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The Mixenden area of Calderdale lies to the north-west of Halifax.

The district made the national headlines in January 2003, when Adrian Marsden was elected as a British National Party Councillor – the first in Yorkshire – in a by-election.

The name had been written as Maxenden and Myxindale, and is derived from the elements mixen and den, meaning a dung-hill valley.

Pronunciation: The stress falls on the first syllable, and both remaining vowels have the neutral schwa vowel: mix-ən-dən.

Some sites, sights and other entries for Mixenden

The Garforth family of Ovenden & Mixenden

Binns Hole Clough, Mixenden
Binns Owl Farm, Mixenden
Birks Brook, Mixenden
Brook House Brewery, Mixenden

Chapel Farm, Mixenden
Church of the Holy Nativity, Mixenden
Clough Bank Beck, Mixenden
Clough Brewery, Mixenden
Cobble Bank Farm, Mixenden
Cock Hill, Mixenden

Grey Stones, Mixenden

Hare & Hounds, Mixenden
Hay's Mill, Mixenden
Hill End Presbyterian Church, Mixenden
Hunter Hill, Mixenden

In & Around Mixenden – Past & Present

Jumples Beck, Mixenden
Jumples Bridge, Mixenden
Jumples Cottage, Mixenden
Jumples House, Mixenden
Jumples Lodge, Mixenden

Long House Farm, Mixenden
Long Row, Illingworth

Mixenden Band
Mixenden Beck
Mixenden Board School
Mixenden Bridge
Mixenden Co-Op
Mixenden Community Primary School
Mixenden Corn Mill
Mixenden Council School
Mixenden Evening School
Mixenden Fulling Mill
Mixenden Hall

Mixenden Independent Chapel
Mixenden Ings
Mixenden Library
Mixenden Mill
Mixenden Mills
Mixenden Moor
Mixenden Moor finds
Mixenden Old Hall
Mixenden Plantation
Mixenden Post Office
Mixenden Reservoir
Mixenden Riot
Mixenden Roman Ring Camp
Mixenden Stones Farm, Mixenden
Mixenden Sunday School
The Mixenden Treasure
Mixenden treasure
Mixenden Urban Park
Mixenden urnfield
Mixenden Ward, Halifax
Mixenden Working Men's Club
Mixenden Works, Ovenden
Moor End Mill, Mixenden

Overgreen Royd Farm, Mixenden

Rose & Crown, Mixenden
Rough Carrs, Mixenden
Rushey Field, Mixenden

Saint Bernadette's Catholic Church, Mixenden
Shaking House, Mixenden
Shaw Mill Farm, Mixenden
Shaw Mill, Mixenden
Shoulder of Mutton, Mount Tabor
Skelton Buildings, Mixenden
Slippy Lane, Mixenden
Spring Bank Quarry, Mixenden
Stansfield's School, Mixenden
Stod Fold Farm, Mixenden
Stone Chair, Mixenden

Three Horseshoes, Mixenden

Beerhouses & Pubs in Mixenden

Several beerhouses and public houses have been recorded in and around Mixenden, including

See Cragg Court, Mixenden, Dodge Holme Court, Mixenden, Hebble Court, Mixenden, Jumples Court, Mixenden, Charles Albert Mitchell, Mixenden Court, Mixenden, North Halifax and Wheatley Court, Mixenden

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