Sending Details to the Calderdale Companion

Contributions of information are always welcome, and are what keep the Website going.

Before you send me anything for my Website, please read the points below.

This page is intended to make the best and most efficient use of your time & effort in preparing and submitting information, and of my time in interpreting your contributions correctly, and adding the information to my Website.

I receive about 30 to 50 emails every day, and this means that I only have a brief time to deal with each submission. Therefore, the shorter your message, the greater is the chance of it being incorporated into the Website. Longer detailed sets of information are held in a Pending Folder for handling as time allows


Sending details of buildings & places etc

If you wish to send details for general entries on the Website, such as

please write a brief description of the subject (preferably no more than 150 words), and following the guidance given below on How the information should be presented.

If I need clarification or more details, I shall get back to you.

The Website has many examples of the sort of entry which want to submit ... you might wish to follow the format shown there.

If you have photographs which might add interest to the entry, just tell me that you have such a photograph ... please don't send me photographs or images without asking first

Sending details of People: Who should have an entry?

Information is welcome on

What information should be sent about your ancestors?

Information on individual people should be submitted in the format shown in the Template below

How should the information be presented?

Sending corrections to entries already on the Website

If you spot an error to any entry on the Website, please send an email with the Internal Reference of that entry and the section of the text which is to be corrected with a clear indication of what the entry should say

If you prefer to cut & paste a section of the Calderdale Companion and email that, just make your corrections/changes there. Please make your changes clear – by highlighting them or by using a coloured background

The Internal Reference

Every entry – for a person, place or other entity – on the the Calderdale Companion is identified by its own unique Internal Reference.

This Internal Reference is shown to the far right of the Keyword for that entry, and identifies the entry precisely, much more clearly than writing

The Template

Please use the following document as a Template and add the appropriate details (or changes or additions) to create a new Word document (call it any name of your choice), and send this as an attachment by regular email to me at

Click here

to download a Template in Word format.

My software system only handles Word documents, so please send your information in this format only

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