Elland War Memorial: World War I Names

This list shows the names of those who fell in World War I which appear on Elland War Memorial:

The names are shown here in alphabetical order, whereas the original Memorial may present them in some other manner

I have linked some of the names here to entries on the website. Please email me if you know anyone who is missing from the list below, or you can identify any of the people here or add more details

Albert Ackroyd
Leonard Akroyd
Harry Aspinall

George Balmforth
Fred Barber
John Barrett
David Bastide
George Herbert Bates
Walter Pearson Bell
Henry Berry
William Edgar Berry
Wriedt Willie Bischoff
Thomas Bottomley
Albert Bowes
Walter Bowes
H. Bradley
Charles Bray
John Francis Bray
Joseph Stanley Broadbent
Robert G. Brompton
Frank Brook
John Harold Brook
Walter Brook
Hall Broomhead
Albert Bushell

Arthur I. Calvert
Wallace Carlyle
James Henry Haughton Chadwick
Frank Chappell
Albert Clarkson
Samuel Cockroft
Fred Crowther
Gordon Crowther
Johnny Crowther
Joseph William Crowther
Lewis Crowther
Norman Crowther

Joseph Dobson
Walter Drake
Harry Dunnington
Ewart Gladstone Dyson
Leonard Dyson

James Thomas Farrar
Alfred Fossard
Joseph Foster
Friend Fox

Irvine Gledhill
Norman Gledhill
Douglas Neave Gordon
Ernest Arthur Woodhall Gordon
Richard Gray
H. Green

John Haigh
Willie Wray Hall
Fred Robertshaw Halliday
John Henry Halstead
Arnold Hamer
Albert Hanson
Joe Hanson
Edmund Hardcastle
Edwin Harrison
Jim Hayes
James William Hirst
John George Vernon Holmes
Friend Henry Holroyd
Hall Hepworth Holroyd
Lewis Holroyd
William Holroyd
Alphonso Holroyde
George Robert Hornsby
Ralph Blair Hornsby
John Joseph Horsfall
William Humphrey
Norman Hyslop

Arnold Iredale
John Henry Irving

Edward Jones
Harold Jones
Harry Jones
John Jones
Arnold Jowett

Edward Crossley Kaye
Irvine Kaye
Arthur Kitchen
Arthur Kitson

Albert Lee
John Lindley
Joseph William Lister
William Edward Lister
Arthur Littlewood
Joe Lord
Harry Lumb

William Mallyon
Albert Marshall
Theodore Marshall
H. Maude
George William Mawe
Joseph Edward McCormack
David Gray McKeand
Lawrence Mellor
Leonard Mellor
Norman Mellor
Percy Midgley
Walter Milner
Wilfrid Milner
Alexander Robert Mitchell
Foster Mitchell
Ethelbert Morton
Ernest Moss

Robert Ernest Naylor
Ernest Hodgson Nicholl
J. Nicholl
Mark Norminton
William Normington
Edgar Nuttall
Willie Nutton

Percy Ogden
Allan Oldfield
Walter Wilmott Osborn

Jim Parker
Herbert Perry
Herbert Pilling

Arthur Rangeley
Albert Rawnsley
Charles Rawnsley
Fred Rawnsley
Herbert Rawnsley
Frank Rawson
Charles Reading
Tom Readyhough
Alfred Normington Ridge
Benjamin Riley
Norman Riley

James Herbert Shaw
John Shaw
William Shaw
George Shoesmith
Walter Singleton
Joe Clegg Slater
Albert Smith
Allan Smith
Clifford Minchin Smith
Charles Smith
Ernest Smith
Fred Smith
J. Smith
Walter Snowden
Milton Stevens
Frank Sutcliffe
Joseph William Sutcliffe
Jackson Sutcliffe
Leonard Sutcliffe
(possibly) Wilfred Sutcliffe

John James Tattersall
Fred Stanley Taylor
Charles Tell
Donald Thornton
Edgar Thornton
Jack Thornton
Reginald Thornton
Sydney Thornton
J. Turner
George Tye

Arthur Wadsworth
Frank Sherwin Walker
John Edmund Walsh
Robinson Warner
Albert Warrington
G. Wells
Arnold Whiteley
Arthur Hindle Carter Whiteley
Arthur Whiteley
John Edward Whiteley
Oscar Milton Whiteley
George Wilson
Edwin Wood
Edgar Wormald
Harry Wormald

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