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Ovenden is a district of Calderdale to the north of Halifax and neighbouring on Warley to the west and Northowram to the east.

In the 1800s, one-third of the land here was open common, but it was enclosed under an Act of 1814.

Ovenden was an independent township, until 1892 when it became a part of the Borough of Halifax.

After World War I, municipal housing development began in Ovenden.

In 1946, the Council announced plans to build 1400 houses, schools and other facilities at Park Lodge Housing Estate, Ovenden, and since the 1950s, Illingworth, Ovenden, and Wheatley have largely been taken over by housing estates.

Ovenden was served by the Halifax High Level Railway.

The name may mean above the valley, or upper valley, or (most likely) the valley of Uffa, or, according to Watson, it derives from Avon dene, that is, the valley of the brook.

The surname may be a corruption of Wolfenden.

Pronunciation: the stress falls on the first syllable – which sounds like of and not as in oven – and both the remaining vowels have the neutral schwa vowel: ov-ən-dən

Some local people pronounce the word ov-ən-din


Some sites, sights and other entries for Ovenden

Ainley House, Ovenden
Alexandra, Ovenden
The Ayrton family of Ovenden

Bairstow's Buildings, Ovenden
Bedlam Heights, Ovenden
Beechwood Mills, Ovenden
Beechwood Works, Ovenden
Berry's Buildings, Ovenden
Bethel United Methodist Church, Ovenden
Birks Hall, Ovenden
Black Mires, Ovenden
Box Trees House, Ovenden
Bracewell Housing Estate, Ovenden
Brackenbed House, Ovenden
Broadley Hall, Ovenden Wood
Brockholes Estate, Ovenden
Brookhouse School, Ovenden
Brookhouse, Ovenden
Brownhirst, Ovenden
Buckley Gate Hall, Ovenden

Childwife moor
Churn Pot, Ovenden Wood
Clifby Works, Ovenden
Clough House, Ovenden Wood
Club Houses, Ovenden
Coronation Works, Ovenden
Cousin Lane Aerodrome
Craigie Lea, Ovenden
The Crawshaw family of Ovenden
Cross, Ovenden

Dawson Farm, Ovenden
Dial House, Ovenden
Dodgson Clough, Ovenden Wood
Dodgson Wood, Ovenden Wood

Empire Works, Holmfield

Farcroft Mill, Ovenden
Fleece, Ovenden
Forest Bank Special School, Ovenden
Forest Cottage, Ovenden
Forest Mills, Ovenden
Forest Villa, Ovenden
Fountain Head Village, Ovenden Wood
Friendly Fold, Ovenden
Friendly, Ovenden
Friendly, Ovenden

General Baptists Lord's Day School, Ovenden
Grindlestone Bank, Ovenden
Grove Mill Company, Ovenden
Grove Mills, Ovenden

Halifax & Ovenden Junction Railway Company
Hare & Hounds, Ovenden
Hatchet Farm, Ovenden
Hatchet Hall, Ovenden Wood
Hebble Bridge, Ovenden
Hippins, Ovenden
Holdsworth House, Holmfield
Hollin Hall, Ovenden
Titus Holmes
Holmfield Mills, Ovenden
Hookseam Croft, Ovenden
Hopkinson's Buildings, Ovenden
Howcans Pottery, Ovenden
The Hoyle family of Ovenden House

Illingworth Mills, Ovenden

Jubilee Works, Ovenden

Keighley Road Post Office, Ovenden
KP Foods

Ladyship Mills, Ovenden
Ladyship, Ovenden
Lane Head Farm, Ovenden
The Langhton, Ovenden
Lee Bank Mills, Ovenden
Lee House, Ovenden Wood
Lily of the Valley Lodge 222 G. U. O. O. F.
Little Hebble Mill, Ovenden
Little Moor, Ovenden
Long Can Farm, Ovenden Wood
Long Can, Ovenden
Lordship, Ovenden
Lower Jack Royd Mill, Ovenden
Lower Mason Green, Ovenden

Mallinson's School, Ovenden
The Maltings Independent School, Ovenden
Mason Green, Ovenden
The Methley family of Ovenden & Wadsworth
Mixenden Works, Ovenden
Moorside House, Ovenden

New House Mill, Ovenden
New Inn, Ovenden
Noah's Ark, Ovenden
North Howcans, Ovenden
Nursery Lane Post Office, Ovenden
Nursery Lane Wesleyan Methodist Church, Ovenden

Ogden moor
Ogden Moor Roman Road
Old Gin Pit, Ovenden
Old Lane Mills, Lee Mount
Old Laughton, Ovenden
The Old Lodge, Ovenden
Old Station House, Ovenden
Our Lady of Lourdes & Saint Malachy, Ovenden

Ovenden Band
Ovenden Bard
Ovenden Beck
Ovenden Board of Health
Ovenden Board School
Ovenden branch of the Halifax Permanent Building Society
Ovenden Brotherly Society
Ovenden Choral Society
Ovenden constables
Ovenden Constitutional Club
Ovenden Co-operative Stores
Ovenden Cricket Club
Ovenden Cross
Ovenden Cross, Ovenden
Ovenden District Council
Ovenden Female Benefit Society
Ovenden Grange
Ovenden Hall
Ovenden Heights
Ovenden High School
Ovenden High School Baths
Ovenden House
Ovenden House Nursery
Ovenden Library
Ovenden Local Board
Ovenden Madrigal Society
Ovenden Mechanics' Institute & Reading Room
Ovenden Moor
Ovenden Naturalist Society
Ovenden Park
Ovenden Police Station
Ovenden Post Office
Ovenden Prize Band
Ovenden Railway Station
Ovenden Reservoirs
Ovenden Rugby League Football Club
Ovenden School Board
Ovenden Secondary School
Ovenden Senior Council School
Ovenden Station Bridge
Ovenden Stocks
Ovenden Subscription Band
Ovenden Sunday School
Ovenden Thump
Ovenden United Cricket Club
Ovenden Ward Liberal Club
Ovenden Way
Ovenden Women's Adult School
Ovenden Wood
Ovenden Wood Brewery
Ovenden Wood Brook
Ovenden Workhouse
Ovenden Worsted Company Limited
Manor of Ovenden
Viscount Ovenden
Over Brown Hirst, Ovenden

Park Lodge Laundry, Ovenden
Park Lodge, Ovenden
Poor's Cottage, Ovenden
Prospect House, Ovenden
Prospect Mill, Ovenden
Providence Chapel Schools, Ovenden
Providence Independent Church, Ovenden

Quarry House, Ovenden

Railway Hotel, Ovenden
Raw Lane School, Ovenden
Red Laithe Farm, Ovenden
The Rookery, Ovenden
Rydeing, Ovenden Wood
Rydings, Ovenden

Saint George's Church, Lee Mount
Saint George's Mission Church, Ovenden
Sammy Blakeborough Buildings, Ovenden
Sand Beds Mill, Ovenden
Shoulder of Mutton, Ovenden
Skylark Farm, Ovenden
Sod House Green, Ovenden
South Howcans, Ovenden
Spring Gardens, Ovenden Wood
Spring Lea, Ovenden Wood
Stanningley Green School, Ovenden
Sundial House, Friendly Fold
Sunny Bank, Ovenden

Thornton Moor, Ovenden
Townsend's School, Ovenden

Union Cross, Ovenden
Upper Lane Head Farm, Ovenden

Viscount Ovenden

Waggoners', Ovenden
Wall Royd, Ovenden
Walton's Buildings, Ovenden
Walton's School, Ovenden
Watkinson Hall, Ovenden
Webster's Fountain Head Brewery
Westward Ho, Ovenden
Wheat Sheaf, Ovenden
White Birch, Ovenden
White Hall, Ovenden
White Lion, Ovenden
The Wood family of Ovenden Wood

Yew Trees, Ovenden

The Ambler family of Ovenden
The Bates family of Ovenden
The Garforth family of Ovenden & Mixenden
The Norris family of Ovenden

Beerhouses & Pubs in Ovenden

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Ovenden, including

See Population, Parish statistics, North Halifax and Linda Riordan

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