Song sung at the opening of The Piece Hall

When the Halifax Piece Hall opened on 1st January 1779, the choir sang a verse by John Hope

The third verse includes a pun on the author's name

When Adam and his Consort Eve,
    Lived in a Garden fair,
They dressed themselves in Green-Fig-Leaves,
    For want of better wear:
But we, their Sons, are wiser grown,
    Than Leaves of Figs to pull;
We clothe ourselves from Head to Foot,
    With ever honour'd Wool.


God save King George, and bless our Trade,
    Let not our prayers be vain,
May all our Foes to Friends be turn'd.
    And Peace and Plenty reign.

O let us not forget the good
    The worthy Bishop Blaize,
Who came from Jersey here to us,
    As ancient Histr'y says
He taught us how to Comb our Wool,
    The Source of all our Wealth,
Then let us still remember him.
    While we have Life and Health.


Now our Desires are crowned by 'Hope'
    We'll be no longer seen
Dispers'd around in every Street,
    As heretofore we've been;
But to a Hall whose beauty vies
    With Palaces of Old,
Our Handy-work shall now be brought
    And straight be turned to Gold.


To him now let our Thanks be paid,
    (At once be's good and great)
Who gave the ground whereon to build
    Fair Manufacture's Seat;
O! may the Building stand as long
    As shall his Fame be known,
And may our Industry be blest,
    And Riches be the Crown.


Come ye, who oft' in Council met
    To raise your future Fame,
And ye. from whom our noble Hall
    Is honoured with a Name.
And ye, whose lab'ring Hands have rais'd
    The Colonnade so gay,
All, All, with Joy of Heart, come share
    The Glory of this Day.


Then let us all, with one Accord,
    With open Heart agree,
The young, the old, the high, the low,
    To spend this Day with Glee.
Join in the Chorus, lift your Voice,
    Join with me. one and all,
Then shall ye drink in Sparkling Ale,
    Success t' our noble Hall.


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