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Uncle Tom's Cabin, HalifaxRef 17-864
16 Garden Street / 2 Higgins Place.

The beerhouse closed in 1903

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:


Unicorn, HalifaxRef 17-1033
Bull Green

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:

  • 1822: Joseph Jackson


Union Cross, HalifaxRef 17-U8
15 Old Market.

Originally called The Crosse Inn because it stood opposite the old market cross.

Recorded in 1535, this is the oldest inn in Halifax and stands in Old Market on the site of the old town market.

From 1818, meetings and rehearsals of the Halifax Quarterly Choral Society were held here and at other local Inns.

This is discussed in the books Halifax Antiquarian Society Transactions and Halifax Pubs.

See Probity [No 61] Masonic Lodge

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:


This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell & Jeffrey Knowles

Union Cross, HeptonstallRef 17-243
46 Northgate / Main Street.

Aka The Cross.

Built around 1617. It was originally known as the Stocks Inn because the town stocks stood here.

The chimney is dated HE 1636, and there is a carving of a man and woman in 17th-century dress.

In 1771, a gang of coiners in the pub overheard Abraham Ingham saying that he knew who had murdered William Deighton. The gang promptly threw Ingham on the fire – and poured burning coals down his breeches – killing him.

New House is now a part of the inn.

A mummified cat, found in the rafters at Heptonstall church after the storm of 1847, was displayed at the inn. The cat was lost in 1958.

This is discussed in the book Halifax Pubs

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:


Union Cross, OvendenRef 17-241

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:

  • 1845: Mrs Mary Walton
  • 1874: R. J. Carter [Illingworth Cross]


Upper Castle, CraggRef 17-1357

This was originally a beer house

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:


This & associated entries use material contributed by Derrick Habergham

Upper Crispin, HalifaxRef 17-1043
King Cross Lane

See Crispin, Halifax, Old Crispin, Halifax, St Crispin, Halifax and Upper Crispin, Halifax

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:

  • 1822: Thomas Lister


Upper Foot Farm, LuddendenfootRef 17-1368
Around 1840, when the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway was being built at Luddendenfoot, there was a public house at Upper Foot Farm, Luddendenfoot

Upper George Hotel & Posting House, HalifaxRef 17-U17
In Upper George Yard between 3 Crown Street / Cheapside.

In the early 19th century, this was used as a meeting place for the trustees of Halifax town.

A news room is recorded here in 1822.

There is a datestone from a barn of 1717. This was reused when the present building was erected in 1826, and is dated IIS for Judith and Jonathan Stead and WE for William Emmet

In 25th November 1886, a fire broke out and caused damage estimated at £750.

See Coaches, Thomas Bates and Flogging

Innkeepers, licensees and landlords:


This & associated entries use material contributed by Dave Van De Gevel & Jeffrey Knowles

Upper George, RastrickRef 17-419
Aka The George.

This & associated entries use material contributed by Paul Blackburn, David Brown, David Kelly & Sharon Thornton

Upper Slack Farm, WainstallsRef 17-852
The pub closed in 1870

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