MIs in Brighouse Parish Graveyard


Monumental Inscriptions in Brighouse Parish Church Graveyard

This is a collection of miscellaneous Monumental Inscriptions and Memorials from the Graveyard at Brighouse Parish Church

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Sacred to the memory of Mr John Aspinall of Quarry Mount, Brighouse, who died the 14th of May 186?, aged 52 years


Sacred to the memory of Annis, daughter of John and Judith Aspinall of Brighouse who died March 6th 1856 aged 13 years.
Her happy spirit stay ??? With tender friends below, but death came early with a smile and pleased she were to go.
Also Judith, wife of Thomas, who died October 15th 18?? aged 48 years.


Sacred to the memory of Mary daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Bairstow of Clifton Common, who departed this life September 16th 1856, aged 6 years and 10 months.


In memory of Jane, the wife of John Beaumont of Southowram, who died August 15th 1844, aged 37 years.     Also of the above John Beaumont who died May 31st 1??? aged 47 years.


In remembrance of William Briggs of Sowerby Bridge who died March 17th 1860 aged 48 years.     Also of Harriet, wife of the above William Briggs, who died November 30th 1862 aged 40 years.


In memory of Elkanah Hoyle Briscombe, who died January 7th 1909 aged 78 years


In memory of Alfred Chambers of Low Royd, Apperley Bridge (formerly of Brighouse), who died on the 20th February 1866 in the 51st year of his age.     Also of Ann, relict of the above Alfred Chambers, who died on the 19th June 1870, aged 52 years.


In memory of Job Crowther of Brighouse, who died June 14th 1843, aged 39 years.     Also of Thomas Crowther, who died May 17th 1881, aged 55 years.     Also of Elizabeth, his wife, who died March 19th 1899 aged 76 years.


Sacred to the memory of Mary, the beloved wife of John Denham of Brook Foot who departed this life September 20th 1861, aged 46 years.     Her end was peaceful     Also of Hannah Healey, born August 20th 1816, died February 1st 1884


Sacred to the memory of the late Mary Howorth of Brighouse, who departed this life July 10th 1852 aged 79 years.     Also of her brother, Joseph Howorth, late of Brighouse, who died l7th August 1841, aged 66 years.     Also William, son of the above Joseph Howorth, who departed this life July 14th 1845, aged 39 years.


In memory of John Hudson, late of Ackworth, who departed this life October 3rd 1845, aged 37 years.


In memory of James Iredale of Woodhouse, Rastrick, who died July 2nd 1848, aged 72 years.     Also of Ann, wife of the above James Iredale, who departed this life January 3rd 1850, aged 76 years.


In affectionate remembrance of John Lister, of Albert House, Headingley, born August 9th 1829, died October 22nd 1872.


In memory of Bella Marsden of Brighouse, who died September the 4th 1864, aged 84 years.     Also of Abraham Marsden, husband of the above, who died November the 2nd 1864, aged 79 years.


In memory of Lydia, the wife of George Mitchell of Brighouse, who died October 21st 1865 aged 64 years.     Also of the above named George Mitchell, who died April 11th 1877, aged 76 years.     Also of Helen, their daughter, who died November 15th 1896, aged 59 years.


In memory of John William Neatherwood of Brighouse, who died March 23rd 1859, aged 26 years.     Also of Ellen Dennison who died April 18th 1906, aged 73 years.     Also of David Neatherwood, son of the above, who died September 25th 1908, aged 55 years.     At Rest


In memory of Grace Pickles of Brighouse, who departed this life August 12th 1859, aged 39 years.     Also John Turner, son of Joshua and Elizabeth Turner of Millbridge, who departed this life January 30th 1860, aged 20 years.


In remembrance of three children of James and Mary Ramsden.     Hannah, died March 22nd 1855, aged 5 months.     Albert, died February 8th 1861, aged 2 years and 6 months.     Elizabeth, died March 20th 1862, aged 1 year


In memory of Joseph Sharp of Brighouse, departed this life the 12th of June 1846, aged 57 years.     Also of Sybella Sharp, wife of the above, who died January 3rd 1866, aged 71 years.     Also of ?? Sharp, daughter of the above, who died June 1st 1878, aged 54 years.


In memory of William, the son of Henry and Sarah Simpson of Brighouse, who died September 25th 1836, aged 2 years and 4 months.     Also of Joseph, son of the above named Henry and Sarah Simpson, who died July 18??, aged 1 year and 4 months.


In memory of Frank Wood, late of Goole who departed this life July 3rd 1857, aged 43 years.     Though safe at anchor now I ride. With many of our fleet, yet once again I must set sail, my saviour Christ to meet.     Also Joseph Hey, of Brighouse, who died January 24th 1873, aged 61 years.     Also of Ellen Firth, mother in law of the above, who died January 24th 1881 aged 83 years.     She died in peace

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