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Damhead School, ShibdenRef 18-274
A 17th century school for half-timers which was established at Dam Head, Shibden.

Masters at the School have included:


There was also a dame school taught by Miss Hudson, and a boys' night school taught by her brother, James Hudson

Dason's School, HalifaxRef 18-517
Around 1838, Edward Dason ran a private school at Garden Street, Halifax

Dawson's: Miss Dawson's School, HalifaxRef 18-906
Around 1950, Miss Muriel Dawson ran a private school.

There were fewer than 20 pupils (boys aged 5 to 8, girls aged 5 to 11) who were taught in a room in the family home at Princes Gate, Halifax

Dawson's School, HalifaxRef 18-527
Around 1835, Edward Dawson ran a private school at Garden Street, Halifax

Dean Field Primary SchoolRef 18-25
Cousin Lane, Ovenden. This was the first school to be built in the district after World War II, and opened in January 1950

Dean Head Church School, BarkislandRef 18-830
On 21st March 1926, the School was destroyed by fire 21st March 1926

Dean's Music SchoolRef 18-481
Around 1835, Abel Dean taught singing, piano and organ at a music school on 27 Grove Street, Halifax

Deanroyd Sunday School, WalsdenRef 18-433
Established in 1809 in cottages at Deanroyd and Bottomley Farms in Walsden. This was one of the first recorded Sunday schools

Dearden's Academy, HalifaxRef 18-252
19th century private school run by Mr Dearden at Bedford Street

Democratic School, HalifaxRef 18-850
Recorded in 1850, when the scholars raised money for the Chartists' Honesty Fund

Denham's School, BrighouseRef 18-693
In 1861, Miss Annis Denham ran a young ladies' boarding school in Church Lane, Brighouse

Denholme School, LuddendenfootRef 18-892
In the mid-1800s, Eli Scott owned a building in Denholme which was used to educate half-timers.

Luddendenfoot Brass Band used the school as their band room.

From 1851, the local Congregationalists met here until Luddendenfoot Congregational Church opened in 1859.

See Denholme United Methodist School, Luddendenfoot and Mr Horsfall

Denholme United Methodist School, LuddendenfootRef 18-891
From 1832, Denholme United Methodist Chapel had a school for child mill workers in the basement. The Luddendenfoot Free Church Friendly Society met here.

In 1860, the school needed better accommodation. John Whitworth promised to pay half the cost of the new school if the other half could be raised by public subscription. The building began around 1879.

The School and the Chapel and closed in 1965.

See Denholme School, Luddendenfoot

Miss Denton's SchoolRef 18-970
In the 1930s, Miss Denton gave dancing classes at a school in Clare Hall.

After Halifax Corporation acquired Clare Hall, the school moved to premises on the eastern side of Clare Road.

See Miss Oakley's School

Dewhirst's Classical & Commercial AcademyRef 18-298
See Vale Academy, Todmorden

District Friends' School, AckworthRef 18-169
A Quaker school near Pontefract.

The children of several local Quakers were educated here, including Walter Robert Bayes, children of Thomas Collinson, Beatrice Collinson [aged 11], John H. Collinson [aged 11], Edgar B. Collinson [aged 12], Margaret Collinson [aged 12], Edith M. Collinson [aged 13], Edward Whiteley Collinson, George Collinson, Harold Collinson, Thomas Collinson, Jonathan Crabtree, Charles Holmes Smithson, Joseph Smithson, George Smith, and Emily Worsdell

District schoolRef 18-267
From 1844, these were set up to educate children from the workhouses.

In 1870, they were superseded by board schools

Dobbinson's School, HalifaxRef 18-562
Around 1870, Mrs Dobbinson ran a private adventure school at Baker Street, Halifax.

It is recorded as an infants' school and could accommodate 31 pupils [1871]

Dockray's School, HalifaxRef 18-563
Around 1870, Mrs Dockray ran a private adventure school at Howard Street, Halifax.

It is recorded as an infants' school and could accommodate 20 pupils [1871]

Douglas's School, HalifaxRef 18-638
In 1905, Miss Elizabeth Douglas and her sister Ruth Ann, ran a private school at their home at 4 Heath Street, Skircoat

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