Ilbert de Lacy

Ilbert de Lacy and his brother, Walter, came from Lassi, south of Bayeux, France.

In 1067, they were given English land in return for services to William the Conqueror during the Norman Conquest.

The name is variously written de Lacy Lacey, Laci, Lacie, Lacy, and Lascy.

Ilbert was born at Pontefrete in Normandy from which the Yorkshire town of Pontefract takes its name. Previously, the town had been known as Kirkby.

In 1067, Ilbert was granted the Honour of Pontefract, and the family were based at Ponfret Castle which he built there on land granted by William I.

The townships of Elland, Greetland, Southowram, and Thornhill were a part of his Manor – they were previously owned by Gamel.

In 1086, he owned NeuhusumTemple Newsam, Leeds.

Ilbert received about 200 manors in Yorkshire. These included the Manor of Marsden.

He married Hawise.


  1. Robert
  2. (possibly) Walter
  3. Hugh

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