Grave of John Holt & Family

Cloughfoot Independent Congregational Chapel

The grave of John Holt & family at Cloughfoot Independent Congregational Chapel


In loving memory of
John  Holt of Sourhall
who died 27 April 1865 aged 53 years.
Gently my passing spirit fled.
Sustained by grace divine.
Oh may such grace on me be shed
And make my end like thine.
Also of John Haworth of Sourhall
who died December 18th 1876
in the 63rd year of his age.
Farewell dear partner life is past.
I loved you dearly to the last.
Mourn not for me nor sorrow take.
But love my saviour for my sake.
Oh some times think of me and come
Unto the quiet spot,
where I now slumber long and still.
But oh not quite forgot.
Also of Sally  Haworth of Sourhall
who died October 15th 1905 in her 94th year. Widow of the above.
Until the day break and the shadows flee away

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