Walsden is now a district of Calderdale south of Todmorden. It was in the parish of Rochdale and a part of Lancashire until the late 19th century.

It was listed as Lancashire in the census of 1891.

In 1???, Walsden was split into 2 parts: Walsden Proper and Inchfield.

The name is first mentioned in 1235, the name uses the element Welsh and means valley of the Welsh or valley of the strangers.

From the late 18th century, there was much cotton production here, together with dyeing and printing cloth. At first, cotton was produced by hand, but many mills – including Hollins Mill – were built from the 1850s.

There was also iron working in the area

On 16th December 1940, several bombs fell on moorland here. There were no casualties – except 2 ducks at the Bird-i-th-Hand.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Walsden

Allescholes Farm, Walsden
Alma Mill, Walsden
Alma Road Canal Bridge, Walsden
Alma Road River Bridge, Walsden

The Baron family of Walsden
Bell's Arms, Walsden
Birks Bar, Walsden
Birks Hall Bridge, Walsden
Birks Hall, Walsden
Birks House, Walsden
Birks Mill, Walsden
Birks Mills Lock, Walsden
Black Horse, Walsden
Border Rose, Walsden
The Bottomley family of Walsden
Bottomley Farm Sunday School, Walsden
Bottomley Farm, Walsden
Bottomley Lane Foot School, Walsden
Bottoms Farm, Walsden
Bottoms Mill, Walsden
Bottoms Primitive Methodist Chapel, Walsden
Bottoms School, Walsden
Butchers' Arms, Walsden

Calderbank Nurseries, Walsden
Calderdale Clog Sundries, Walsden
Calf Lee Cote, Walsden
Calf Lee Farm, Walsden
California Works, Walsden
Can Bottoms, Walsden
Carr Barn, Walsden
Cherry Tree, Walsden
Clog Iron Works, Walsden
Cloggers' Arms, Walsden
Clough Farm, Walsden
Clough House, Walsden
Clough Mill, Walsden
Clough Side House, Walsden
Copperas House Dye Works, Walsden
Copperas House Mill, Walsden
Cranberry Dam, Walsden
Crook Hill Wind Farm, Walsden
Cross Keys, Walsden
The Crossley family of Todmorden & Walsden
Crossley's Mill, Walsden

Dean Farm, Walsden
Dean Royd Tunnel, Walsden
Deanroyd Bridge, Walsden
Deanroyd Farm, Walsden
Deanroyd Gate End Mill, Walsden
Deanroyd Mill, Walsden
Deanroyd Sunday School, Walsden
Dusty Miller, Walsden

Fanny Hill, Walsden
Ferney Hill Rocks, Walsden
Friths Estate, Walsden
Friths Farm, Walsden
Friths Mill, Walsden
Friths Old Mill, Walsden
Furniss Farm, Walsden

Gauxholme Mill, Walsden
Gauxholme Stones Farm, Walsden
General Wood Farm, Walsden
Gordon Riggs Garden Centre, Walsden
Great Knowl, Walsden
Greenwood's Dame School, Walsden

Henshaw Barn, Walsden
Henshaw Farm, Walsden
Higher Allescholes, Walsden
Higher Birks, Walsden
Higher Knowl, Walsden
Higher Scout Farm, Walsden Moor
Hollings Bridge, Walsden
Hollingworth Gate Farm, Walsden
Hollins Assembly Rooms, Walsden
Hollins Bottom Mill, Walsden
Hollins Mill, Walsden
Hollins, Walsden
Holly Bank, Walsden
Horse Pasture Farm, Walsden

Inchfield Corn Mill, Walsden
Inchfield Cottage, Walsden
Inchfield Farm, Walsden
Inchfield Fold Farm, Walsden
Inchfield House, Walsden
Inchfield Mill, Walsden
Inchfield Picker Works, Walsden
Inchfield Villa, Walsden
Inchfield Waterworks, Walsden

Jail Hole Rocks, Walsden
Jubilee Mill, Walsden
Jubilee Primitive Methodist Chapel, Walsden

Knowl Top Farm, Walsden
Knowlwood Bottom Mill, Walsden
Knowlwood Delph Quarries, Walsden
Knowsley, Walsden

Lacy Mill, Walsden
Lanebottom Bridge, Walsden
Lanebottom British School, Walsden
Lanebottom Mill, Walsden
Lanebottom Picker Works, Walsden
Lanebottom School, Walsden
Lanebottom Sunday School, Walsden
Lanebottom Wesleyan Methodist Church, Walsden
Lanebottom, Walsden
Law Hey Farm, Walsden
Lee Bottom Mill, Walsden
Lee Bottom, Walsden
Light Bank Lock, Walsden
Lightbank Bridge, Walsden
Lightbank Lock, Walsden
Little Knowl Farm, Walsden
Little Knowl, Walsden
Lower Allescholes, Walsden
Lower Dyches Farm, Walsden
Lower Scout Farm, Walsden
Lumbutts Road Toll House, Walsden

Merlin Club, Todmorden-cum-Walsden
Middle Bottomley Farm, Walsden
Middleton Division

Miller Barn, Walsden
Millreed Lodge Care Home, Walsden
Moorcock, Walsden
Moorhey Farm, Walsden
Moverley Cottage, Walsden

Naze Farm, Walsden
Newbridge Mill, Walsden
Nicklety, Walsden
Nip Square Lock, Walsden
North Hollingworth Farm, Walsden

Ovenden Moor wind farm

Pasture Side Farm, Walsden
Pex House, Walsden
Pexes, Walsden
Pexroyd, Walsden
Pighill, Walsden
Pinnel Lock, Walsden
Pioneer Mill, Walsden

Quarry Cottages, Walsden
Quarry Mill, Walsden

Ragby Bridge, Walsden
Ragby Mill, Walsden
Railway Hotel, Walsden
Rake End, Walsden
Ramsden Clough, Walsden
Ramsden North Farm, Walsden
Ramsden Wood Mill, Walsden
Ramsden Wood Road Shed, Walsden
Gordon Rigg (Nurseries) Limited
Rose Cottage, Walsden
Rough Bank, Walsden
Rough Stones Farm, Walsden

Saint Peter's Church, Walsden
Saint Peter's National School, Walsden
Sandhole House, Walsden
The Scar, Walsden
Scott Street Recreation Ground, Walsden
Smales, Walsden
Smithyholme Mill, Walsden
South Bottomley Farm, Walsden
South Hollingworth Farm, Walsden
Spring Mill, Walsden
Square Mill, Walsden
Steanor Bottom Chemical Works, Walsden
Steanor Bottom Toll House, Walsden
Steanor Bottom, Walsden
Stonehouse Farm, Walsden
Stones Cottage, Walsden
Stoneswood Higher Mill, Walsden
Stoneswood Lower Mill, Walsden
Stoneswood Mill, Walsden
Strines Barn, Walsden
Strines Mill, Walsden
Strines, Walsden
Sun Inn, Walsden
Sun Vale Works, Walsden
Sunway Blinds Mill, Walsden
Sweet Briar Cottage, Walsden

Thistle Hall, Walsden
Todmorden & Walsden constables
Todmorden & Walsden Overseers of the Poor
Todmorden & Walsden Website
Top o' th' Hill Farm, Walsden
Townley Estate
Travis Holme Mill, Walsden
Travis Mill Lock, Walsden
Travis Mill, Walsden
Trinity United Methodist Free Church, Walsden
Trough Edge, Walsden
Turf Coat Hill, Walsden

United Methodist Free Church Sabbath School, Walsden

Waggon & Horses, Walsden
Walsden Bleaching & Dyeing Company Limited
Walsden Church of England VC Infants' School
Walsden Conservative Club
Walsden constables
Walsden Co-operative Society
Walsden Cricket & Bowling Club
Walsden Families in Olden Times
The Walsden Highway
Walsden Institution & Working Men's Club
Walsden Junior & Infant School
Walsden Liberal Club
Walsden Library
Walsden Mill Company Limited
Walsden Moor
Walsden Oddfellows
Walsden, Parish of
Walsden Parochial School
Walsden Parochial Sick & Burial Club
Walsden Parsonage
Walsden Post Office
Walsden Preparatory School
Walsden Printing Company
Walsden Railway Station
Walsden School
Walsden Temperance Brass Band
Walsden Toll Bar
Walsden War Memorial
Walsden Ward, Todmorden
Walsden Water
Walsden Wesleyan Chapel
Walsden Working Men's Club & Institute
Warland Bridge, Walsden
Warland Farm, Walsden
Warland Gate Bridge, Walsden
Warland Mill, Walsden
Warland Reservoir, Walsden
Watering Trough, Walsden
Waterstalls Farm, Walsden
Waterstalls Mill, Walsden
West Scout, Walsden
Wharf Cotton Mills, Walsden
White Slack Gate, Walsden
White Slack, Walsden
Winterbutlee Mill, Walsden
Wood Bottom Mill, Walsden
Woodcock, Walsden

The Jackson family of Walsden
The Scholfield family of Walsden

Beerhouses & Pubs in Walsden

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Walsden, including

See Todmorden & Lancashire

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