Streets in Calderdale



6 Stainland Road, West ValeRef 19-6903

14 Corners, HalifaxRef 19-31
Popular name for New Lane, Halifax

A58Ref 19-1596
Formerly the Leeds & Whitehall Turnpike.

The road goes from Rochdale, Rishworth, Ripponden, Sowerby Bridge, King Cross, Burdock Way, through Halifax, Stump Cross, Hipperholme Crossroads, Hipperholme, Lightcliffe, Hellfire Crossroads, Norwood Green, and on to Leeds.

See A672, Cotton route, Leeds Road and Whitehall Road

A63Ref 19-1602
The main road from Wakefield, Bailiff Bridge, Lightcliffe, Hipperholme, Stump Cross, and on to Halifax. This is the turnpike road which replaced the older Wakefield Gate

See Hipperholme Crossroads

A629Ref 19-1604
The main road from Huddersfield, to Salterhebble Hill, Halifax and on to Keighley

See Burdock Way and Whitehaughs Arch

A641Ref 19-1605
The Bradford-Huddersfield Turnpike is the main road from Wibsey Bank Foot, Bradford via Odsal Top, Wyke, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse and on to Huddersfield.

See Bradley Bar, Brighouse river crossing and Hellfire crossroads

A644Ref 19-1597
The main road from Wakefield to Brighouse, Hipperholme, and on to Keighley.

See Denholme Gate Road and Hipperholme Crossroads

A646Ref 19-1901
The road along the Calder Valley to Hebden Bridge and on to Burnley.

See B6138

A672Ref 19-1637
A branch of the A58 from Ripponden and on to Oldham.

See Oldham turnpike and Oxygrains Bridge, Rishworth

A6025Ref 19-659
Originally the Elland & Obelisk Turnpike

A6033Ref 19-4535
Originally the Todmorden Turnpike across the Pennines between Todmorden and Littleborough.

See Steanor Bottom Toll House, Todmorden

A6107Ref 19-4745
The road from Rastrick via Fixby and Bradley Bar to Cooper Bridge

Aachen Way, HalifaxRef 19-A315
A bypass for King Cross. The road was approved in 1979. It was begun in 1982 and opened in August 1982. Much local property was demolished to make way for the bypass

Abbey Lane, HalifaxRef 19-2192

Abbey Park Estate, IllingworthRef 19-6806
Built in 19??.

In March 2015, the demolition began of 111 properties which had been boarded-up and derelict for several years

Abbey Street, HalifaxRef 19-4479
Recorded in 1883 & 1936 off Range Bank. The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell

Abbey Walk, HalifaxRef 19-2259
Part of the Coronation Estate.

See Garden City, Halifax

Abbey Walk South, HalifaxRef 19-2258
Part of the Coronation Estate.

See Garden City, Halifax

Abbot's Court, HalifaxRef 19-6685
Off Foundry Street. Recorded in 1906

Abbotts Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-76
Gibbet Street.

Recorded in 1893

Abel Street, HalifaxRef 19-6432
Recorded in 1874 off Prospect Street

Abel Street, HalifaxRef 19-6841
Pellon Lane Recorded in 1918

Acacia Drive, LightcliffeRef 19-121

Acacia Grove, MytholmroydRef 19-5898

Ackroyd's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-6492
Recorded in 1874 off Winding Road

Acorn Street, HalifaxRef 19-6457

Acre Lane, HeptonstallRef 19-5927

Acre Lane, LuddendenfootRef 19-175

Acre Villas, MytholmroydRef 19-5491

Owners and tenants have included

Acres Lane, HeptonstallRef 19-6012

Ada Street, HalifaxRef 19-203
Recorded in 1907

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell

Addersgate Lane, NorthowramRef 19-231

See Addersgate Farm, Northowram

Adelaide Place, GreetlandRef 19-3493
Saddleworth Road.

Recorded in 1851

Adelaide Street, HalifaxRef 19-276

See Adelaide Street Glee Society, Halifax South Ward Club, Royal Mount, Halifax and South Ward Working Men's Club

Adelaide Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5492

Adelaide Street, TodmordenRef 19-4565

Adelaide Terrace, StainlandRef 19-304

Adgil Crescent, SouthowramRef 19-1897
See Adgel Farm, Southowram

Adgil Grove, SouthowramRef 19-342

Ailes Lane, LuddendenRef 19-6562

Ainley, IllingworthRef 19-4958

Ainley Road, EllandRef 19-1881
Became Huddersfield Road

Ainley Street, EllandRef 19-6039

Aire Street, RastrickRef 19-4691

Aire Terrace, RastrickRef 19-6826
A small terrace of a few houses.

See Aire Terrace Co-Op, Rastrick

This & associated entries use material contributed by Andy Eccles

Airedale Drive, ShelfRef 19-371

Aked's Court, HalifaxRef 19-7109
St James's Road.

Recorded in 1871, when

Aked's Field, HalifaxRef 19-2278
Area of Cabbage Lane

Aked's Road, HalifaxRef 19-1680
Aka Aked Road. The road was once the western boundary of the town. The land originally belonged to John Aked

Aked's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-7097
Area of King Cross Street.

Recorded in 1851 at Gibbet Street, when George Aked lived here.

Recorded in 1861 in St James's Parish, when William Parkinson lived here

Aked's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-7098
Area of Swan Street, Halifax in The City.

Recorded in 1851

Akroyd's Buildings, HalifaxRef 19-6802
North Parade

Akroyd Cottages, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5959

Akroyd Court, HalifaxRef 19-2271
With Haley Court and Range Court, this is one of 3 blocks of flats at the bottom of Haley Hill.

The flats were built when old mine shafts prevented new housing being built when the nearby New Bank area was cleared

Akroyd Lane, Pecket WellRef 19-5985

Akroyd Place, HalifaxRef 19-2272
Off North Parade.

Akroyd Place was built on land bought from Salem Methodist New Connexion Church to accommodate the warehouses and offices of the Akroyd family business.

See Graydon & Child

This & associated entries use material contributed by John Hoyle

Akroyd Street, HalifaxRef 19-7041
off Cross Hills.

Recorded in 1870 & 1924.

See Engine Inn, Halifax

Akroyd Terrace, Pye NestRef 19-403

Alabama Street, HalifaxRef 19-430
off Arthur Street, Queens Road

Albany Arcade, HalifaxRef 19-4986

Albany Square, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1937
An area of Wharf Street near the Commercial Inn.

The area was lost when Tuel Lane was redesigned [1928].

The Square is discussed in the book Halifax Pubs Volume Two

Albany Street, HalifaxRef 19-458
Caddy Field

Albany Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-489
Caddy Field

Albert Avenue, PellonRef 19-522

Albert Buildings, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5941

Albert Court, HalifaxRef 19-552

Albert Drive, PellonRef 19-578
Highroad Well

Albert Gallery, HalifaxRef 19-6918
Range Lane / Victoria Street.

Recorded in 1881 & 1891

This & associated entries use material contributed by Ruth Bourne

Albert Gardens, PellonRef 19-603

Albert Lane, TodmordenRef 19-5693

Albert Place, BrighouseRef 19-325
An alley between the Yorkshire Bank and the NatWest Bank in Bradford Road, Brighouse.

Albert Place Academy and the Albert Place Reading Rooms were here in the 19th century.

See Jonas Bottomley

Albert Place, Hebden BridgeRef 19-2140

Albert Promenade, HalifaxRef 19-2281
Road off Skircoat Moor, leading to The Rocks.

Built for Henry Charles McCrea.

Opened in 1861.

It was recorded as Promenade Terrace [1891, 1901].

H. C. McCrea was prominent in promoting the plan to allow the people of Halifax to enjoy the Rocks and the views of the Calder Valley. Edward Akroyd, the Crossleys, and Sir Henry Edwards were also involved.

Property here included:

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Nortcliffe

Albert Road, HalifaxRef 19-631
Highroad Well

Albert Road, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1255

Albert Square, BrighouseRef 19-6195
Recorded in 1893 off Waterloo Road, Waring Green

Albert Street, CliftonRef 19-4661
Clifton Common. Houses here were built by Benjamin Blackburn

Albert Street, EllandRef 19-6405
Named for Albert Bailey who built houses in the street

Albert Street, HalifaxRef 19-5725
Hanson Lane

Albert Street, Hebden BridgeRef 19-A128

Albert Street, MytholmroydRef 19-2244

Albert Street, TodmordenRef 19-4589

Albert View, PellonRef 19-654
Highroad Well

Albion Court, HalifaxRef 19-5
Recorded in 1834 & 1936.

A block of flats called Albion Court at Great Albion Street opened on 25th April 1964.

Albion Grove, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5754

Albion Place, BrighouseRef 19-4728

Albion Square, HalifaxRef 19-6
Area of Pitt Street

Albion Square, West ValeRef 19-6255

Albion Street, BrighouseRef 19-4756

Albion Street, EllandRef 19-6089

Albion Street, HalifaxRef 19-1693
The Halifax fish Market was originally inside the Borough Market, at the south-west corner, with the entrance called Albany Arcade, but the Albion Street exterior of the Borough Market was extended and the shops were moved outside in the early 1900s.

Albion Street originally crossed Market Street and led into Thomas Street. The lower eastern end was lost when Halifax Lower Market was demolished and the block of shops – which now includes Westgate House, Halifax and Tesco – was built in the 1970s.

In 2004, there were proposals to pedestrianise Westgate, Carrier Street, and Albion Street.

See Borough Engineer House, Halifax and Great Albion Street

Albion Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5784

Albion Terrace, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6038

Albion Terrace, LuddendenfootRef 19-4500
Houses here were built by the Whitworths for their workers

Alder Grove, IllingworthRef 19-690

Alegar Street, BrighouseRef 19-4664
Between Wakefield Road and Clifton Common. The small street was originally called Foddle Lane.

Takes its present name from the nearby Alegar Well.

It is currently a rather steep cul-de-sac

This & associated entries use material contributed by Paul Hartley

Alexander Street, HalifaxRef 19-6527
Claremount. Recorded in 1887 & 1936

Alexander Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-719

Alexandra Close, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1313

Alexandra Crescent, EllandRef 19-6144

Alexandra Road, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5808

Alexandra Street, HalifaxRef 19-1842
Built in 19??.

Named for Queen Alexandra, wife of Edward VII.

See King Edward Street, Halifax and Regal Cinema, Halifax

Alfred Street, BrighouseRef 19-4789

Alfred Street East, HalifaxRef 19-6601
Off Church Street / Square Road

See Square Road Mill

Alfred Street, HalifaxRef 19-2289
In January 2011, with an average house price of £42,200, the street was top of the list of the most affordable (cheapest) places in Yorkshire.

See Conway Street, Halifax and Howard Street, Halifax

Alfred Street, West ValeRef 19-5838

All Souls Road, WoodsideRef 19-746

All Souls Street, WoodsideRef 19-987

All Souls Terrace, WoodsideRef 19-781

Allan Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1339

Allangate, HalifaxRef 19-4520
King Cross.

See Butterhouse, Skircoat

Allerton Place, HalifaxRef 19-2391
Recorded in 1874

See Allerton Wire Works

Allerton Street, HalifaxRef 19-5518
Recorded in 1874

Allerton Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-6630
Lister Lane.

Recorded in 1874

Allerton Yard, HalifaxRef 19-6812
Gibbet Street.

Recorded in 1881 & 1917

Allescholes Road, TodmordenRef 19-4636

See Lower Allescholes, Walsden

Alloe Field Place, IllingworthRef 19-809

Alloe Field View, IllingworthRef 19-839

Alma Lane, CottonstonesRef 19-35

See Alma, Cottonstones

Alma Road, ClaremountRef 19-6869
Ran south-west between Primrose Street & Horley Green Road The street and its houses were lost when Claremount Road and New Bank were redeveloped in the 1960s

Alma Road, TodmordenRef 19-4662

Alma Street, HalifaxRef 19-1310
as part of Stannary off St James's Road.

See Alma Cottage, Claremount and St James's Spiritual Temple, Halifax

Alma Street, TodmordenRef 19-5043

Ambler Grove, IllingworthRef 19-870

Amblers Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-896
Range Bank

Ambleside Villas, HalifaxRef 19-5544
Recorded in 1874.

See Ambleside, Halifax

America Lane, BrighouseRef 19-2221
Ran south off Clifton Common

America Lane, TodmordenRef 19-5869

Amisfield Road, HipperholmeRef 19-925

See Amisfield House, Hipperholme

Amos Street, HalifaxRef 19-956

Amos Street, TodmordenRef 19-5340

Amport Close, RastrickRef 19-4842

Amy Street, OvendenRef 19-5371

Anchor Place, BrighouseRef 19-4871

Anchor Street, TodmordenRef 19-5466

Anderton Fold, HalifaxRef 19-1020

Andrew Close, SouthowramRef 19-5807

Angel Road, HalifaxRef 19-5660
Recorded in 1905 at the junction of Stannary Lane and Stannary

Ann Street, HalifaxRef 19-7
Area of Northgate.

In 1797, a group of Methodists under the leadership of Kilham and Thom – left South Parade Methodist Chapel and went to worship in rooms over cottages in Ann Street, behind the Buck, Halifax,

When these premises proved too small, the Methodists bought land in Needless – later known as North Parade – and subsequently built Salem Methodist New Connexion Chapel, North Parade,

On 30th May 1857, property in the street, owned by grocer Henry Blackburn, collapsed.

The street was lost when Northgate Hall was built.

See Smyth's Charity School

This & associated entries use material contributed by John Hoyle

Anne's Court, SouthowramRef 19-2302

Annie Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1416

Anthony Wells, NorthowramRef 19-7095
Recorded in 1841, when it was listed near The Hough

Anvil Street, BrighouseRef 19-4903

Recorded in 1891, when it was off Thornhills Bridge Lane / Thornhills Road

Apple House Terrace, LuddendenRef 19-1051
Stocks Lane.

Recorded in 1911

Apple Street, HalifaxRef 19-6278
Recorded in 1881 & 1936 off Lister Lane

Apple Tree Lane, Hove EdgeRef 19-4946
The road which passes in front of Nether House, Hove Edge

Appleyard Road, MytholmroydRef 19-6064

Appsley Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-7019
Cul-de-sac at Skircoat Moor Road, King Cross.

See Appsley Gate, Halifax and Appsley House, Halifax

Apsley Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-5572
King Cross / Skircoat Moor Road. Recorded in 1894 & 1936

Arcade Royale, HalifaxRef 19-4813

ArcadeRef 19-4613
There are several arcades in the district including Albany Arcade, Arcade Royale, Halifax, Market Arcade, Halifax, Old Arcade, Halifax, Prince's Arcade, Halifax, Russell Street Arcade, Halifax and Wellington Arcade

Archbell Avenue, RastrickRef 19-4934

Archer Road, BrighouseRef 19-1390

The Arches, HalifaxRef 19-6401

Arches Street, HalifaxRef 19-2333
Area of King Cross Street

Arden Mews, HalifaxRef 19-1094

Arden Road, HalifaxRef 19-A83
Created around 1936.

The Crossley Almshouses stand on the west side of the road.

See Myrtle Grove, Halifax

Argyle Street, HalifaxRef 19-1670
Short street between Waterhouse Street and St James's Road. Originally called Long Back-side. The Sportsman was near here.

Houses here were said to be the old cottage property in Halifax [1911].

This is discussed in the book Sketches of Old Halifax

See W. & J. Atkinson and Long Backside, Halifax

Arlington Crescent, HalifaxRef 19-1164

Armitage Avenue, RastrickRef 19-5011

Armitage Road, HalifaxRef 19-1224
King Cross

Armytage Road, BrighouseRef 19-4671

Chris Helme writes that

Around 1850, Sir Titus Salt wanted to build a mill, and a model village for the workers, along Armytage Road, Brighouse, but the Armytage family rejected the proposal; Salt then went on to establish Saltaire instead

See Abattoir, Brighouse and Armytage Road Industrial Estate

This & associated entries use material contributed by Chris Helme

Arncliffe Crescent, RastrickRef 19-5067

Arnold Royd, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5928

Arnold Royd, RastrickRef 19-5097

Arnold Street, HalifaxRef 19-5961

Arnold Street, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1468

Arthur Street, BrighouseRef 19-1549

Arthur Street, HalifaxRef 19-6310
off Alabama Street, Queens Road.

Recorded in 1936

Arundel Street, HalifaxRef 19-1284

Ascot Gardens, SowerbyRef 19-4717
Housing development built [2002] on the site of Rooley Lane Wesleyan Chapel, Sowerby

This & associated entries use material contributed by David Greaves

Ascot Grove, RastrickRef 19-5129

Ash, Causeway FootRef 19-5396

Ash Close, HalifaxRef 19-1365

Ash Close, HipperholmeRef 19-5986

Ash Grove, BrighouseRef 19-5153

Ash Hall Lane, CottonstonesRef 19-3939

Ash Plant, BradshawRef 19-5418

Ash Street, TodmordenRef 19-6013

Ash Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-1523

Ash Tree Gardens, MixendenRef 19-1445

Ash Tree Road, MixendenRef 19-3985

Ashbourne Grove, HalifaxRef 19-1494

Ashdale, HolmfieldRef 19-5442

Ashday Lane, SouthowramRef 19-2313
Formerly known as Heald Lane then Milking Hill

Ashdene, TodmordenRef 19-5519

Ashdown Close, HalifaxRef 19-1588

Ashenhurst Close, TodmordenRef 19-5661

Ashenhurst Road, TodmordenRef 19-5634

Ashes Lane, TodmordenRef 19-5837

Ashfield Close, OvendenRef 19-3917

Ashfield Drive, OvendenRef 19-4045

Ashfield Road, GreetlandRef 19-3963

Ashfield Terrace, GreetlandRef 19-4002

Ashgrove Avenue, SiddalRef 19-4025

Ashgrove, BarkislandRef 19-4095

Ashgrove Place, SiddalRef 19-4073

Ashgrove Terrace, RastrickRef 19-5183

Ashgrove Terrace, SiddalRef 19-6342

Ashlea Avenue, RastrickRef 19-5211

Ashlea Close, RastrickRef 19-5233

Ashlea Drive, RastrickRef 19-5262

Ashleigh, Hebden BridgeRef 19-5899

Ashleigh Street, OvendenRef 19-5493

Ashley Grove, MytholmroydRef 19-6088

Ashley Street, HalifaxRef 19-4117

Ashley View, HalifaxRef 19-6223
Parkinson Lane. Recorded in 1881

Ashley Villas, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6113

Ashton Road, MytholmroydRef 19-6143

Ashville Croft, HalifaxRef 19-4145

Ashville Gardens, HalifaxRef 19-4193

Ashville Grove, HalifaxRef 19-4225

Ashville Street, Lee MountRef 19-5545

Ashworth Mill Lane, RishworthRef 19-6065

Ashworth's Row, HalifaxRef 19-2363
Area of Lilly Lane

Ashworth Terrace, Lee MountRef 19-5603

Aspden Street, TodmordenRef 19-5868

Aspinall's Fold, EllandRef 19-6196

Aspinall Street East, HalifaxRef 19-6404

Aspinall Street, HalifaxRef 19-6114
Off Parkinson Lane

Aspinall Street, MytholmroydRef 19-2328
Ted Hughes was born at Number 1, Aspinall Street.

The Elmet Trust leased the house from Calderdale Council.

In June 2008, the house was converted for use as a retreat and holiday home for writers

Asquith Bottom, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-5573

Asquith Court, HalifaxRef 19-4250

Asquith Terrace, Sowerby BridgeRef 19-3890

Astral Avenue, HipperholmeRef 19-4277

Astral Close, HipperholmeRef 19-4301

Atalanta Terrace, HalifaxRef 19-2332

See Mrs Laura Willson

Atherton Lane, RastrickRef 19-5288

Athol Close, OvendenRef 19-4323

Athol Crescent, OvendenRef 19-5635

Athol Gardens, Lee MountRef 19-5694

Athol Green, OvendenRef 19-4348

Athol Mount, Lee MountRef 19-5726

Athol Road, Lee MountRef 19-5753

Athol Street, Lee MountRef 19-5782

Atkinson's Court, HalifaxRef 19-6376
Gaol Lane. Recorded in 1901

Atkinson's Yard, HalifaxRef 19-7093
Gaol Lane

Recorded in 1871

Atlas Mill Road, BrighouseRef 19-4681
Takes its name from the Atlas Mill which stood here.

See Atlas Mill, Brighouse, Atlas Mill Waste Disposal, Broadholme Mill, Brighouse, Brook House, Brighouse, Joseph E. Bunce, Empire Theatre, Brighouse and Thompson & Hudson Limited

Audley Street, PellonRef 19-1197

Austin Avenue, BrighouseRef 19-5315

Australia Terrace, SouthowramRef 19-5602
Cain Lane. Recorded in 1905

Autumn Street, HalifaxRef 19-4373

The Avenue, HipperholmeRef 19-4281
One of 3 laconically-named roads off Leeds Road, Hipperholme: The Avenue, The Crescent and The Drive

Avenue Number 1, RastrickRef 19-6169

Avenue Number 2, RastrickRef 19-6224

The Avenue, RippondenRef 19-6728

Avondale Place, HalifaxRef 19-4396

Avonway, ShelfRef 19-4167

Aydon Way, ShelfRef 19-2340
Named for Samuel Aydon of Aydon & Elwell

Ayre View, Hebden BridgeRef 19-6168

Ayreville Drive, ShelfRef 19-4416

Aysgarth Avenue, LightcliffeRef 19-4435
Part of the Stoney Lane Estate

Aysgarth Crescent, Mount TaborRef 19-4461

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