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Shelf is a district of Calderdale to the north-east of Halifax, and neighbouring on Northowram, Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse and Bradford.

The manor was granted to the William, 2nd Earl of Surrey, and then to the Thornhill family, and then passed to the Savile family.

The name appears variously as Scelf [in Domesday Book], Shelfe [1236], Self [1290], Schelf [14th century], Schelpe [1514], and Chelf [1570]. The name uses the element shelf and means on a shelf of land.

The township has/had some worsted, damask, iron, coal, coke and stone industry.

In October 1867, it was recorded that

The township of Shelf contained 23 houses of the value of £12 and upwards, and 669 under £12

On 18th July 1962, a Local Government Commission proposed that Queensbury and Shelf should merge with Bradford.

It was part of Queensbury and Shelf UDC until 1974 when it was incorporated into Calderdale. The history of Shelf is closely linked to that of Bradford

Some sites, sights and other entries for Shelf

Annet Hole Beck, Shelf
Ash Tree, Shelf

The Bentley family of Shelf
Berry Bottom Gardens, Shelf
Bethel Independent Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Bethel Independent Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Blackburn & Sugden Colliery, Shelf
Blackshaw Beck, Shelf
Bottomley's Arms, Shelf
The Bottomley family of Shelf
Bottomley's Mill, Shelf
Brackenbeds, Shelf
Brackens Land End Mine, Shelf
Brackens Lane Mines, Shelf
Bradford & Shelf Tramways Company
Broad Ings, Shelf
Brook Farm, Shelf
The Brooksbank family of Shelf
Brow Dam, Shelf

Carr House Farm, Shelf
Carr Wood House, Shelf
Carr Wood, Shelf
Cawood House, Shelf
Cockhill Farm Colliery, Shelf
Coley School, Lower Shelf
Court Foresters Hope 143 A. O F.

Dean House Farm, Shelf
Dean House, Shelf
Duke Nurseries, Shelf
Dundee, Shelf

The Early History of Shelf

Fall Works, Shelf
Field Bottom Farm, Lower Shelf
The Fold, Shelf

Garden of Remembrance, Shelf
Giles Hill, Shelf
Green Lane Hall, Shelf
Grove House, Shelf
Grove Houses, Shelf
Grove Mill, Shelf

Hargreaves Head, Shelf
Heathwood House, Shelf
High Bentley Farm, Shelf
High Bentley Hall, Shelf
High Cross Farm, Shelf
Hill Top, Shelf
Hudd Hill, Shelf

Jakstubynge, Shelf
Jaque Royd, Shelf

Kelsey's Court, Shelf
Kester Hole, Shelf

Lancastrian School, Shelf
Landimere, Shelf
Lion Brewery, Shelf
The Lion Gate, Shelf
Little Pighill, Shelf
Long Lover, Shelf
Longestubbynge, Shelf
Low Bentley Farm, Shelf
Lower Brackenbeds, Shelf
Lower Field Bottom Farm, Shelf
Lower Fold Farm, Shelf
Lower Ox Heys Farm, Shelf
Lower Witchfield House, Shelf

Manchester House, Shelf
Middle Ox Heys Farm, Shelf

Nag's Head, Shelf
Northowram & Shelf Ward, Halifax
Norwood House Lodge, Shelf
Norwood House, Shelf

Old Duke William, Shelf
Ox Heys Farm, Shelf
Ox Heys Mill, Shelf

Pepper Hill Hall, Shelf
Pepper Hill Unitarian Chapel, Shelf
Pepper Hill, Shelf

The Priestley Claim to Shelf Hall
Prince of Orange, Shelf
Princefield Nurseries, Shelf

Queensbury & Shelf Urban District Council

Revive Café, Shelf
Rob Dene Farm, Shelf
Robbers' Cave, Shelf

Saint Michael's & All Angels' Church, Shelf
Sandymere Quarry, Shelf
Shelf Board of Guardians
Shelf Board of Health
Shelf Board School
Shelf Civic Trust
Shelf Common
Shelf Conservative Club
Shelf constables
Shelf Dean
Shelf Feast
Shelf foundry
Shelf Hall Park
Manor of Shelf Hall
Shelf High Cross
Shelf hoard
Shelf Junior & Infants' School
Shelf Liberal Club
Shelf Library
Shelf Mills
Shelf Moor
Shelf National School
Shelf Overseers of the Poor
Shelf, Parish of
Shelf petrifying well
Shelf Pinfold
Shelf Police Station
Shelf Post Office
Shelf Pottery
Shelf Primitive Methodist Chapel
Shelf Sanatorium
Shelf School
Shelf School Board
Shelf Sewage Works
Shelf stocks
Shelf Surveyor of the Highways
Shelf Tabernacle
Shelf Tide
Shelf Toll House
Shelf United Methodist Church
Shelf Urban District Council
Shelf Urban District Council
Shelf Vicarage
Shelf Village Hall
Shelf Vitriol Works
Shelf War Memorial
Shelf Wesleyan Chapel
Shelf Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Shelf Woods
Shelf Workhouse
Manor of Shelf
Shoulder of Mutton, Shelf
South Field Farm, Shelf
Spaniard Hall, Shelf
Spring Hall, Shelf
Standage Farm, Shelf
Stone Chair
Stone Chair, Shelf
Sun Woods, Shelf

Tower Buildings, Shelf

Upper Brackenbeds, Shelf
Upper Witchfield House, Shelf

Victoria Mill, Shelf

Wade House Primitive Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Wade House, Shelf
Walkers' Arms, Shelf
Whinney Hall, Shelf
Windmill Mill, Shelf
Windmill, Shelf
Witchfield House, Shelf
Witchfield Methodist Chapel, Shelf
Witchfield Well, Shelf
Wood Fall Beck, Shelf

The Brook family of Shelf
The Sugden family of Shelf
The Wade family of Shelf

Beerhouses & Pubs in Shelf

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Shelf, including

See Population, Bradford & Shelf Tramways Company and Parish statistics

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