Patmos Congregational Chapel, Todmorden

Roll of Honour

An image of the Roll of Honour at Patmos Congregational Chapel, Todmorden


Names of scholars past and present of the Sunday School,
and members of the congregation who joined the colours in response to
the call of King and Country in connection with the European War

Harry Atkinson
Charles W. Baldwin
Allan Barker
Helliwell Barker
Herbert H. Barker
Norman Bastow
Edward L. Bentley
John Bentley
Norman Brown
John Butterworth
George Clark
John A. Cockroft
Charles E. Constance
Willie G. Constance
Charles Crossley
John F. Crossley
Tom W. Crossley
T. Will Crossley
Harold Dawson
Willie Dawson
Edwin Duffield
Albert Farrar
Edgar Fielden

Harry Firth
John Firth
John W. Firth
Percy Firth
H. A. F. Glass
L. C. A. H. Glass
Charles Howorth
Herbert Howorth
Harry Heaton
Arthur Holden
Fred Holden
Fred Holt
Louis B. Ingham
Fred Johnson
Abram Kay
John M. Landless
Fred Lister
Edward Lord
Tom E. Lord
Joseph Martin
James Nuttall
Albert Ratcliffe
John Ratcliffe

Norman Ratcliffe
Walter Ratcliffe
Willie Ratcliffe
Frank Rule
Albert Seal
Herbert Southwell
James W. Stephenson
Alfred B. Sunderland
George Sunderland
John W. Sunderland
Joseph E. Sunderland
Wilbert Sunderland
Frank Sutcliffe
Harry Sutcliffe
Frank Suthers
Robert Suthers
Harry Taylor
Sam Taylor
Frank Tout
Willie Whitehead
Ernest Wilkinson
George Wadsworth
Fred Wilcock

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