General Notes

Shibden Valley lies east of Halifax along the Shibden Brook.

There are many quarries, clay pits and coal mines in the area – mostly disused.

The name means sheep valley.

Many other spellings including –

- are found in old documents

The Stancliffe family of Shibden
The Waterhouse family of Shibden
The Wood family of Shibden

Board Inn, Shibden
Briarfield, Shibden

Cunnery Wood, Shibden

Daisy Bank, Shibden
Dam Head Mill, Shibden
Dam Head, Shibden
Damhead School, Shibden
Delvers' Arms, Shibden
Denmark Farm, Shibden
Dickonfield, Shibden
Dove House, Shibden
Dunkirk, Shibden

East Hazlehurst, Shibden
Ellen Royd Mine, Shibden

Field House, Shibden
Flat Field, Shibden
Folk Museum
Four Lane End Colliery, Shibden
Frankland Farm, Shibden

Godley Bridge Mill, Shibden
Godley Cutting

Hagstocks, Shibden Valley
Hanging Hey, Shibden
Hangingroyd House, Shibden
Hangingroyd, Shibden
Hazlehurst Close, Shibden
Hazlehurst Clough, Shibden
Hazlehurst, Shibden
Horner House, Shibden

John Harper at Shibden

Lee House, Shibden
The Lee, Shibden
Limed House Refreshment Rooms, Shibden
Limed House, Shibden
Listerwick Colliery, Shibden
Lower Brea, Shibden
Lower Hagstocks, Shibden Valley
Lower Hazlehurst, Shibden
Lower Limed House, Shibden
Lower Scout, Shibden
Lower Shibden Hall
Lower Sunderland Farm, Shibden
Lower Whisker Farm, Shibden

Micklemossford, Shibden
Mytholm, Shibden
Mytholme Brick Works, Shibden
Mytholme Bridge, Shibden

Near Hazlehurst, Shibden
Nether Hazlehurst, Shibden
Nether Shibden

Old Shibden Hall
Over Hazlehurst, Shibden
Over Shibden
Overwhiskers, Shibden
Owram Hall, Shibden

Pokeland, Shibden

Red Beck
Rodridge Farm, Shibden

Salterlea, Shibden
Salterlee House, Shibden
Salterlee Methodist New Connexion Sunday School, Shibden
Scout Hall Farm, Shibden
Scout Hall, Shibden
Selby House, Shibden
Shibden Barn
Shibden Brook
Shibden Estate Millennium Project
Shibden Fold House, Northowram
Shibden Fold, Halifax
Shibden Grange, Northowram
Shibden Hall Brickworks
Shibden Hall Colliery
Shibden Hall Croft
Shibden Hall, Halifax
Shibden Hall, Halifax: A Visitor's Guide
Shibden Hall Lion
Shibden Hall Lodge
Shibden Hall Rovers
Shibden Hall, Halifax
Shibden Head Brewery
Shibden Head
Shibden Head Well
Shibden Industrial School
Shibden Industrial School Baths
Shibden Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Shibden Mill
Shibden Mill Dam
Shibden Mill Inn
Shibden Milne
Shibden National School
Shibden Park
Shibden Park Restoration Project
Shibden Spa & Tea Gardens
Shibden United Methodist Chapel
Shibdendale Rifle Volunteers
Simm Carr Clough, Shibden
Simm Carr coal mine, Shibden
Simm Carr Pleasure Gardens, Shibden
Simm Carr Spa, Shibden
Sougholme, Shibden
South Bank, Shibden
Southholme, Shibden
Southolme, Shibden
Spa House, Shibden
Spring Field, Shibden
Stag's Head, Shibden
Staups House, Shibden
Joseph Stocks & Company Limited
Stump House, Shibden
Sufholme, Shibden

Undercliffe House, Shibden
Upper Brea, Shibden
Upper Dove House, Shibden
Upper Hazlehurst, Shibden
Upper Limed House, Shibden
Upper Scout, Shibden
Upper Shibden Hall

Walterclough Valley
Water Scout, Shibden
Will Royd, Shibden
Woodleigh, Shibden

Beerhouses & Pubs in Shibden & Stump Cross, Halifax

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Shibden & Stump Cross, Halifax, including

See Poems in Peace & War, Shibden Valley, The Shibden Valley and Stanclif Skoute

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