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Wrigley, AbramRef 446-1746
Pastor at
Wellington Road Baptist Church, Todmorden [August 1849-1853]

Wrigley, BenjaminRef 446-2
Born in South Crossland, Almondbury [16th August 1814].

He was a wool warehouseman [1851] / a book keeper [1861] / a master joiner employing 4 men & 2 boys [1871] / licensed victualler at the Old Bull's Head, Halifax [1879].

He married Elizabeth [1822-1912].

Elizabeth was born in Halifax


  1. Emma [b 1846] who was a carpet mill hand [1861], a carpet  setter [1871]
  2. Charles [b 1848] who was a joiner [1871]
  3. Arthur William who died 12th February 1857 (aged 18  months) & was buried with his father
  4. Frederick George [b 1857] who was a joiner [1871]
  5. Annie [b 1858] who was a carpet ticketer [1871] & married  Thomas Schofield

The family lived at

  • 5 Lilly Fold, South Parade, Halifax [1851]
  • 16 Pearson Street [1861]
  • 17 Mount Pleasant, Halifax [1871]
  • Old Bull's Head, Halifax [1879, 1881, 1891]

Benjamin died 24th January 1879 (aged 65)  and was buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 3688]. After his death Elizabeth took over at the Old Bull's Head [1881, 1887].

In 1911, Elizabeth was living at in Macclesfield, Cheshire with daughter Annie & her husband.

She died in Macclesfield [25th February 1912] (aged 88)  & was buried at Macclesfield Cemetery

This & associated entries use material contributed by Stuart Wilkinson

Wrigley, EdmundRef 446-7630
Born in Rochdale.

He was a draper and grocer in Todmorden [1826] / a cotton spinner and manufacturer at Gauxholme Cotton Mill [1829] / manager for Fielden Brothers at Waterstalls Mill, Walsden  [1836-1851].

In 1825, he married (1) Christiana Boys [1805-1856].

Christians was the daughter of Thomas Boys


  1. James [1826-1846] who was a sailor and died at sea [June  1846]
  2. Jane
  3. John
  4. Samuel [1831-1839] who drowned in Waterstalls Mill dam
  5. Thomas
  6. Fielden
  7. Sarah Lord
  8. Edmund
  9. Mary

Around 1858, he married (2) Martha Pearson.

Child: 10. Pearson [b Southport 1859] They lived at Waterstalls Mill, Walsden [1836-1851].

In 1842, he took possession of Waterstalls Farm and 7 acres.

On 5th October 1839, the Northern Star & Leeds General Advertiser reported


During the absence of Mr & Mrs Wrigley of Waterstalls, Todmorden, from home on Monday last, Samuel their third son, a fine promising boy, eight years of age, who developed extraordinary mental powers, whilst playing on the edge of his father's mill dam in company with another child, accidentally fell into the water and was drowned; his companion being greatly terrified ran home without giving or making an alarm, and left him without help to perish


About 1851, the family left Waterstalls to live in Stockport and never returned.

Edmund became a gingham manufacturer employing 12 hands

This & associated entries use material contributed by Linda Briggs

Wrigley, GeorgeRef 446-2423
Son of
Thomas Wrigley.

He was a painter employing 6 men & 2 boys [1881].

In 1854, he married Elizabeth Redman [1834-1897].

Elizabeth was born in Hebden Bridge


  1. John E. [b 1863] who was a painter [1881]
  2. Fred [b 1866]
  3. Arthur [b 1868]
  4. Sam [b 1868]
  5. Willie

They lived at New Road, Wadsworth [1881]

Wrigley, HenryRef 446-1383
Son on
Watts Wrigley.

He died on 16th December 1853 at Gonzales, Western Texas, of inflammation of the lungs, after an illness of 5 days

Wrigley, Rev J.Ref 446-2808
He was a lay preacher at Todmorden for four years.

In 1882, he emigrated to New Zealand.

He served the New Zealand Methodist Church for the rest of his life. He did much pioneering work in the North and South Islands.

He was stationed in Glen Eden, Auckland [1875]

Wrigley, J. L.Ref 446-8600
Councillor for the Central Ward of
Sowerby Bridge District Council [1900]

He married Unknown.


  1. Annie Lee who married Kelsall Broadley
  2. Mara Emma (Sissie) who married John William Barker

They lived at Ryburn Terrace, Sowerby Bridge [1900]

Wrigley, JamesRef 446-2417
He was a cabinet maker [1841].

On 8th November 1798, he married Mary (Mally) Hill [1778-1858] at St Chad's Rochdale.

Mary was born in Milnrow [5th July 1778]


  1. John [1799-1831]
  2. Robert [1804-1857]
  3. Edmund [1805-1871]
  4. Thomas
  5. James
  6. Abraham [1815-1879]
  7. Mary [b 1816]
  8. Nanny [1817-1880] who married William Howarth
  9. Sarah / (Salley) [b 1820] who married Thomas Gibson
  10. Nancy [b 1821] who was a worsted weaver [1841]

They lived at Lily Hall, Heptonstall [1841].

Living with them [in 1841] were [?] grandchildren Mary Rigley [b 1839] & Thomas Rigley [b 1841].

James died at Lily Hall [25th January 1846] (aged 67).

Mary died at Heptonstall [27th August 1858] (aged 79) 

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Wrigley, JamesRef 446-8860
Professor of music in Halifax.

In May 1857, his name appeared in a list of insolvent petitioners

Wrigley, JamesRef 446-2416
Son of
James Wrigley.

He was a plasterer [1841].

In 1840, he married (1) Mary Pickles [1815-1852] in Heptonstall.


  1. Sarah [b 1842] who married [1873] George Henry  Duckworth
  2. Martha [b 1844]
  3. Mally [b 1847]

In 1854, he married (2) Mary Akroyd [1821-1876] in Heptonstall.


  1. Mary Ann [b 1854]
  2. John Pickup Akroyd [b 1845]
  3. William Akroyd [b 1848]

They lived at

  • Town Gate, Hebden Bridge [1851]
  • Millwood, Stansfield [1861]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley & Grace Hanley

Wrigley, James W.Ref 446-1927
He worked for 16 years in the Treasurer's Office of Rochdale Council before succeeding
C. W. Shackleton as Borough Accountant for Brighouse [1901].

In August 1909, he disappeared after saying that he was going to join his family on holiday in North Wales. A subsequent audit revealed that £1,050 was missing from the council accounts. He was never seen again

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Wrigley, JaneRef 446-3970
Daughter of
Edmund Wrigley.

She married (1) John Fielden, and had a son Samuel who died an infant.

After John's death, she married (2) William Stevenson [1855], and had 2 children: Mary Jane and Fred.

Jane died in Sheffield as did her two children by William Stevenson.

Members of the family were buried at St Peter's Church, Walsden

Wrigley, John JamesRef 446-1021
Born in Gildersome.

He was a leather agent [1851, 1871] / a retired leather agent [1881].

On 23rd June 1834, he married Joyce Gardom [1811-1887] in Leeds.

Joyce was born in Holbeck, the daughter of Ann & Hugh Gardom

They lived at

  • 8 Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1851]
  • 17 Waterhouse Street, Halifax [1871]

Joyce died 22nd May 1887 (aged 76).

He married (2) Mary [1827-1918].

John James died 25th December 1895 (aged 84).

Mary died 22nd April 1918 (aged 91).

Members of the family were buried at Lister Lane Cemetery [Plot 451] with Joyce's mother Ann Gardom [1773-1863] & Mary's nephew Mark Marshall [1859-1930]

Wrigley, JosephRef 446-2488
He was Usher then Master at
Rastrick Grammar School [1822] / land surveyor at Rastrick / Registrar of births and deaths for Rastrick [1840]

Wrigley, JosephRef 446-88
Born in Ashton, Lancashire.

He was innkeeper at the Coach & Horses, Rishworth [1845, 1851].

He married Elizabeth [1794-18??].

Elizabeth was born in Rishworth


  1. Ben [b 1829] who was a cotton twister [1851]
  2. Ann [b 1832] who was a domestic servant [1851]
  3. John [b 1834] who was a cotton piecer [1851]

Wrigley, JosephRef 446-408
Born in Halifax.

He was a tin plate worker [1843].

On 2nd April 1843, he married Elizabeth Hollas at Elland Parish Church.

Elizabeth was born in Barkisland, the daughter of
John Hollas


  1. John [b 1845] who married Hannah
  2. Elizabeth [b 1847]
  3. Mary Hollas [1850-1852]
  4. William [b 1852]
  5. Thomas Henry [b 1854]
  6. Benjamin [b 1857]
  7. Sarah Ann [b 1860]

The couple died in Oldham.

They and other members of the family were buried at Royton Cemetery, Oldham

This & associated entries use material contributed by Glynn Helliwell & Linda Taylor

Wrigley, ThomasRef 446-82
19th century newspapers record a T. Wrigley of Todmorden who registered several patents

  • [Improvements related to] Furnaces [April 1867]
  • Certain improvements in pulley & chain gearing for lifting and  traction purposes, for moving fire bars in furnaces, or for driving  mechanisms [July 1867]
  • Certain improvements in furnaces or fireplaces [September 1867]
  • Certain improvements in furnaces applicable to boilers for  generating steam or other purposes [December 1868]
  • Improvements in mechanical stokers [July 1891]
  • Improvements related to spinning [July 1894]

Wrigley, ThomasRef 446-860
Silk waste spinner at Halifax.

In 1849, he was declared bankrupt

Wrigley, ThomasRef 446-2411
Son of
James Wrigley.

Born in Rochdale.

He was a plasterer [1841] / a painter employing 9 men [1871].

He married Susey [1811-1886] from Heptonstall.

Child: George

They lived at

In 1871, his niece, Sarah Uttley, and her son, Herbert, were living with the Wrigley family.

Thomas was dead by 1881.

In 1881, Herbert and his aunt Susy Wrigley, were living with the family of Stansfield Wilkinson

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley & Grace Hanley

Wrigley, ThomasRef 446-8930
Son of
Edmund Wrigley.

Born in Todmorden.

He took over from his father as Manager of Waterstalls Mill, later moving to manage Robinwood Mill, Todmorden.

He was a Freemason, a member of Prince George Lodge, Bottoms, Eastwood, and passed the degrees of Master, Arch and Knight Templar.

In 1857, he married Mary, daughter of Robert Fielden.


  1. Christiana Susan
  2. Jesse
  3. Thomas Fielden

They lived at

  • Robinwood Villa
  • Elm House, Todmorden

His obituary:

After a lengthy illness, Mr Thomas Wrigley died at Elm House, Todmorden in his 64th year. The deceased gentleman was a well known person, having been manager for Messrs Fielden Brothers, cotton manufacturers at Robinwood Mill and at Waterside. He commenced working at Waterstalls Mill, Walsden, when about 8 years of age, his father being manager at that time under the old firm of Fielden Brothers. For this firm Mr Wrigley held most responsible positions for a long period, and was looked upon as head of several departments

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Wrigley, U.Ref 446-839
Architect who designed
St Walburga's Catholic Church, Luddendenfoot [1898]

This & associated entries use material contributed by John Needham

Wrigley, WattsRef 446-1382
Partner in
Milnes & Wrigley [1800]. After the partnership was dissolved in 1803, he carried on cotton spinning at Brow Mills, Sowerby Bridge. In 1806, he was declared bankrupt.

He was a partner in Binns & Wrigley [1810s].

He established Watts Wrigley & Son [1836].

He married Unknown.


  1. Henry
  2. Eliza [18??-1853] who married Thomas Wood,  surgeon at Ashton-under-Lyne

They lived at

Wrigley, William AlfredRef 446-1461
MusBac Oxon.

Born in Rochdale.

He was Professor of Music [1891] / a teacher of music [1901, 1911] / organist at Christ Church, Todmorden [1897, 1905].

In 1884, he married Mary Whitfield Day [1861-19??] from Hackney, London, in Hackney.

Child: Philip [b 1890] who was an apprentice electrical engineer [1911]

They lived at Avon Villas, 35 Adelaide Street, Stansfield [1891, 1901, 1911]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Roger Beasley

Wrigley, WillieRef 446-955
Son of
George Wrigley.

Born in Hebden Bridge.

He was an architect & land surveyor [1911] / a partner in Walsh & Wrigley.

His work included St Thomas of Canterbury Catholic Church, Hebden Bridge.

He served in World War I.

On 12th June 1894, he married Charlotte Greenwood at Halifax Parish Church.

Charlotte was born in Mytholmroyd, the daughter of James Greenwood


  1. Gwendoline May [b 1895] who was a sewing machinist  (fustian clothing) [1911]
  2. George [b 1897] who was a presser (fustian clothing)   [1911]
  3. Willie [b 1906]

In 1901, he was a boarder, living with James William Helliwell at the Pack Horse, Wadsworth.

He was in jail [1901, 1911].

With help of ROOTSCHAT members, the following story has emerged

In December 1905, Willie was brought before Todmorden magistrates because, after a fortune had been left to him, he had spent £900 in a short time, by drinking. He had then run away and left his family – incurring welfare charges of £40 on the rates, and written threatening letters to his wife.

He was cohabiting with another woman in Southport, where he was arrested.

In June 1907, he was charged with neglecting his wife & children, and the maximum sentence of 3 months' hard labour, was passed


They lived at 8 Old Gate, Hebden Bridge [1911]

This & associated entries use material contributed by Kathy Witheridge


Wrigley surnameRef 446-1
There are 24 entries on the Calderdale Companion for people with the surname Wrigley, as discussed in this SideTrack. This count does not include other forms of the surname.

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