Southowram & Elland Light Railway

The following newspaper reports mention the Southowram & Elland Light Railway

Friday 10th May 1901

Proposal to Construct Light Railway from Elland to Southowram

A project is afoot which, if carried out, will have a considerable effect in developing the industries of the Southowram district. The proposal was to construct a light railway from the Lancashire and Yorkshire station at Elland. The proposed line would leave Elland station by means of a loop passing through the field behind Dewhirsts Mill and enter Elland Park Wood near Park Nook. Passing through the upper part of the wood and behind Ashgrove Cottage it would enter the Ashday Hall estate and pass near the quarries in that neighbourhood to Binns Top and thence forward to West Lane and so on to Mortons brickworks at Cinderhills. The line which would be about three miles in length is estimated would cost £12,000 and it is believed that the firms who have already given their adherence to the scheme would be able to provide traffic to the extent of 58,000 tons per annum. The difficulties of the gradient would be overcome by means of the line taking large curves, the shape of the line being in the form of a letter S. An extension of this scheme was also suggested starting from the first line in West Lane, going through the village and Sunny Bank pit to the brickworks of Messrs Oates & Green at Horley Green. This would involve further expenditure of £18,000. One regrettable feature of this scheme was said to be the damage and defacement necessary to be done to the beautiful Park Woods at Elland. The plans had to be submitted to parliament by the end of the month


Elland Scheme Rejected

On the proceedings being commenced, the Earl of Jersey said

During the adjournment we have carefully considered the engineering details of this scheme and we are not satisfied. The country presents many difficult features which do not appear to have been fully taken into account. We feel the cost of safety sidings and accommodation works requires more attention. We cannot help thinking that the engineer has been hampered by instructions as to cost. They are less limited for such difficult country and the time allowed for drawing up plans is rather short. I do not think it will be worth while calling any further evidence with regard to the other portions of the scheme.

Mr Williams asked it the Commissioners would allow an adjournment of the matter to enable the promoters possibly to modify the scheme. The Earl of Jersey said the promoters would not be precluded from bringing forward another scheme. They would not at that stage limit the rival scheme but they proposed to let Mr Williams represent the scheme which was dead


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