Greetland Methodist Church
Burials by Grave Number

This list shows the burials at Greetland Methodist Church in Grave Number order.

For convenience, the Grave Numbers are those used in the Calderdale Family History Society CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #3.

See also the list of Burials by Name

A2Ref 363-A2
Gideon Kitchen / Joah Kitchen

A3Ref 363-A3
Simeon Kitchen / Walter Kitchen / Gideon Kitchen

A5Ref 363-A5
Joseph Howe

A6Ref 363-A6
Joseph Hill

A7Ref 363-A7
John Brook

A8Ref 363-A8
Thomas Peel / Caroline Nutton [1838-13th July 1921]

A9Ref 363-A9
Lucy Booth / Joseph Booth

A11Ref 363-A11
Joe William Haigh / William Herbert Haigh

A12Ref 363-A12
Matilda Robinson

A13Ref 363-A13
Squire Brayshaw / Frederick Brayshaw

A15Ref 363-A15
James Berry / John William Normanton

A16Ref 363-A16
Elijah Collinge

A17Ref 363-A17
Family of Thomas Henry Bamforth

A18Ref 363-A18
Jabez Holroyd

A19Ref 363-A19
James Haigh

B1Ref 363-B1
John Maud

B3Ref 363-B3
Joseph Harger Mitchell / George Mitchell

B5Ref 363-B5
John Whitehead

B7Ref 363-B7
John Booth / James Booth / Luke Booth

B9Ref 363-B9
Benjamin Kitchen

B10Ref 363-B10
Children of Ely Wilkinson

B11Ref 363-B11
James Wilkinson

B13Ref 363-B13
Thomas Bates

B15Ref 363-B15
George Hoyle / Ely Hoyle

B18Ref 363-B18
John Simpson

C3Ref 363-C3
Anne Johnstone

C4Ref 363-C4
John Stott

C5Ref 363-C5
Ely Smith

C7Ref 363-C7
David Mitchell / George Canning Mitchell

C8Ref 363-C8
John Hoyle / Thomas Whiteley

C9Ref 363-C9
Joseph Baildon / James Whiteley [1796-28th May 1858]

C10Ref 363-C10
Joseph Holroyd

C12Ref 363-C12
Jacob Shaw

C14Ref 363-C14
Joseph Wadsworth

C16Ref 363-C16
Family of John Gledhill

C17Ref 363-C17
Abraham Whiteley

C20Ref 363-C20
Dan Wadsworth

D2Ref 363-D2
Family of James Taylor

D3Ref 363-D3
Benjamin Milnes

D4Ref 363-D4
Phineas Fourness

D5Ref 363-D5
John Iredale

D6Ref 363-D6
John Law / John Law

D7Ref 363-D7
Joseph Holroyd / Benjamin Holroyd

D8Ref 363-D8
Isaac Holroyd / Joseph Harger Holroyd

D9Ref 363-D9
John Hirst / John Hirst

D10Ref 363-D10
Henry Clay

D11Ref 363-D11
John Wilkinson

D13Ref 363-D13
George Jagger

D14Ref 363-D14
William Wilkinson

D15Ref 363-D15
Isaac Wilkinson

D16Ref 363-D16
William Wilkinson

D17Ref 363-D17
Ely Bates

D19Ref 363-D19
Aaron Lumb

E2Ref 363-E2
Jonathan Mitchell / George Mitchell

E3Ref 363-E3
Moses Robinson

E5Ref 363-E5
John Smith / Robert Walsh

E8Ref 363-E8
William Whiteley

E12Ref 363-E12
Robert Warrington

E13Ref 363-E13
Family of James Bailey

F1Ref 363-F1
Frederick Geary

F2Ref 363-F2
Joshua Smith

F3Ref 363-F3
John Holroyd

F4Ref 363-F4
Luke Fox

F9Ref 363-F9
George Bateman

G4Ref 363-G4
Thomas Smithies

G5Ref 363-G5
Elizabeth Gledhill

G7Ref 363-G7
James Garsed / James Schofield

G10Ref 363-G10
John Parr

G13Ref 363-G13
Ralph Bottomley / Wallace Bottomley / Ernest Bottomley

G15Ref 363-G15
Ambrose Whiteley

G16Ref 363-G16
Thomas Dean

G17Ref 363-G17
Joseph Clegg / Thomas Clegg / James Nutton

G20Ref 363-G20
Benjamin Taylor

G21Ref 363-G21
Thomas Noble

G22Ref 363-G22
William Robertshaw

H1Ref 363-H1
Joshua Collins / William Collins

H2Ref 363-H2
Ely Mitchell

H3Ref 363-H3
John Turner / James Turner

H4Ref 363-H4
Thomas Clegg

H5Ref 363-H5
Benjamin Holroyd / Benjamin Holroyd [1836-9th June 1901] / Joseph Holroyd [1837-21st June 1906]

H8Ref 363-H8
Moses Priestley / Luke Priestley

H9Ref 363-H9
John Mitchell / Ely Maud / John son of Jonathan Stott

H10Ref 363-H10
William Maud / James Maud / John Thwaite

H12Ref 363-H12
Rose Shaw

H13Ref 363-H13
Abraham Brayshaw

H14Ref 363-H14
Moses Furness

H16Ref 363-H16
Charles Smith

H20Ref 363-H20
Thomas Brearley

I3Ref 363-I3
Israel Walsh

I4Ref 363-I4
Bennett Shaw

I5Ref 363-I5
Thomas Shaw / Maria Bettison

I7Ref 363-I7
Joseph Stott

I8Ref 363-I8
William Haigh / Sarah [1759-15th January 1833] wife of Thomas Haigh / Rachel [1821-11th July 1835] daughter of James Ellis / Susannah [1811-24th June 1848] wife of George Edward Knowles / William Ellis /

I9Ref 363-I9
James Mitchell

I10Ref 363-I10
Joseph Kitchen

I11Ref 363-I11
John Bates

I13Ref 363-I13
John Lumb / Sarah Lumb [1758-28th December 1829]

I14Ref 363-I14
John Priestley / Christopher Priestley

J1Ref 363-J1
Samuel Gledhill

J3Ref 363-J3
Joseph Howe

J4Ref 363-J4
Thomas Radcliffe

J6Ref 363-J6
Family of Thomas Craven

J7Ref 363-J7
Samuel Whiteley

J10Ref 363-J10
John Kitchen / William Binns

J12Ref 363-J12
Abraham Whitworth / Samuel Whitworth

J13Ref 363-J13
Jonas Jackson

J14Ref 363-J14
Benjamin Stancliffe

J19Ref 363-J19
John Boardman

K1CRef 363-K1C
William Smith / James Wadsworth

K3Ref 363-K3
Miles Fox

K5Ref 363-K5
Ely Gledhill

K6Ref 363-K6
Benjamin Walsh / Mary Ackroyd

K11Ref 363-K11
Ely Riley

K13Ref 363-K13
John Walsh / Elizabeth Walsh

K15Ref 363-K15
William Sykes

K16Ref 363-K16
Ely Gledhill

K17Ref 363-K17
Squire Kitchen

K18Ref 363-K18
Aaron Howe

K22Ref 363-K22
James Gledhill

K23Ref 363-K23
John Halliday

K25Ref 363-K25
John Gledhill

K26Ref 363-K26
Aaron Holroyd

L1Ref 363-L1
Peter Ormerod

L3Ref 363-L3
Thomas Wood

L6Ref 363-L6
John Howe

L7Ref 363-L7
John Whiteley Luke PRIESTLEY Cross Hill

L8Ref 363-L8
William Peel

L12Ref 363-L12
Henry Ramsden

L14Ref 363-L14
George Noble

L18Ref 363-L18
Joseph Wilson

M1Ref 363-M1
Ely Smith

M4Ref 363-M4
John Howe

M9Ref 363-M9
David Wainwright

M11Ref 363-M11
Thomas Riley

M12Ref 363-M12
Alfred Howe / Joe Crossley

M14Ref 363-M14
Hugh Haigh / Joseph Ogden

M15Ref 363-M15
James Bamforth

M16Ref 363-M16
John Priestley

M18Ref 363-M18
Benjamin Whiteley

N2Ref 363-N2
James Slater

N3Ref 363-N3
Thomas Allison

N7Ref 363-N7
Joseph Kitchen Simpson

N8Ref 363-N8
Robert Wilson / James Wilson

N11Ref 363-N11
Children of John Shaw

N12Ref 363-N12
Samuel Whiteley

N13Ref 363-N13
William Turner

O3Ref 363-O3
John Hamer

O4Ref 363-O4
William Bottomley

O5Ref 363-O5
William Shaw

O7Ref 363-O7
Samuel Lumb / John Fox

O13Ref 363-O13
Benjamin Fielding

O14Ref 363-O14
William Priestley

O15Ref 363-O15
Joseph Smith / John Smith / Marion Alice, infant daughter of May Ann & William Peel

P1Ref 363-P1
Joseph Hirst / Joseph Hirst Taylor

P2Ref 363-P2
Thomas Wadsworth

P5Ref 363-P5
John Holroyd

P6Ref 363-P6
George Taylor

P7Ref 363-P7
William Whiteley

P11Ref 363-P11
William Tattersall

P14Ref 363-P14
Family of William Turner

P17Ref 363-P17
Richard Longbottom

Q1Ref 363-Q1
Ramsden Robinson

Q2Ref 363-Q2
Francis Robinson

Q3Ref 363-Q3
Ely Clegg / Henry Holroyd

Q4Ref 363-Q4
George Brook / William Arthur Brook

Q5Ref 363-Q5
John Warrington

Q12Ref 363-Q12
Thomas Garside

Q13Ref 363-Q13
Isaac Maude

Q14Ref 363-Q14
Thomas Broadbent / William Broadbent Berry

Q16Ref 363-Q16
James Berry

R1Ref 363-R1
Ely Hanson

R2Ref 363-R2
Saville Fox

R3Ref 363-R3
Alexander Nicholl

R4Ref 363-R4
Benjamin Charlesworth / Minnie Charlesworth

R5Ref 363-R5
James Ackroyd / Martha Annie Ackroyde

R6Ref 363-R6
George Wadsworth / daughter-in-law Jane wife of Alexander Wadsworth

R7Ref 363-R7
Herbert Gledhill

R9Ref 363-R9
Duke Thorpe / William Henry Butterworth

R15Ref 363-R15
Joseph Collins

R16Ref 363-R16
John Shaw

R17Ref 363-R17
James Gledhill

S1Ref 363-S1
David Royston

S2Ref 363-S2
Benjamin Haigh

S3Ref 363-S3
Joseph Thorpe / Benjamin Sykes

S4Ref 363-S4
David Beaumont

S8Ref 363-S8
James Sykes / John Sykes

S10Ref 363-S10
Benjamin Fox / family of Benjamin Shaw

S11Ref 363-S11
Isaac Bates

T4Ref 363-T4
John Morton Shaw

U2Ref 363-U2
Richard Thwaite

When the new Cross Hills Methodist Church, Greetland was built [2013], much of the Graveyard was sold for housing. The remains were exhumed and reburied in a grave at Elland Cemetery

Some of the monumental inscriptions in the graveyard are shown in the CD entitled Halifax Monumental Inscriptions #3

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