The Skircoat district of Calderdale lies to the south of Halifax. It includes, or has included, all or parts of Bolton Brow, Burnley Road, Copley, Heath, Highroad Well, King Cross, Salterhebble, Shaw Hill, Skircoat Green, and Sowerby Bridge.

The name was originally Schircotes and means buildings on the rocks, or, possibly bright buildings.

The name has been spelled in many ways, including Schircotes, Skircotes, Skyecotes, and Skyrcotes.

In the 13th century, the land was granted to the Earl Warren, and then passed to the Savile family.

This was an independent township before being absorbed by the Borough of Halifax in 1892.

Pronunciation: The word sounds like skir-cət with the stress on the first syllable, and the final syllable has the neutral schwa vowel

Some sites, sights and other entries for Skircoat

The Bentley family of Halifax & Skircoat
The Waterhouse family of Skircoat

Albert Park, Skircoat
All Saints' Voluntary School, Skircoat

Birdcage, Skircoat
Bowling Green, Skircoat
Brantwood, Skircoat

Clover Hill Farm, Skircoat
Copley Arms, Skircoat
Cownell, Skircoat

Darcey Hey, Skircoat

Elmwood, Skircoat

Heath Park, Skircoat
Heath Royd, Skircoat
The High Trees, Skircoat

Manor Heath Park, Skircoat
Merlewood, Skircoat
Moorlands, Skircoat

New Church, Skircoat

Oakleigh, Skircoat

Pearson House, Skircoat

Royds Farm, Skircoat

Shaw Hill House, Halifax
Skircoat Board of Guardians
Skircoat Bus Garage, Halifax
Skircoat constables
Skircoat Cotton Manufacturing Company
Skircoat Green
Skircoat Library
Skircoat Moor Quarries, Halifax
Skircoat Moor, Halifax
Skircoat Race Course
Skircoat Society for the Prosecution of Felons
Skircoat Workhouse
Skircoat, Sowerby & Soyland, Prosecution Society
Manor of Skircoat
South Cottage, Skircoat
Sparrow Park, Skircoat
Stafford House, Skircoat

Thorp Fountain, Skircoat Moor

Whitegatefoot, Skircoat
Willow Edge, Skircoat
Willow Field, Skircoat
Wood Hall, Skircoat
Woodhouse, Skircoat

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