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Taylor's Ladies' School, HalifaxRef 18-793
In 1882, Miss Jane E. Taylor was Principal of a ladies' school at 3 Carlton Street, Halifax. Her sister, Mary [1848-1???] was a governess at the same address

Taylor's: Thomas Taylor's School, BrighouseRef 18-190
Church Lane.

The first meetings of Brighouse Mechanics' Institute were held here in 1846

Sir Thomas More Catholic Secondary SchoolRef 18-S360
Holmfield. Opened in August 1957. Formally opened by the Bishop of Leeds on 14th December 1957.

In 1971, it became known as Halifax Catholic High School.

In 2000, it was renamed St Catherine's Catholic High School

Thorn Bank School, WadsworthRef 18-948
Private school.

Pupils and staff here included:

  • Jane Moss retired schoolmistress [1871]
  • George Haigh Moss schoolmaster [1871]
  • Mary Moss schoolmistress [1881]
  • Ann Moss schoolmistress [1871, 1881]
  • Mary Jane Moss (aged 11) [1871]
  • Hannah Lomax governess (aged 21) [1871]
  • Elizabeth Higgin governess (aged 18) [1871]
  • Hannah Lancaster (aged 15) [1871]
  • Mary Emma Hartley (aged 14) [1871]
  • Sophia Higgin (aged 14) [1871]
  • Mary Alice Stephenson (aged 13) [1871]
  • Emma Pilling (aged 13) [1871]
  • Louisa Ann Wilcock (aged 12) [1871]
  • Susannah Chadwick (aged 12) [1871]
  • Maria Grace Hill (aged 11) [1871]
  • Georgiana Sinister (aged 9) [1871]
  • Emma Greaves (aged 9) [1871]
  • Florence Stephenson (aged 7) [1871]

Thornhill Briggs Methodist Sunday SchoolRef 18-952
The Sunday School for Trinity Chapel, Thornhill Briggs opened with the Chapel in 1897.

It occupied 2 classrooms – each 15 ft square – at the rear of the Chapel.

Chris Helme writes that

The Chapel's Sunday School teachers' attendance book, was discovered between the floor boards as the chapel was being demolished.

and that this shows that Officer & Teachers included

  • Thomas Rider [superintendent]

  • Mr J. Naylor [boys' teacher 1907]
  • Mr F. Dewhirst [boys' teacher 1907]
  • Mr A. Cocker [boys' teacher 1907]
  • Mr H. Dickinson [boys' teacher 1907]
  • Mr H. S Shaw [boys' teacher 1907]

  • Mr A. Dyson [girls' teacher 1907]
  • Mrs Wadsworth [girls' teacher 1907]
  • Miss Sutcliffe [girls' teacher 1907]
  • Miss Crowther [girls' teacher 1907]
  • Miss Collins [girls' teacher 1907]
  • Mrs Salmons [girls' teacher 1907]
  • Miss Robinson. [girls' teacher 1907]

  • Mr George Wood [teacher 1923]
  • Mr R. Barker [teacher 1923]
  • Thomas Rider [teacher 1923]
  • Miss A. Holt [teacher 1923]
  • Miss E. Spence [teacher 1923]
  • Miss G. Barker [teacher 1923]
  • Mrs Broomhead [teacher 1923]
  • Mrs Ogden [teacher 1923]
  • Miss Nellie Armitage [teacher 1923]

A new Sunday School was built at a cost of £12,000 and opened in August 1965

Thornhill Briggs SchoolRef 18-5
Opened in 1885 at a cost of £1500 – to supplement St Martin's National School and St James's School and to serve north Brighouse. It was extended in 1891 and became St Andrew's School. In 1894, a mission room was added to accommodate the overflow from St James's Church. From March 1894 until August 1896, it served as St Andrew's Church

Thornhill's: Frances Thornhill's Charity SchoolRef 18-278
Elland. In her will of 1718, Mrs Frances Thornhill bequeathed £900 to establish a charity school for the education of 10 poor girls from Fixby and Elland. The girls were to be taught spinning, knitting, sewing, reading and writing and the Catechism. The will also provided for a master and a dame at the school.

The school was held in William Coultas's cottage next to Grace Ramsden's School.

By 1829, the girls were taught in a schoolroom erected with funds from Ramsden's Charity.

By 1871, the dame taught the girls in her own home.

In 1874, the school closed and the girls went to Elland National School

Tindal's: Misses Tindal SchoolRef 18-768
A school run by Misses Tindal at 14 Milton Place, Halifax.

An advertisement for the school in 1880 announced

Second Education without Overwork

Todmorden Board SchoolRef 18-171
A board school built in 1878

Todmorden Church of England Junior & Infant SchoolRef 18-161

Todmorden Grammar SchoolRef 18-213
Ferney Lee Road.

Masters at the School have included:


Pupils at the school have included

In 1978, the grammar school and Todmorden Secondary School merged to become Todmorden High School.

The Grammar School building became Ferney Lee Primary School

Todmorden High SchoolRef 18-62
In 1978, Todmorden Grammar School and Scaitcliffe County Secondary School merged to become Todmorden High School.

In 2004, the High School was given art college status

Todmorden Municipal Technical SchoolRef 18-600
Rochdale Road. Recorded in 1905 & 1917

Todmorden SchoolRef 18-61

Todmorden Secondary SchoolRef 18-214
There are records for a Todmorden Secondary School in 1899.

In 1978, Todmorden Grammar School and Todmorden Secondary School merged to become Todmorden High School.

See Hermione Dobson, Todmorden Secondary School War Memorial and Mrs Celia Windsor

Todmorden Special SchoolRef 18-353

Townsend's School, OvendenRef 18-551
Around 1870, Mr Townsend ran a private adventure school at Ovenden.

It is recorded as a boys' and mixed school and could accommodate 111 pupils [1871]

Triangle Church of England VC Primary SchoolRef 18-162
Butterworth Lane.

Opened in August 1857 to supersede Sowerby National School.

See Rev Alexander Bean

Triangle SchoolRef 18-648
Built in 1850. It was enlarged in 1899. It accommodated 294 children.

Recorded in 1917

Trinity AcademyRef 18-740
In 2010, Holy Trinity Senior School was replaced by Trinity Academy, sponsored by the Church of England, Calderdale College, Calderdale Council and the University of Huddersfield.

The Academy opened at the existing Holmfield site.

New accommodation is to be opened on the site in September 2012. Work began in January 2011. This was estimated as costing £30 million and catering for 1,500 pupils.

Press reports said that it is to specialise in business, enterprise and health.

In August 2012, it is to merge with St Catherine's Catholic High School

Trinity House Grammar School, HalifaxRef 18-818
Recorded as the school where the young Miriam Butler was educated

Trinity Road Sunday School, HalifaxRef 18-854
Recorded in January 1859, when Rev William Walters, Pastor at Trinity Road Baptist Church, Halifax conducted an anniversary service at the School

Tuel Lane Board School, Sowerby BridgeRef 18-205
A board school.

Built in 1881. It accommodated 544 adults.

In 1897, it had 3 departments: Boys', Girls' & Infants'.

Recorded in 1917.

See Sowerby Bridge Board School, Sowerby Bridge School Board and James Robert Wood

Tuel Lane Infant SchoolRef 18-163
Clay Street, Sowerby Bridge.

See Sergeant Douglas Barker Crabtree

Tuel Lane Provided SchoolRef 18-467
Recorded in 1905

Tuel Lane Sunday School, Sowerby BridgeRef 18-925

Recorded in the 1840s.

See Alfred Scholefield Firth

Tuley's School, HalifaxRef 18-554
Around 1870, James Tuley ran a private adventure school at New Pellon, Halifax.

It is recorded as an infants' school and could accommodate 32 pupils [1871]

Turner's School, HalifaxRef 18-561
Around 1870, Miss Turner ran a private adventure school at Highroad Well, Halifax.

It is recorded as an infants' school and could accommodate 24 pupils [1871]

Turner's School, SalterhebbleRef 18-547
Run by Mrs Turner. It is recorded as a girls and mixed private adventure school and could accommodate 98 pupils [1871]

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