Memorial to Bishop Robert Ferrar

Halifax Parish Church

Memorial to Bishop Robert Ferrar at Halifax Parish Church by Joseph Bentley Leyland

In Memory of
The Holy Bishop and Martyr
Robert  Ferrar
who was born at Ewood, in Midgley,
in the Parish of Halifax,
in the Reign of King Henry the Seventh,
Not less distinguished by integrity, firmness, and courage, than by
piety, learning and zeal,
He was preferred under King Henry the Eighth to the
Priory of St. Iswald's at Nostel;
And under King Edward the Sixth to the See of St. David's;
In the same Reign for resisting the spoliation of the Church he suffered
persecution and imprisonment; and under Queen Mary
for rejecting Doctrines not taught by the Apostles,
He endured the Martyrdom of fire at Caermarthen Cross
on the XXX Day of March A.D. MDLV
forgiving his enemies and glorifying his Lord and Redeemer
If I stir through the pains of my burning believe not the doctrine I have preached
His words on being chained to the stake

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