Times of sunrise & sunset

This Foldout presents a table showing the times of sunrise and sunset at Halifax, West Yorkshire, England

All times are shown in GMT and not British Summer Time

Table of Sunrise/Sunset Times

1st January8:24 am3:55 pm
10th January8:21 am4:07 pm
20th January8:12 am4:24 pm
1st February7:55 am4:46 pm
10th February7:39 am5:04 pm
20th February7:18 am5:24 pm
1st March6:58 am5:42 pm
10th March6:34 am6:00 pm
20th March6:10 am6:19 pm
1st April5:40 am6:42 pm
10th April5:19 am6:58 pm
20th April4:56 am7:16 pm
1st May4:32 am7:36 pm
10th May4:15 am7:52 pm
20th May3:58 am8:09 pm
1st June3:44 am8:26 pm
10th June3:38 am8:35 pm
20th June3:36 am8:40 pm
1st July3:40 am8:39 pm
10th July3:49 am8:34 pm
20th July4:02 am8:23 pm
1st August4:21 am8:04 pm
10th August4:36 am7:47 pm
20th August4:53 am7:25 pm
1st September5:15 am6:58 pm
10th September5:30 am6:35 pm
20th September5:48 am6:10 pm
1st October6:08 am5:44 pm
10th October6:23 am5:22 pm
20th October6:42 am5:00 pm
1st November7:05 am4:34 pm
10th November7:23 am4:18 pm
20th November7:41 am4:02 pm
1st December7:59 am3:51 pm
10th December8:11 am3:46 pm
20th December8:21 am3:45 pm

Chart of Sunrise/Sunset Times

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