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Woodhouse, MrRef 505-2043
A grocer at Mankinholes.

In January 1872, he and his wife were asleep when they were disturbed by burglars breaking one of their windows. 75-year-old Woodhouse threatened to chop of the burglar's hand and the intruders fled. On 24th January, 2 burglars broke in and grabbed Woodhouse by the throat. There was a struggle, Woodhouse wielding a pair of tongs and one of the burglars with a carpenter's axe. Woodhouse escaped and ran to alert his neighbours but the intruders ran off

Woodhouse, BenjaminRef 505-135
Born in Huddersfield.

He was a tailor [1841] / a tailor & draper employing 1 apprentice [1851].

He married Susannah [1801-1857].

Susannah was born in Stainland.

She was a straw bonnet maker [1851]



  1. Martha Ann [1825-28th January 1830] who was buried with  her parents
  2. Caroline who died 11th October 1839 (aged 16 months), &  was buried with her parents
  3. Mary Ann [b 1830] who was a straw bonnet maker [1851]
  4. Edwin

They lived at

  • Stainland [1841]
  • 231 Schole House, Stainland-with Old Lindley [1851]

Living with them [in 1841] were apprentice tailors: John Spencer [b 1823] & Samuel Rayner [b 1826].

Living with them [in 1851] was Charles Haigh [b 1831] (apprentice tailor).

Benjamin died 5th July 1857 (aged 53).

Susannah died 14th April 1857 (aged 56).

Son Edwin erected a headstone at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland in memory of his parents & siblings

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Woodhouse, EdwinRef 505-297

Son of Benjamin Woodhouse.

Born in Stainland.

He was educated at Barkisland Grammar School / a tailor [1851] / woollen & worsted manufacturer at Leeds / Alderman of Leeds / Mayor of Leeds [1882-1883] / Justice of the Peace for Leeds and for the West Riding / governor of the Royal College of Music, London / governor of the Yorkshire College, Leeds / Deputy Lieutenant of the West Riding.

He erected a headstone at Providence Congregational Church, Stainland in memory of his parents & siblings

Woodhouse, G. L.Ref 505-797
Curate at
Brighouse [1923-1924]

Woodhouse, George HenryRef 505-1999
Born in Rastrick.

He was landlord of the Black Bull, Brighouse [1881].

On 25th December 1870, he married Mary Pilling [1853-1919] in Halifax.

Mary came from Brighouse


  1. John
  2. Martha Hannah [b 1874]
  3. Edith [b 1879]
  4. Emma [b 1880]

In 1883, his wife

formed an improper intimacy with Hartley Noble, a cotton spinner

and she and Noble went to live in Sheffield, and then to Naples and Australia, where they lived as man and wife.

In July 1884, Woodhouse sued for adultery. He was awarded £150 damages and a decree nisi was granted.

In May 1885, George Henry Woodhouse beerhouse manager at Brighouse was mentioned in bankruptcy notices. In October 1885, he applied for a debtors' discharge at Halifax Court.

George Henry died in Halifax [Q1 1932] (aged 86) 

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Woodhouse, Henry deRef 505-1252
Woodhouse, Rastrick. An early member of the Woodhouse family.

He married Unknown.

Child: Alice who married John Hanson

Woodhouse, J.Ref 505-1970
Innkeeper at Halifax.

Question: Does anyone know which inn this may have been?


In January 1869, he was declared bankrupt

Woodhouse, JohnRef 505-1114
Son of
George Henry Woodhouse.

Born in Rastrick.

He was a quarry man stone dresser [1901] / a stone sett dresser [1911] / a dyer's labourer with Walshaw, Drake & Company Limited [1921].

On 3rd June 1893, he married Ellen Marsden [1871-1953].

Ellen was born in Manchester

Child: Elsie [b 1894] who was a sweet machinist [1911] & married Harry Taylor

They lived at

  • 7 Stoney Hill, Rastrick [1901]
  • 7 Stoney Place, Rastrick [1911]
  • 1 Hall Street, Brighouse [1921]

John died at 13 Old Lane, Brighouse [10th July 1965]

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Woodhouse, JosephRef 505-940
He was landlord of the
King of Prussia, Halifax [18??].

He was declared bankrupt.

He married Elizabeth [1799-1857].

Elizabeth died 19th February 1857 (aged 58).

Joseph died 7th May 1871 (aged 74).

The couple were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3449]

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Woodhouse, RichardRef 505-557
Born in Manchester.

He was an officer of the Brighouse Old Folks' Tea [1887] / a church warden at St James's Parish Church, Brighouse  [1897] / treasurer of the Brighouse & Rastrick Auxiliary of the Bible Society [1899] / a master maker of steam engines [1871] / a master engineer & millwright [1881] / a steam engine builder & millwright [1901] / a mechanical engineer [1911] / a partner in Wood, Baldwin, Mitchell & Woodhouse and Woodhouse & Mitchell.

His family owned land in the Birds Royd area of Rastrick.

He gave money for the building of Rydings Hall in 1926.

In [Q2] 1880, he married Selina Wood [1845-1881] in Halifax.

Selina was born in Brighouse, the daughter of John Wood

Selina died 15th May 1881 (aged 36).

They lived at

  • 18 Brook Street, Brighouse (boarding with Mrs Hannah  Healey) [1871]
  • 22 Bradford Road, Brighouse [1881]
  • Bonegate Hall, Brighouse [1901]
  • Brighouse [1911]

A Richard Woodhouse died in Halifax [Q1 1931] (aged 88).

See Woodhouse Lane, Rastrick


The Woodhouse familyRef 505-835
Important family from Woodhouse, Rastrick.

Henry de Woodhouse was an early member of the family


Woodhouse surnameRef 505-1
The surname originated at Woodhouse, Rastrick.

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Unattached BMDs for Woodhouse

Marriage 1911; Death 1899


See Wood

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