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Miss Oakley's SchoolRef 18-969
In the 1930s, Miss Edith Annie Oakley opened a school on the first floor at Clare Hall.

After Halifax Corporation acquired Clare Hall, the school moved to premises on the eastern side of Clare Road.

See Miss Denton's School

Ogden Lane Day Nursery, RastrickRef 18-484
Children's nursery school. Opened in 1942.

See Holme House Day Nursery, Lightcliffe and Wellholme Day Nursery, Brighouse

Old Earth Primary SchoolRef 18-131
Lower Edge Road, Elland

Old Town Evening School, Hebden BridgeRef 18-47

Old Town Junior & Infants' SchoolRef 18-220
Billy Lane. Established in 1896 as Walker Lane Wesleyan School

Old Town Primary SchoolRef 18-132
Hebden Bridge

Old Town Wesleyan Sunday School, WadsworthRef 18-794
Established in 1863.

See Old Town Methodist Chapel, Wadsworth

Oldfield's School, HalifaxRef 18-557
Around 1870, Mrs Oldfield ran a private adventure school at Ploughcroft, Halifax.

It is recorded as an infants' school and could accommodate 33 pupils [1871]

Oldroyd's School, HalifaxRef 18-555
Around 1870, Mrs Oldroyd ran a private adventure school at Shroggs Road, Halifax.

It is recorded as an infants' school and could accommodate 22 pupils [1871]

Oliver's SchoolRef 18-686
In 1874, Arthur Oliver ran a middle class school at 5 King Cross Street and Bedford Street, Halifax

Orange Street Day School, HalifaxRef 18-405
The foundation stone was laid on 25th June 1856.

It was demolished in October 1953.

See Orange Street Wesleyan Church, Halifax and Orange Street Wesleyan Sunday School

Orange Street Wesleyan Sunday SchoolRef 18-416
29 Orange Street, Halifax. Opened 24th February 1857. Recorded in 1905.

See Orange Street Day School and Orange Street Wesleyan Church, Halifax

Organised Science School, HalifaxRef 18-911
Recorded in 1897

Ostler County Secondary School, HalifaxRef 18-360
Dyson Road.

Formerly Mount Pellon School, Battinson Road.

Opened around 1952.

Named for Robert Ostler.

Queens Road Board School became an annexe to the School

The school closed in 19?? and Mount Pellon Junior & Infants' School moved to the site

Ovenden Board SchoolRef 18-311
A board school built in 18??. It accommodated 450 scholars, 150 each of boys, girls and infants.

See Ann Bolton

Ovenden High SchoolRef 18-O99
Until 1992, this was called Ovenden Secondary School. In 1994/5, it merged with Holmfield High School and became the Ridings School

Ovenden Secondary SchoolRef 18-O1
Until 194?, this was called Ovenden Senior Council School. In 1992, it became Ovenden High School

Ovenden Senior Council SchoolRef 18-37
Aka Ovenden School

It was opened on 26th October, 1937 by Kenneth M. Lindsay, MP, from the Board of Education. The school cost £30,000. It accommodated 520 children from the local housing estates.

In 194?, it became Ovenden Secondary School, and subsequently the Ridings School

Ovenden Sunday SchoolRef 18-427
Sunday school built in 1818 with funds raised by subscription and established by a group of 9 trustees including Peter Bold, William Dewhirst and John Wilson on land sold by John Garlick. The Sunday School was to be for
the gratuitous and instruction on the Sabbath Day of poor children of Ovenden, and the vicinity, of all denominations, professing the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, and also for the purpose of weekly or occasional preaching

The school was not associated with a specific church, and evening services were held throughout the week by the Independents.

Jeremiah Stead rented the building as a private day school, known as Jerry's School.

The Sunday School is reported to have had 220 scholars and a team of 68 teachers.

By 1820, it had become overcrowded and, instead of extending the school, Wheatley Sunday School and Illingworth Church School were built. In 1830, there were 120 scholars, and in 1836, there were 160.

As the population in Ovenden and the number of members increased, a subscription list began by which 600 people raised about £1,800 for the building of a new Providence Chapel.

In 1855, it was rented by the Baptists as a Sunday School and for Sunday evening services, until they moved to Lee Mount Baptist Church.

In 1877, the need for the Charity had ceased and the buildings were sold

Ovenden Women's Adult SchoolRef 18-345
Recorded in 1939

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