Friendly Societies


General Points

These were mutual societies in which a working man paid a subscription in order to receive support when he became ill or too old to work. Some also provided funds – and clothes – for funerals.

These are recorded from the 18th century. Originally, they were strictly male domains and many were hostile to women. Women's societies appeared in the 19th century.

The Friendly Societies Bill [1793] required the societies to provide legal rules governing the funds and the subscriptions.

Later, some friendly societies evolved into building societies.

Local Friendly Societies

Bolton Unity Friendly Society
Bridge Street Friendly Society, Todmorden
Bridge Street Sick & Funeral Society, Todmorden

Elland-cum-Greetland Female Friendly Society
Elland Friendly Society

FearNot Friendly Society
Female Sisterly Society
Female Sociable Society
Free Gift Institution Friendly Society
Friendly Amicable Society

Girls' Friendly Society Club, Halifax

Halifax Benevolent Union Society
Halifax Butchers' Sick & Benevolent Club
Halifax Friendly & Trade Societies Club
Halifax Friendly Society & General  Medical Aid
Halifax Royal Friendly Society
Halifax Tradesmen's Benevolent Society
Hare & Hounds Inn No 1 &Pound;25 Money Club
Heptonstall Female Friendly Society
Heptonstall New Female Friendly Society
Heptonstall New Friendly Society
Heptonstall Old Friendly & Mechanical Society

King Cross Friendly Society
King's Head Inn &Pound;25 Money Club
Knowlwood Sick & Funeral Society, Todmorden

Loyal Georgean Society

Luddendenfoot Free Church Friendly Society
Luddendenfoot Friendly Society

Mytholmroyd Female Society

Number 4 Money Club

Offspring of Virtue Friendly Society, Halifax
Old Cock Friendly Society
Old Friendly Society
Old Mechanical Society
Old White Lion Society
Ovenden Brotherly Society

Providence Sick & Funeral Society, Sowerby

Ripponden Female Society
Royal Liver Friendly Society, Halifax

Shaw Lodge Mills Dead Brief Society
Society of Weavers
Sowerby Bridge Friendly Society

Todmorden Parish Church Provident Friendly Society
Todmorden Unitarian Church Burial Society

Union Female Society

Walsden Parochial Sick & Burial Club
West Yorkshire Fire Brigade Friendly Society
Wharf Inn Family Funeral Brief

See Friendly_Society

Local Social Groups

There are also many other social & fraternal groups, the members of which follow the principles of religious, temperance, and benevolence

Ancient Order of Foresters

Benevolent society

Clothworkers' Company
Court Foresters Hope 143 A. O F.
Court March of the Intellect 233 A. O. F.

Friendly Society of Workmen

Halifax District of the Most Noble Order of the Knights of Malta
Hopeful Star Lodge of the Order of Druids
Humane Society

Independent Order of the Golden Fleece

Knights of the Golden Horn

Lily of the Valley Lodge 222 G. U. O. O. F.
Lodge No 1 Halifax I. O. O. F.
Loyal Free Mechanics

Loyal Industry Lodge 1604 I. O. O. F. – M. U.
Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds
Luddendenfoot Oddfellows' Friendly Society

Mechanics' Trade Society

Peace Restored Lodge 114 I. O. G. F. Bradford Unity
Poor Man's Friend Lodge

Rest for the Weary Lodge Order of Druids 1037
Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes

Senior Society of Clothworkers

Three Leaf Shamrock, 1236 Order of Druids

Unanimous Society
Union Society
United Society

Yorkshire Glory Lodge 93 United Free Gardeners

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