Eric Portman

Eric Portman appeared in the following films.

Andy Owens's biography: Our Eric: a Portrait of Eric Portman gives more details of all Eric's film, TV and stage work

49th ParallelRef 112-13

Plot: World War II thriller in which a group of stranded Nazi servicemen try to cross Canada in order to reach the USA when their U-boot is sunk off the coast of Canada

Eric played Leutnant Ernst Hirth

Abdul the DamnedRef 112-3

Plot: Set in Turkey in 1900, an opera singer gives herself to a wicked sultan in order to protect her fiancé

Eric played a conspirator

Luddenden tenor Robert Naylor played the part of an opera singer

Assignment to KillRef 112-47

Plot: A New York insurance company hires a private detective to investigate a shady finance corporation in Switzerland

Eric played A notary

August for the PeopleRef 112-55

TV film

The Bedford IncidentRef 112-43

Plot: An authoritarian Navy captain looks for Russian submarines off the coast of Greenland during the Cold War of the 1960s and accidentally discharges an atomic weapon

Eric played Commodore Wolfgang Schrepke

The Blind GoddessRef 112-26

Plot: The head of an international public institution is exposed in political corruption and malevolence

Eric played Sir John Dearing

Cairo RoadRef 112-30

Plot: The Cairo Chief of Police lays a trap to catch drug smugglers

Eric played Colonel Youssef Bey

A Canterbury TaleRef 112-20

Plot: A fairly bizarre story set in Kent during World War II. A local magistrate attacks women at night – pouring glue into their hair – in an attempt to encourage people to attend evening classes. Three people – the terminally posh Sim and Price and the terminally dim and irritating Sweet – are quickly on Portman's trail, but do not ultimately reveal the truth to the police when they each witness their own individual miracle; Sim learns that her boy friend is alive and well, Sweet learns that his girl friend is alive and well, and Price gets to play the organ in Canterbury Cathedral

Eric played Thomas Colpeper JP

The CardinalRef 112-8

Plot: In the 16th century, a cardinal's brother becomes the scapegoat for a murder actually committed by a soldier

Eric played Giuliano de Medici

Child in the HouseRef 112-37

Plot: A lonely eleven-year-old girl goes to stay with her fussy and uncaring aunt and uncle when her mother falls ill and her father is hiding from the police

Eric played the uncle, Henry Acheson

Chu Chin ChowRef 112-1

The Colditz StoryRef 112-34

Plot: World War II POW drama set in Germany's escape-proof Colditz Castle

Eric played Colonel Richmond

The Constant NymphRef 112-35

TV film.

Eric played an uncredited rôle

Corridor of MirrorsRef 112-28

Plot: The Gothic horror story of a strange man in a strange house.

Paul Mangin is an eccentric millionaire obsessed with Renaissance art. He believes that he and his mistress are the reincarnations of lovers in a 400-year old painting. Edana Romney plays the girl who comes to stay at his mansion and falls under his spell and is strangled

Eric played Paul Mangin

The Crimes of Stephen HawkeRef 112-7

Plot: In 19th century London, the kindly money-lender and the fiendish killer who has terrorised London, and known as the Spine Breaker, are one and the same man

Eric played Matthew Trimble

DaybreakRef 112-27

Plot: A barber – and part-time hangman – marries a girl, and, when she is taken away by a Swedish sailor, kills himself in order to incriminate the sailor

Eric played Eddie

DeadfallRef 112-45

Plot: Henry Clarke, a jewel thief, falls in love with the beautiful wife of his homosexual partner, Richard Moreau, as they attempt to steal a millionaire's hoard of gems from his mansion

Eric played Richard Moreau

Dear MurdererRef 112-25

Plot: Thriller about Lee Warren, a jealous husband who tries to commit the perfect crime and murders his wife's secret lover (Price) in order to pin the murder on another of her lovers

Eric played Lee Warren

The Deep Blue SeaRef 112-36

Plot: The wife of a judge attempts to kill herself when she is jilted by her ex-RAF lover

Eric played Miller

Escape to DangerRef 112-19

Plot: A British schoolmistress becomes a spy

Eric played Arthur Lawrence

FreudRef 112-40

Plot: Biographical drama about Sigmund Freud – his theories and treatments – and the struggle for acceptance in Vienna of 1885. He becomes interested in a boy who hates his father because of his own incestuous love of his mother

Eric played Dr Theodore Meynert

The GamblersRef 112-51

TV film

The Girl from Maxim'sRef 112-2

Plot: A doctor is forced to pass off a singer as his wife

Eric was not credited in the film

The Good CompanionsRef 112-38

Plot: The J. B. Priestley story of the Dinky Doos, a group of travelling performers

Eric played Jess Oakroyd

A Great DayRef 112-21

Plot: During World War II, the members of the village Women's Institute are inspired by the visit of Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt

Eric played Captain John Ellis

Hearts of HumanityRef 112-9

Aka Crypt / Abide with Me

Eric played Jack Clinton

His ExcellencyRef 112-32

Plot: George Harrison is the former leader of a dockers' trade union appointed to the post of governor of Artista, a British Mediterranean island colony. An industrial island, it finds itself further embroiled in a terrible fight over low pay and terrible working conditions. A strike ensues, but the new governor remembers what it feels like to be an abused working stiff and so refuses to call out troops to break the strike. He tries to use his experiences on both sides of the fence to mediate between the angry labourers, but it is to no avail and the governor must make a difficult decision. The key scene has him facing an incipient riot and drawing on his experience of dockyard militancy to win over the mob and the admiration of the sceptical Britons

Eric played George Harrison

A Hundred Years OldRef 112-49

TV film

Hyde Park CornerRef 112-5

Plot: Events which happened at Hyde Park Corner in 1780 seem to happen again today

Eric played Edward Chester

The Magic BoxRef 112-31

Plot: The story of William Friese-Greene inventor and early experimenter with cinematography and his pioneering film-making in London of 1889

Eric played Arthur Collings

The Man Who Finally DiedRef 112-41

Plot: A man returns to his home-town in Bavaria to discover what happened to his father during World War II, and becomes involved in a spy plot

Eric played Inspector Hofmeister

Maria Marten, or, The Murder in the Red BarnRef 112-4

Plot: Squire William Corder (Tod Slaughter) wins the affection of Maria Marten (Sophie Stewart) but when she tells him that she is pregnant, Corder schemes to get rid of her by murdering her in the Red Barn

Eric played Carlos, a gypsy boy

The Mark of CainRef 112-24

Plot: Set in Manchester, the housekeeper of a Lancashire businessman is suspected when he is poisoned by his brother

Eric played Richard Howard

Men of Two WorldsRef 112-22

Plot: Set in Africa in the 1940s, an educated native helps the British authorities to persuade the tribes to flee a tsetse infested area. The film was shot in Tanganyika

Eric played District Commissioner Randall

Millions Like UsRef 112-17

Plot: A factory worker falls in love with a World War II pilot who is ultimately killed in battle

Eric played Charlie Forbes

Moonlight SonataRef 112-12

Plot: Romance set in the home of a Swedish baroness in the 1930s when the stranded victims of a plane crash are affected by the art of a concert pianist

Eric played Mario de la Costa

The Naked EdgeRef 112-39

Plot: Six years after George Radcliffe's testimony helps to convict another man of murder, his wife, Martha, finds a blackmail letter accusing her husband of the crime, and she begins to doubt his innocence

Eric played Jeremy Clay

A Night at the HardcastlesRef 112-53

TV film

Old RosesRef 112-6

Eric played Lou

One of Our Aircraft is MissingRef 112-14

Plot: The crew of a World War II RAF bomber which crash-lands in the occupied Netherlands struggle to escape the Nazis and make their way back to England with the help of brave Dutch patriots

Eric played Tom Earnshaw, the copilot in B for Bertie

The PelicanRef 112-54

TV film

The Prince & the PauperRef 112-10

Plot: In Tudor London, the young Edward VI changes places with a street urchin who is his double

Eric played The First Lord

The RivalsRef 112-50

TV film

She Stoops to ConquerRef 112-52

TV film

The Singing MarineRef 112-11

Plot: A sailor wins a singing contest and success goes to his head

Eric played a bit-part as a down-and-out and was not credited in the film

South of AlgiersRef 112-33

Plot: A journalist teams up with an archæologist and his daughter in a search for a precious golden mask in the Egyptian desert

Eric played Doctor Burnet

The Spider & the FlyRef 112-29

Plot: A thriller set in 1913 France as a Parisian safe-cracker joins a gang of British crooks to retrieve government documents

Eric played Fernand Maubert

The Spy With a Cold NoseRef 112-44

Plot: Spoof international intrigue, in which a British counter intelligence agent persuades a fashionable vet to implant a spying device under the skin of a bulldog, a goodwill gift from the British prime minister to the Soviet prime minister. The agent hopes to be able to monitor the activities of the Soviets but things go wrong when the dog needs an operation, and exposure threatens international chaos

Eric played The British Ambassador

Squadron Leader XRef 112-15

Plot: A Nazi poses as a British pilot and has difficulty returning home

Eric played Erich Kohler

UncensoredRef 112-16

Plot: During the Nazi occupation of Brussels, the editor of a newspaper leads a group of patriots

Eric played Andre Delange

A Voice in the NightRef 112-48

Original title of Wanted for Murder

Wanted for MurderRef 112-23

Aka A Voice in the Night

Plot: A man is obsessed with his father's being the public hangman, and becomes a murderer himself

Eric played Victor Colebrooke

We Dive at DawnRef 112-18

Plot: World War II drama about the crew of the British submarine – the Sea Tiger – as they are recalled from leave for a special mission to find and sink the German battleship Brandenburg. Tension builds as they approach their target when it enters the heavily defended Baltic. Afterwards, escape seems impossible – and they are presumed lost in action – as they are without fuel and food, unless they can refuel in enemy waters. Eric saves the vessel by going ashore on a Danish island disguised as a German officer to get fuel, helped by Danish fisherman. Arriving back in England, they discover that they have successfully sunk the Brandenburg

Eric played Hydrophones LS James Hobson

West 11Ref 112-42

Plot: A young man is offered £10,000 to commit a murder

Eric played Richard Dyce

The WhisperersRef 112-46

Plot: Set in 1960s London, a lonely elderly woman lives alone in a slum apartment and is forced to deal with her estranged husband, her crooked son and a shady neighbour. Voices tell her that there is a plot against her. The voices are right, and no one will believe her

Eric played Archie Ross

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