Out-poor of Halifax receiving Parish Relief

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This is a list of people in Halifax who were classed as out-poor – that is, receiving Parish Relief but not living in the Workhouse

The list was compiled in October 1787 and comes from Sir Frederick Morton Eden's book entitled

The state of the poor: or an history of the labouring classes in England, from the conquest to the present period [London, 1797]

The list shows the name, the age, any infirmity, the ages of any children, the address, and the weekly amount received.

Note that there are people in Baildon, Horsforth, Honley, Keighley and Rochdale, who were living outside the parish though still entitled to relief from Halifax

NameAgeInfirmityAges of ChildrenLocationAmount
Thomas Akeroyd71a palsy fitSyddall-hall, Southowram1/-
Temperance Atkinson's childBaildon1/3d
Michael Bairstow66Smith-stake1/-
Benjamin Barran's widow242Rochdale1/-
Mary Barran50nearly blindnot marriedShaw-syke9d
Edward Beverly52bad sight9,7,5,3,2Weathercock-field5/-
Sarah Beverly27a bastard: 3Elkanah Wild's Yard1/-
Betty Binn's child22a bastard: 4Quaker's Fold1/-
Betty Boyce77blindNorth almshouse1/6d
John Brear3611,9,5,2Cinderhill, Southowram1/-
Thomas Brear's widow48Berry-lane1/-
Edward Brearly's widow468,7,2Rastrick1/9d
Joseph Brier90old ageKing-cross-lane bottom2/-
Milley Brier's daughter17troubled with fitsHaley-hill, Northowram1/-
Samuel Broadley's widow81deafHonley1/-
Betty Brook61infirmLittle Green1/-
Simon Brook's widow81Horsforth1/6d
William Brook's widow4410,3Bottom of churchyard1/6d
Benjamin Brooke24lamenot marriedKeighley Newbridge1/-
John Brooksbank74almost blindSalter Hebble1/-
John Brooksbank jnr459,9,6,4,1Skircoat Green1/-
Obadiah Butterfield65asthmaChapel Town6d
Susan Carletona bastard: 4Mr Hodgson's yard1/-
William Chadwick's widow449Hunslet1/-
Dolly Chapmana bastard: 5Illingworth1/-
William Chew's widow398,7Pinfold1/-
Mary Cockroft31a bastard: 3Church-lane1/3d
John Collingwood74bad sightSouthowram Town1/-
Samuel Collingwood's boy13evilLittle Green6d
Mary Cowpana bastardSowerby Bridge1/-
Mary Crabtreea bastard: 3Ovenden1/-
Eli Crapper439,8,6,5,4,2Berry-lane2/-
Henry Crapper53wife paralytic fit13,10Southowram-bank2/-
John Crapper3710,6,4,2King-cross6d
Betty Crosley23a bastard: 1Bottom of Petticoat-lane1/-
John Crosley's widowa bastard: 4Top of Silver-street1/-
Samuel Crosley56blindBottom of Petticoat-lane2/6d
John Crowther's children7,4Old Bank, Wakefield1/6d
John Dean
Mary Deana bastard: 3Cow Green1/-
Sarah Dean, now married292 bastards: 8,5Upper end of Silver-street1/-
Lea Dinnis74Quaker's Fold6d
Richard Dinnis72Weathercock-fold1/3d
John Dodgson75blindDunkirk1/-
John Douglas48bad eyes11,5,5,4,2,1Smithy-stake1/3d
Grace Farrar49declineBottom Chapel Town2/-
Samuel Farrar49a bad leg11,7,5,1Deanclough1/6d
John Flictcroft's widow347,5Wardsend1/-
Catherine Fryer64Snawden Wells6d
Caleb Garnet's widow4813, nearly innocentChurch-lane, Low Fold9d
Gawkroger with mothera bastard: 7Scout-hall, Northowram6d
Mary Green47one legBerry-lane1/6d
John Grimshaw4111,9,7,4Jumples Mill6d
Mary H....24a bastard: 2King-cross-lane1/-
Henry Halstead4311,9,8,7,7,4,1Glazing-mill1/6d
Mary Hanson32troubled with fitsnot marriedNorth-gate9d
Jeremiah Haper's child8George Green's fold6d
Thomas Harger's widow32scorbutic7,5,2Hungerhill3/-
Hargreave's childa bastardRastrick1/-
Helliwell's childWarley6d
Reuben Hemingway's widow77old ageHatter's-Fold1/6d
Robert Higham's widow42blindChurch-yard bottom1/-
William Hirst's widow498,5,3Deanclough2/-
John Hodgson's wifesoldiera bastard: 2King-Cross-Lane6d
Ann Holbrook28ulcer in her faceIsle of Man9d
Thomas Holbrook63Berry-lane2/-
Grace Holden332 bastards: 6,3Bottom of Town1/9d
Benjamin Holmes widow369,7Leeds1/-
Betty & Mary Holmes74Rat-row2/-
Martha Holt's childa bastard: 4Thief-lane1/-
James Kendal642 innocents: 42,43Upper Scarr-hill2/-
Thomas Kenion19evilSavil Green6d
Thomas Lister29soldier2,1Church Lane2/-
John Locklin's child5Chapel Town6d
James Loggin's widow43infirm11Windhill-lane9d
John Longbottom's widow318,6Haley-Hill, Northowram6d
William Longbottom69Windhill-lane1/-
Betty Lord35a bastard: 6Elland6d
James Lordone armHuddersfield1/6d
Samuel Lumley399,2,1Senior Fold2/-
John Mackerhill's wife30a bastard: 6Over Clark Bridge8d
Fanny Marsden26a bastard: 1George Green's Fold6d
William Marsh's widow70Weathercock-fold1/-
Mary Medley's childa bastard: 3King-cross-lane1/-
John Milner's widow75bad in the hipWardsend9d
Mary Morton, now married2 bastards: 9,6Heckmondwike1/-
William Moss's widow81Hunslet1/-
Ann Newton72Mr James Emmet's fold1/6d
James Newton(no info given)6d
George Noble's widow66Savile-green6d
Jenny Noblea bastard: 5She belongs to Southowram6d
John Normington's widow265,3,1Keighley2/6d
John Patchet's widow77bad sightLuddenden1/6d
Ely Pickles3510,8,6,3,1In Coulson's yard1/6d
Samuel Poor4913,7Pellon-lane9d
James Radcliffe's widow4413,9,9,6Pillars, Southowram2/6d
Stephen Rawson37rheumatism11,9,6,4,2Chapel-town1/6d
James Richardson's widow71Stone-trough1/-
John Richardson's widow69Opposite Old Cow and Calf9d
Riley's child13infirmNorth-bridge6d
Jonathan Robertshaw61lameIsle of Man1/-
Crispin Rothera80Petticoat-lane1/-
Luke Rushworth's widow267,4,1Sowerby1/6d
Abraham Scofield's widow73Hunsworth9d
Martha Scofield31lame, unmarriedNorth-bridge6d
Jenny Scott37asthmaPrimrose Alley1/6d
Joseph Shepherd319,4,1Pitch-fold, Southowram1/3d
William Shepherd's widow80Cripple-gate1/-
Christopher Simpson's widow428,6,4,1Church-yard3/-
Ann Smith33a bastard: 2Chapel-town1/-
John Smith71ruptureSamuel Hodgson's yard1/6d
Mary Smith30a bastard: 5Bottom of Town1/-
Sarah Smith26a bastard: 1House late James Newton's1/-
Susannah Smith25a bastard: 5Green-lane, Northowram1/-
William Smith405,4,4,2Isle of Man2/6d
Thomas Snawden79With Nanny Aked1/6d
Joshua Stancliff's widow285,3Warley1/6d
John Sunderland3310,8,6,4,1Chapel-town9d
John Sunderland48wife in a declineHatter's Fold1/6d
Mary Sunderland35a bastard: 6Back of Houses1/-
Thomas Sunderland329,6,2Deanclough1/-
Matthew Sutcliffe's childSouthowram-bank9d
Sarah Sutcliffe22a bastard: 1Berry-lane1/-
John Swift's widow408,6,4Berry-lane2/-
Mary Syddala bastard: 1St. John's-lane1/-
Abraham Thorp35wife evil10,8,4Chapel-town1/6d
James Thorp's widow412Back-lane9d
John Tristram60Deanclough6d
Honor Turner388Mr Hodgson's fold1/3d
John Turner63bad eyes14,12Harwood-well9d
John Turner jnr325,5,3,1Harwood-well3/-
Sarah Vause20a bastardKing-cross-lane1/3d
James Walker68bad sightLower George-fold1/-
John Walker's widow49infirmLower fold9d
Thomas Walker's wifesoldierHuddersfield1/-
James Walsh75wife infirmChurch-gates1/-
Joseph Walsh40bad sight13,9Birks-lane1/-
Moses Walsh369,7,5Deanclough1/-
Sarah Walsha bastard: 6Church-gates1/-
Timothy Walsh64wife paralyticIsle of Man9d
John Watson74Southowram-bank1/6d
William Watson455,1Southowram-bank1/-
Betty Whipp61palsy fitCross-yard2/6d
Sarah Whitaker75B. Chapel-town1/-
Isaac Wilson's widow76bad legSavile-green6d
James Wilson's wife6,3,1 wkGeorge Green's fold2/-
Abraham Wood's widow245,1North-gate1/6d
John Wood43asthma5,3Lower-fold1/-
James Woodhead's widow79Clayton1/-
John Worsnip's widow75By J. Paul's, North-gate1/-
James Wriglesworth6,2,1Rat-row1/6
Sarah Wriglesworth41troubled with fits, unmarriedBirk's near Savile-green6d
Betty Young32a bastard: 3Berry-lane9d

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