Monkman White: Inquest

Monkman White was a paper-maker at Booth Wood Paper Mill, Rishworth.

On 16th October 1875, he was killed at the mill.

The Halifax Guardian [23rd October 1875] reported

Fearful Death in a Paper Mill

An inquest was held on Monday by Mr Barstow, at the Odd Fellows' Arms Inn, Rishworth, on the body of Monkman White, a paper maker in the employ of the Boothwood Paper Mill Company, Limited.

Deceased, who resided at Grove Cottage, was forty years of age, and had been in the employ of company for the last twelve years. William Mellor, of the Grove, Rishworth, deceased's brother-in-law, said he was at the mill when deceased was killed about half-past twelve on Saturday.

He heard some one cry

Stop wheel!

and on hastening to the spot from whence the cry proceeded, he found deceased lying in the wheel race.

The place was securely fenced and boarded off until the last few weeks, when the fence was removed temporarily until some alterations were made.

James Schofield, who is occasionally employed at the mill, said that a few minutes prior to the accident he asked deceased to put a strap on the pulley to turn the grindstone by power. Deceased attempted several times to do so, the wheel being in motion, but was unsuccessful, upon which witness said he had better fetch a fellow-workman named Duckworth, as he was taller.

Witness did so, and on returning with him a few minutes later they saw deceased agate of the strap with a piece of wood, and before they could reach him he either fell or was thrown into the wheel race of the main driving wheel. He was instantly killed, his head being torn off and crushed to pieces between two cog wheels.

They concluded he was trying to throw off the main strap when the accident happened. Duckworth having made a similar statement, the jury returned a verdict of Accidental Death


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