Local Wills

Roger Beasley has kindly provided details concerning Local Wills and the beneficiaries, which he has collected from the Probate Records and other sources.

This is a list of some Local Wills for the year 1893

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Died      Date of Will      Name Place Vol/Page/Deed      Notes
189326 Apr 1866Louis John CrossleySkircoat[40/886/445]
189327 Mar 1869Job BarkerSouthowram[40/257/129]
189321 Aug 1869Thomas SugdenBrighouse[25/433/219]
189325 Mar 1872William CrossleyNorthowram[18/361/186]
 William Crossley, farmer, of Lower Heys Farm, Warley. George Crossley, police constable 
189308 Aug 1873Joseph SwallowSkircoat[26/344/175]
189324 Sep 1873James MallinsonHalifax[29/160/86]
189324 Apr 1876William IllingworthHalifax[26/488/246]
189307 Aug 1876Joshua RileyShelf[40/965/487]
 Joshua Riley, tailor, of Shelf, Halifax. John Riley, gentleman 
189303 Nov 1876Thomas PicklesBurnt Edge, Stansfield[17/354/184]
 Thomas Pickles, yeoman, of Blackshawhead, Stansfield. Henry Pickles, co-operative society manager 
189310 Mar 1877Eliza Ann JuddHalifax[13/47/23]
 Eliza Ann Judd, widow, of Sunny Bank, Francis Street, Halifax 
189330 Apr 1878James DrakeHalifax[35/25/14]
 James Drake, grocer, of Horley Green Road, Halifax. Ann Pearson, widow 
189319 Apr 1879Benjamin EdwardsHalifax[33/591/275]
189319 Aug 1879James William DavisSouthowram[40/122/58]
 James William Davis, dyer, of Chevinedge, Exley, Southowram. Died at Hilderthorpe, Yorkshire. Emily Jane Davis, widow 
189329 Sep 1879William Henry RawsonNorland[24/27/11]
 William Henry Rawson, Esq, of Bramhope, Torquay and of Mill House, Sowerby. Died at Bramhope. Frances Jane Rawson, widow. Constance Ellen Rawson, spinster. John Selwyn Rawson, Esq 
189304 Nov 1879John MellorSkircoat[30/324/171]
189302 Apr 1880William CookeHighroad Well[5/916/475]
 William Cooke of High Road Well, Halifax. Bridget Cooke, widow 
189316 Oct 1880William StottSoyland, Halifax[36/657/334]
189315 Nov 1880Thomas TidswellOvenden[20/398/211]
 Thomas Tidswell, retired mechanic, of Tidswells Terrace, Commercial Road, Halifax. Sarah Elizabeth Riley (wife of George Riley) 
189304 Nov 1881Sarah BoothHalifax[36/758/386]
189321 Sep 1882Abraham KershawQueensbury[37/428/212]
189322 Sep 1882William EastburnHalifax[34/261/123]
 William Eastburn, commercial traveller, of 25 Gladstone Road, Halifax. John William Eastburn and James Eastburn, drysalters 
189308 Nov 1882John PicklesHebden Bridge[27/352/177]
 John Pickles of Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge. Died at Southport. Sarah Ann Pickles, widow. Emma Pickles, spinster 
189314 Aug 1883Nancy HamerRipponden[40/653/339]
 Nancy Hamer, widow, of Ripponden, Bank Top, Halifax. Samuel Hamer, innkeeper 
189320 Aug 1883James BoothNorwood Green[29/667/347]
189319 Sep 1883William PicklesHolywell Green[8/507/258]
 William Pickles, millwright, of Holywell Green, Stainland 
189305 Jan 1884Robert TaylorHipperholme[21/944/460]
 Robert Taylor, weaver, of Cobden Place, Kirk lane, Hipperholme. Ann Taylor, widow 
189327 Apr 1884William NormantonSowerby[24/654/315]
189301 Nov 1884John AtkinsonThornhill Briggs[7/72/37]
 John Atkinson, currier, of Thornhill Briggs, Brighouse. Herbert Atkinson, labourer 
189308 Nov 1884Henry NorthendHipperholme[2/265/134]
189301 Dec 1884Thomas SutcliffeElland[2/644/329]
 Thomas Sutcliffe, jeweller, of The Cross, Elland. John Sutcliffe, retired cloth finisher 
189311 Mar 1885Arthur Gill DenbighSowerby, Halifax[19/912/469]
189329 May 1885William FoxSowerby Bridge[25/829/403]
 William Fox, joiner and builder, of Bolton Brow, Sowerby Bridge. William Henry Fox, innkeeper. Abraham Fielding Fox, joiner 
189317 Jul 1885Samuel DrakeHalifax[13/164/81]
 Samuel Drake, card machine tenter, of 14 Milton Terrace, Halifax. Ellen Drake, widow 
189323 Jul 1885Mary Jane MannHalifax[23/387/203]
189304 Jan 1886James WilkinsonSkircoat[15/896/469]
 James Wilkinson, blacksmith, of 2 Clough Terrace, Sowerby Bridge. Susan Wilkinson, widow. Joseph Wilkinson, whitesmith, Martha Jane Wilkinson, spinster 
189317 Jun 1886Samuel GreenwoodSouthowram[5/118/54]
 Samuel Greenwood, stone merchant, of Southowram. Mary Ann Greenwood, widow. Arthur Daniel Greenwood and Morris Greenwood, stone merchants 
189330 Aug 1886Joseph FirthTodmorden[2/291/148]
189314 Oct 1886Hannah CapstackHalifax[39/326/162]
 Hannah Capstack, widow, of 3 Hemingways Row, Halifax. John Holdsworth Capstack, commercial clerk 
189315 Oct 1886Samuel SharpQueensbury[7/639/339]
189301 Jan 1887John GibsonSowerby Bridge[27/958/488]
 John Gibson, engine tenter, of Woodbine Cottage, Washer Lane, Sowerby Bridge. Albert Gibson, book keeper. William Henry Gibson, secretary to a limited company 
189305 Mar 1887John LawrenceHalifax[19/514/261]
 John Lawrence, furniture dealer, of Stannary, Halifax. Ann Lawrence, widow 
189309 Apr 1887Benjamin CravenHalifax[21/237/118]
189310 Jun 1887Edwin HeatonBrighouse[8/648/329]
 Edwin Heaton, architect and builder, of Brighouse. John Heaton, valuer 
189324 Aug 1887William BroadbentHalifax[20/316/165]
 William Broadbent, cotton weaver, of Myrtle Grove, Mytholmroyd. Grace Stansfield (wife of John Stansfield) 
189306 Mar 1888Benjamin Evatt HyattLangfield, Todmorden[33/200/90]
189306 May 1888Joseph BairstowHalifax[31/821/423]
 Joseph Bairstow, retired police sergeant, of 28 Oak Terrace, Halifax 
189304 Dec 1888John Wilkinson Hoyle WheelwrightRipponden ?[24/268/135]
 John Wilkinson Hoyle Wheelwright, cotton spinner, of Heathfield, Rishworth, Halifax. John Hoyle Wheelwright, cotton spinner. Thomazia Nelson Wheelwright, spinster 
189305 Dec 1888Matthias ShawToothill Bank[12/89/43]
189320 Mar 1889Joseph Brice WaltonSkircoat[26/982/480]
 Joseph Brice Walton, chemist and druggist at Sowerby Bridge. 
189319 Jul 1889Henry Holt HighleyHalifax[16/836/446]
 Henry Holt Highley, Esq, of Halifax. Thomas Sutcliffe Highley, card maker 
189329 Aug 1889Sarah CarltonHalifax[16/854/457]
 Sarah Carlton of Halifax (wife of Charles Carlton, broker) 
189304 Sep 1889Sarah HaworthLangfield[2/292/149]
189313 Nov 1889Martha Haigh LivettPellon[24/843/407]
189306 May 1890Elkanah CulpanHalifax[23/453/232]
 Elkanah Culpan, markets inspector, of Victoria Road, Halifax. Asenath Culpan, widow 
189306 May 1890John FieldenTodmorden[40/929/472]
 John Fielden, Esq, of Dobroyd Castle near Todmorden, and of Grimston Park, Yorkshire. Thomas Fielden and Edward Brocklehurst Fielden, Esqs 
189301 Jul 1890Benjamin FaulksHalifax[42/875/433]
 Benjamin Faulkes of 5 Crossley Terrace, Shay Lane, Ovenden 
189316 Aug 1890Jane WoodheadQueensbury[27/959/489]
 Jane Woodhead, spinster, of Carr House Lane, Shelf, Halifax 
189320 Sep 1890Herbert HinchliffeMytholmroyd[26/719/358]
 Herbert Hinchcliffe, cotton spinner, of Woodlands Cragg, Mytholmroyd. Annie Hinchcliffe, widow 
189321 Nov 1890Thomas ShawHalifax[13/984/499]
 Thomas Shaw, Esq, of Allangate, Halifax. William Rawson Shaw, Esq 
189310 Dec 1890Robert HansonHalifax[30/539/276]
 Robert Hanson, bootmaker, of South Darley Street, Halifax. Susannah Squire (wife of Reuben Squire) 
189331 Jan 1891Horatio SteadHaugh Shaw, Halifax[15/140/73]
 Horatio Stead, engineer and millwright, of Haugh Shaw Road, Halifax. Anetta Maria Stead, widow 
189316 Feb 1891Abraham BarracloughShelf[10/766/382]
 Abraham Barraclough, gentleman, of Shelf near Halifax 
189328 Mar 1891Richard BarnesSowerby, Halifax[32/1/1]
 Richard Barnes, farmer, of 15 Spring gardens, Warley, Halifax. James Barnes, farmer 
189308 May 1891John RamsdenHalifax[28/134/67]
 John Ramsden, gentleman, of Delph Street, Halifax 
189311 May 1891John CarterHipperholme[36/552/279]
 John Carter, gentleman, of Royd Mount, Hipperholme, Halifax. Elizabeth Carter, widow 
189319 May 1891Elizabeth BuckleyElland[38/434/229]
189323 May 1891Samuel CrabtreeLuddenden[1/593/296]
189325 May 1891John DewhirstMytholmroyd[43/288/125]
 John Dewhirst, fustian loomer, of Myrtle Grove, Mytholmroyd. George Dewhirst, farmer. William Dewhirst, commercial clerk 
189310 Jun 1891Joseph SharpQueensbury[40/18/10]
189323 Jun 1891John Uttley BlackburnHebden Bridge[19/515/262]
 John Uttley Blackburn, retired gas manager, of 7 Melbourne Street, Hebden Bridge. Eliza Blackburn, widow 
189307 Aug 1891William WoodRastrick[36/966/489]
 William Wood, earthenware dealer, of Rastrick. Mary Jane Wood, widow 
189308 Aug 1891George BerryClifton[32/457/211]
189325 Aug 1891Matthew LumbWarley, Halifax[32/121/52]
 Matthew Lumb of 11 Mount Street, Sowerby Bridge. Samuel Lumb, cotton twiner 
189301 Sep 1891Elizabeth Ann HitchenHalifax[7/580/309]
 Elizabeth Ann Hitchen, wife of Charles Whiteley Hitchen, of Gibbet Street, Halifax 
189305 Sep 1891Clara BoocockHalifax[20/950/486]
 Clara Boocock, widow, of 30 Knight Street, Halifax 
189305 Sep 1891Ellen HartleyBrighouse[30/937/485]
 Ellen Hartley, widow, of Garden Road, Brighouse. Hannah Amelia Hartley, spinster 
189316 Sep 1891Samuel BaumeHalifax[30/672/348]
 Samuel Baume, carpet loom tuner, of 44 Baines Street, Battinson Road, Halifax. Fred Baume, commercial clerk. Sarah Ann Baume, widow 
189302 Nov 1891William FeatherNorthowram[1/47/21]
189308 Jan 1892Samuel PeelElland[23/196/107]
 Samuel Peel, farmer and gardener, of Southgate House, Southgate, Elland. Sarah Peel, widow 
189319 Jan 1892Robert Drake KendallSowerby Bridge[4/113/61]
189322 Jan 1892Joseph WadeSowerby, Halifax[6/998/487]
 Joseph Wade of Changeview Place, Hipperholme 
189328 Jan 1892Benjamin SutcliffeSowerby Bridge[22/556/279]
 Benjamin Sutcliffe, retired contractor, of East View Beach, Sowerby Bridge. John Sutcliffe, cabdriver 
189322 Feb 1892Mary Elizabeth FawthropStainland[9/241/113]
 Mary Elizabeth Fawthrop, widow, of the Station Hotel, Holywell Green, Stainland 
189326 Feb 1892James ClayWarley, Halifax[1/594/297]
189322 Apr 1892Ann MilnesBrighouse[41/242/124]
 Ann Milnes, widow, of Brighouse. Ann Dyson (wife of William Lord Dyson) 
189322 Apr 1892John MurgatroydOvenden[1/187/88]
189322 Jun 1892John HarrowbyHalifax[8/249/127]
 John Harrowby, gentleman, of 5 Hanover Street, Halifax 
189307 Jul 1892John WadsworthHebden Bridge[7/640/340]
 John Wadsworth, cotton carder, of Sackville Street, Hebden Bridge. James Wadsworth, refreshment-house keeper. Walker Wadsworth, weaver 
189308 Jul 1892Priscilla MidgleyHalifax[31/476/242]
 Priscilla Midgley, widow, of Fern Cottage, Halifax. George Midgley, iron merchant. Walter Midgley, solicitor 
189326 Sep 1892Joseph Edward SmithiesElland[4/590/310]
 Joseph Edward Smithies, worsted spinner, of Marshall Hall, Elland 
189308 Nov 1892Mary HitchenHalifax[23/661/342]
 Mary Hitchen, widow, of 21 Hope Hall Terrace, Halifax 
189324 Nov 1892James Richard FirthRastrick[42/77/39]
 James Richard Firth, contractor, of Rastrick. George Henry Firth, mason. Charlotte Firth and Lucy Firth, spinsters 
189302 Dec 1892Dan BriggsNorthowram[5/257/132]
189307 Dec 1892Carling ShackletonHalifax[15/830/435]
 Carling Shackleton, gentleman, of 16 Crossley Terrace, Halifax 
189319 Dec 1892Abraham LumbShelf[28/96/47]
 Abraham Lumb, retired grocer, of Shelf, Halifax 
189310 Jan 1893Joseph BottomleyNorthowram[24/389/187]
 Joseph Bottomley, woolstapler, of Ford Hill, Northowram. Woodhead Bottomley, gentleman. Emily Brandwood (wife of James Brandwood) 
189312 Jan 1893Thomas CauntSowerby Bridge[7/285/150]
 Thomas Caunt, corn miller, of Peel Street, off Tuel Lane, Sowerby Bridge 
189321 Jan 1893James GarsideRastrick[32/696/326]
 James Garside, cardmaker, of Brooke Street, Rastrick 
189327 Jan 1893Anthony RushworthMixenden[37/805/406]
 Anthony Rushworth, butcher, of Mixenden near Halifax. Ingham Rushworth, warp dresser 
189318 Feb 1893Charles SutcliffeOvenden[11/335/177]
 Charles Sutcliffe, retired weaver, of Cockpit, Ovenden 
189325 Apr 1893Thomas Homer WadeHebden Bridge[23/363/193]
 Thomas Homer Wade, fustian manufacturer, of Hebden Bridge 
189302 May 1893Frank ParkinsonBrighouse[32/731/346]
 Frank Parkinson, innkeeper, of the Duke of Edinburgh Inn, Brighouse. Jane Parkinson, widow 
189310 May 1893John CrossleyRastrick[25/26/14]
 John Crossley, cardmaker, of Rastrick. James Hamer Crossley, cardmaker. Sarah Jane Beard (wife of Sam Beard) 
189315 May 1893Uriah RadcliffeRastrick[24/935/455]
 Uriah Radcliffe, cotton twiner, of Firth Street, Rastrick. John William Radcliffe and Thomas Henry Radcliffe, cotton twiners 
189318 May 1893Mary LordStansfield[25/6/4]
189317 Jun 1893James DixonWheatley, Halifax[28/229/111]
 James Dixon, innkeeper, of the Old Hand and Tankard inn, Wheatley, Ovenden. Harry Dixon, innkeeper 
189305 Jul 1893Robinson HainsworthHalifax[23/246/136]Intestacy
189302 Aug 1893Aquilla ThomasHalifax[34/215/97]
 Aquilla Thomas, gentleman, of 10 Back Brinton Terrace, Halifax. Esther Thomas, widow. Richard Thomas, wire drawer 
189304 Sep 1893Leah ShawHalifax[40/475/241]
 Leah Shaw, wife of Eli Shaw, of 4 St Augustine's Terrace, Halifax. Mary Ramsden and Emma Ramsden, spinsters 
189322 Sep 1893Thomas DeardenHebden Bridge[42/509/247]
 Thomas Dearden, tailor and draper, of Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge. James Dearden, tailor. Abraham Dearden, corn miller 
189323 Sep 1893John DayBrighouse[41/507/294]
 John Day, grocer, of Brighouse. Thomas Day, grocer. Elizabeth Day, spinster 
189326 Oct 1893Hannah MarsdenBrighouse[42/481/234]
 Hannah Marsden, single woman, formerly wife of Midgley Marsden, of Brighouse. Sarah Priscilla Marsden, spinster 

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