Triangle is an area of Sowerby on the turnpike road – now the A58 – between Sowerby Bridge and Ripponden and Lancashire, and neighbouring on Sowerby and Norland.

It was known as Stansfield Pond or The Pond until the new road formed a triangle of land with the road leading to Mill Bank.

The Triangle pub was built around 1765.

From 1777, the community was known as Triangle.

The community dates from the 19th century industrialisation of the Ryburn valley, and the construction of Stansfield Mills.

Chartist support is recorded here in the 19th century

Some sites, sights and other entries for Triangle

Alexander Bridge, Triangle

J.  Barraclough
Bean Memorial School, Triangle
Blue Ball, Triangle
Bow Wood, Triangle
The Breck, Triangle
Bullace Trees, Triangle

The Dene, Triangle

Friendly, Triangle

Glebe House, Triangle

Ivy Cottage, Kebroyd

Kebroyd Bridge, Triangle
Kebroyd Mills, Triangle

Letters, Triangle
Littlehaven Tea Gardens, Triangle
Lodge, Triangle
Longfield, Triangle

Mill House Lodge, Triangle
Mill House Mill, Triangle

New Barton, Triangle
New Delight, Triangle

Ogden Farm, Triangle
Old Barton, Triangle
Old Hall, Triangle
Otter Lee Farm, Triangle

Porter Lodge, Triangle

Rough Hey Wood, Triangle

Saint John's Home, Triangle
Saw Hill Farm, Triangle
Stansfield Bridge, Triangle
Stansfield Mill Lane Bridge, Triangle
Stansfield Mill, Triangle
Stansfield Pond, Sowerby
Stansfield Pond, Triangle
Stepping stones
Stepping Stones, Triangle
Stile, Triangle
Stones Farm, Triangle
Stones House, Triangle

Thorpe Cottage, Triangle
Thorpe House, Triangle
Thorpe Mill, Triangle
Thunderton Farm, Sowerby
Triangle Baths
Triangle Church of England VC Primary School
Triangle Co-Op
Triangle Cricket Club
Triangle Holiday Home
Triangle Post Office
Triangle Post Office
Triangle Railway Station
Triangle Reading & Bath Rooms
Triangle Reading Society
Triangle School
Triangle, Sowerby
Triangle War Memorial
Triangle Well #1
Triangle Well #2
Triangle Wesleyan Methodist Church

Upper Field House, Triangle

Wesleyan Chapel, Triangle
Wesleyan School, Triangle
White Bear, Triangle
White Horse, Triangle

See Triangle Inn, Sowerby Bridge

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