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Northowram is a hill-top village lying to the north-east of Halifax.

The name uses the element owram and means on the north bank, slope or ridge – of the Red Beck – as distinct from Southowram.

In old documents, the Northowram township also included places which are now considered to be parts of

The district was included into the extended Halifax Borough in 1865.

The township appears in Domesday Book as Ufrun, and in 1202 as Northuuerum. The transcription North Otteram has been recorded [1660s].

In 2011, the village acquired conservation status.

Pronunciation: The name is pronounced north-aar-əm with the stress on the second syllable, and the third syllable has the neutral schwa vowel

Some sites, sights and other entries for Northowram

Addersgate Farm, Northowram
The Akroyd family of Northowram
Albert Street Methodist Church, Northowram
Anthony Wells, Northowram
Ashtree, Northowram

Batehayne, Northowram
Baxter House, Northowram
Bell School, Northowram
Blackmires Wesleyan Methodist Church, Northowram
Bleak Hill, Northowram
Bloody Tongue, Northowram
Boggard Well, Northowram
Browside Farm, Northowram
Bull Rent

Cat Steps, Northowram
Catherine House, Northowram
Clay House, Northowram
William Clay
Cold Harbour, Northowram
Crown Brewery, Northowram
Crown Works, Northowram

Dam Head Colliery, Northowram
Dean Stones Estate, Northowram
Dove Farm, Northowram

Ebenezer Cottages, Northowram
Ebenezer Methodist Church, Northowram
Ebenezer Methodist Sunday School, Northowram

Fur Street, Northowram

The Gawthrop family of Northowram
The Great Bell of Northowram
Greaves Buildings, Northowram

Hanging Royd Farm, Northowram
Hesketh's School, Northowram
Heywood's Chapel, Northowram
Hillway House, Northowram
Hilly Holly Brow, Northowram
A History of Northowram Township from 1800
Hollin Hall, Northowram
Hough Mills, Northowram

Intake Wood, Northowram

The Jagger family of Only House

Laithe Croft, Northowram
Landimer, Northowram
Lands Head, Northowram
The Lee, Northowram
Limed House Soft Bed Colliery, Northowram
Little London Farm, Northowram
Little London, Northowram
Little Norcliffe Farm, Northowram
Lonely House Farm, Northowram
Lower Brear, Northowram
Lower Knight Royd, Northowram
Lower North Royd, Northowram
Lower Ranns, Northowram
Loyal Industry Lodge 1604 I. O. O. F. – M. U.
Lydgate Conservative Club, Northowram

The Manse, Northowram
Marsh Hall, Northowram
Merry Boys Inn, Northowram
Micklemoss, Northowram
Moorfalls Estate, Northowram
Mountain End Colliery, Northowram
Mutton Pitts Farm, Northowram

Netherton, Northowram
New Queen's Head, Northowram
Northfieldyate, Northowram
Northowram & Shelf Ward, Halifax
Northowram Academy
Northowram Board of Guardians
Northowram Board School
Northowram Church School
Northowram Club
Northowram Co-Op
Northowram Community Centre
Northowram constables
Northowram Free School
Northowram Hall
Northowram Hall bath house
Northowram Historical Society
Northowram Hospital
Northowram House
Northowram Hunt
Northowram Independent Chapel

Northowram Infants' School
Northowram Isolation Hospital
Northowram, Its History & Antiquities
Northowram Junior & Infant School
Northowram Liberal Club
Northowram Library
Northowram Local Board
Northowram Mechanics' Institution
Northowram Methodist New Connexion Chapel
Northowram New Chapel
The Northowram Nonconformist Register
Northowram Overseers of the Poor
Northowram, Parish of
Northowram Police Station
Northowram Post Office
Northowram Primary School
Northowram Quarries
Northowram Recreation Ground
Northowram School Board
Northowram Stocks
Northowram Subscription Band
Northowram Surveyor of the Highways
Northowram Tannery Limited
Northowram United Reformed Church
Northowram Urban District Council
Northowram Ward, Halifax
Northowram Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
Northowram Wesleyan Sunday School
Northowram Workhouse
Manor of Northowram

Old House at Home, Northowram
Old Yew Tree, Lower Brea
Only House, Northowram
The Otes family of Northowram

Park Brewery, Northowram
Park Lodge, Northowram
Park Villa, Northowram
Penrose Buildings, Northowram
Plowroyd, Northowram
Polly Hall, Northowram
Priestley Hall, Northowram
Prospect House, Northowram
Pule Nick Farm, Northowram

Quarry House Special School, Northowram
Quarry House, Northowram
Queen's Head, Northowram
Queen Victoria, Northowram

Red Lion Beerhouse, Northowram
Ringby House, Northowram
Royds Hall Farm, Northowram

Saint Matthew's Church, Northowram
Saint Matthew's Sunday School, Northowram
Salterlee Board School, Northowram
Shibden Fold House, Northowram
Shoulder of Mutton, Northowram
Shroggs Wood, Northowram
Spring Field House, Northowram
Spring Field, Northowram
Spring Head, Northowram
Spring House, Northowram
Staups Common, Northowram
Stocks Arms, Northowram
Stone Gap Estate, Northowram
Strines, Northowram
Swamp, Northowram

Top o' th' Hill Delph, Northowram
Towngate, Northowram
Tyllieholme, Northowram

Upper Brear, Northowram
Upper Knight Royd, Northowram
Upper Ranns, Northowram
Upper Westercroft, Northowram

Victoria Inn, Northowram

Westercroft Farm, Northowram
Whinney Royd, Northowram
White Birch Farm, Northowram
White Horse, Northowram
Whithill, Northowram
Windmill Hill Brewery, Northowram
Windmill, Northowram
Woodlands, Northowram

Yew Tree Inn, Northowram

The Moore family of Northowram & Sowerby
The Northend family of Northowram

Beerhouses & Pubs in Northowram

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Northowram, including

See Ouram, Shibden Brook and Southowram

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