Shibden Hall Estate

Much of the land and property in and around Shibden Hall – and in other parts of Halifax – was owned by the Lister family

In 1826, when her uncle James with no male heir, Anne Lister inherited Shibden and the estate, which was then around 400 acres. The extent of the estate expanded during her time at the hall.

It was further effectively increased by Crow Nest Mansion and Cliffe Hill Mansion and the Walker family estate when Anne Lister and Ann Walker became partners.

Farms and other property which were a part of the estate included

Bank Top Farm, Southowram
Bankfield Farm, Southowram
Barraclough Lane, Southowram
Brierley Hill, Godley
Brookfoot Mill [1], Brighouse
Butterworth End, Norland

Coldwell Hill Farm, Southowram

Denmark Farm, Shibden
Dove Farm, Northowram
Dove House, Shibden

Field House Farm, Southowram

Hilly Holly Brow, Northowram
Holt's Pit, Shibden

Ireland Farm, Southowram

Little Ireland Farm, Southowram
Little Marsh, Southowram
Lower Brea, Shibden
Lower Brear, Northowram
Lower Place Farm, Southowram

Marsh Delves Quarry, Southowram
Mytholm Farm, Hipperholme
Mytholm Mill, Hipperholme
Mytholm Old Hall, Hipperholme
Mytholme Mill, Hipperholme

Norcliffe Farm, Southowram
Norcliffe Lane, Hipperholme
Northgate House, Halifax

Old Godley Lane, Shibden

Park Farm, Southowram
Park Lodge, Ovenden
Pearson Ing
Pump Farm, Southowram

Robin Close, Southowram
Roydlands Farm, Hipperholme

Shibden Grange, Northowram
Shibden Hall Road, Halifax
Sougholme, Shibden
South Holme Farm, Southowram
Stag's Head, Shibden
Sutcliffe Wood Farm, Hipperholme

Thumpas Farm, Southowram
Trough-a-Bolland wood

Upper Brea, Shibden
Upper Place Farm, Southowram

Will Royd, Shibden

Yew Trees, Lightcliffe
Yew Trees, Lightcliffe

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