The People's Park

The pavilion in The People's Park is by G. H. Stokes.

It houses a seated life-size marble figure of Sir Frank Crossley by Joseph Durham which was inaugurated on 14th August 1860. The figure is of Carrara marble, and cost 300 guineas. The total cost of the statue was £1100.

The pedestal is of Sicilian marble, and weighs nearly 8 tons.

The proportions of the seated figure are such, that were it erect, the height would be eight feet.

The figure is robed in a morning gown, with slippers on the feet, and, in the right hand, a scroll representing the act of parliament by which the People's Park was finally secured to the people of Halifax.

The statue bears the following inscription

This statue of Frank Crossley, Esq, MP for the West Riding of York, donor of the People's Park, was erected August 14th 1860 by the inhabitants of Halifax, his native town, as a tribute of gratitude and respect to one whose public benefactions and private virtues deserved to be remembered

On the north side of the pedestal, there is the Crossley family crest, with the motto


and on the south side, the arms of Halifax Corporation.

Two small pools on either side of the pavilion are fed by fountains in the form of Gorgons' heads.

There are inscriptions

The rich and the poor meet together. The Lord is the maker of them all

Blessed be the Lord who daily loadeth us with Benefits

Let no man seek his own but every man another's wealth [??]

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