda was the daughter of Cambridge surgeon James Farish

On 24th June 1846, he married (2) Catherine Emily McMahon [18??-1880].

Catherine Emily was the daughter of Colonel McMahon of the East India Company


  1. Elizabeth
  2. Thomas
  3. Frances
  4. James
  5. Henry
  6. Mary
  7. Sarah
  8. Mary Catherine [18??-1914] who married (1) [1853] Vere  Henry Hobart [1818-1875] and (2) [1879] Dr Charles Coates  [1825-1909]
  9. Catherine [18??-1886]
  10. Sarah Lucy [1835-1865] who married [1865] Unknown
  11. William [b 1843]

He was buried at Halifax Parish Church.

His descendants include

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