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The following documents mention Caleb Broadley and members of his family

In the name of God Amen the sixteenth daie of January
one thousand sixe hundred and twentie I Caleb Brodley of Wadsworth in the
countie of Yorke being at this tyme sicke in bodie but of good and perfect remem
brance praised be god for it do ordaine and make this my last will and
testament vizt first I give and bequeath my soule to Almightie god my
creator and to Jesus Christ my saviour and Readeamer hopeing to have
free pardon and forgiveness of all my sinnes onely for dedes and meritts
of Jesus Christ and my bodie to the earth from whence it (came and crossed out) tooke
first substance and to be buried in the parish church or churchyard of Heptonstall
in hope of a resurection to eternall life touching that portion of worldlie goodes
wherewith the Lord hath blessed me my minde and will is and I give and bequeath
to my wife that portion of goods that doth befall her according to the custome
of the countrie where we live and touching the rest of my goods my will and minde
is that my true and lawfull debts be paid and my funerall expenses be
discharged and then I give and bequeath to Anna Steele fortie shillings to
be paid her at the age of twentie one yeares or else be married Item I give
and bequeath to two children of John Yates of Bradford either of them tenn
shillings to be paid to them at the age of twentie one yeares or else be married
and I give and bequeath to the children to whom I am godfather to everie
everie one a shilling to be paid to them according to the discretion of my executor
hereafter to be named Also I give and bequeath to Henrie Cockcroft sonne of
Thomas Cockcroft of Wadsworth one third part of a stall or forme in the parish
church of Heptonstall after the decease of my wife touching the rest of my worldly
goods I give them whollie to Margaret now my wife whom I do ordaine nominate
and appoint my true and lawfull executrix to execute truely in my absence and
that this is my minde and will witnesse my hand and seale the daie and yeare
first above written Witnesses Thomas Cockcroft Abraham Stansfeild Abraham
Killerby and Anthony Hoile

Probate by relict Margaret Brodley 8th February 1621

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