Documents relating to Siward son of Orm


The following documents mention Siward son of Orm and members of his family

Siward is mentioned as a witness in the following document:

Confirmation by William de Warren, Count of Mortain, to Ughtred, son of Huck de Singleton and his heirs 8 oxgangs of land in Broughton with appurtenances, to hold of him and his heirs as Ughtred's ancestors had held it by the service due (that is) 8 shillings yearly.

Witnesses: Reginald de Warren, William Malebisse, William de Sauchevill, William son of Gilbert, Orm son of Magnus, Roger son of Ravenkil, Osbert son of Edmund, Siward son of Orm. At Thetford. Undated. 1153-1160. [The Lancashire Chartulary Series XX Charter II. in Lancashire Pipe Rolls of 31 Henry I, AD1130, and of the Reigns of Henry II, AD1155-1189, Richard I, AD1189-1199, and King John, AD1199-1216, also Early Lancashire Charters of the period from the reign of William Rufus to that of King John. William Farrer


Brief Explanation: While it was commonly the case that a son appearing in a witness list would be mentioned after his father, as Orm son of Magnus and Siward his son. In this case the witnesses signed in order of rank, Reginald de Warren, then knights then thanes.

Not having any standing in his own right, if Siward was the son of Orm, it explains why his name is at the end. If Siward was not the son of Orm the reason for his presence at this signing needs explanation. His name has so far not been found in other charters of the period

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