Local Markets

The Sovereign issued a permit for a town or village to have a weekly market.

These were usually held on Sunday until the 13th century when they moved to a weekday.

As distinct from a fair which usually sold just one type of product, a market sold a range of goods and services.

A stallage fee was paid for the privilege of setting up a stall at a market or a fair.

The practice of having a market day – or days – is gradually declining in importance, but open air markets are still found in some places:

TownMarket Day
HalifaxMediæval markets were held on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Hebden BridgeThursday
Sowerby BridgeTuesday


Brighouse Market
Brighouse Old Market

Church Market
Clerk of the market
Corn Market, Halifax

Elland market

Fish Market, Halifax

Half-day closing
Halifax Borough Market
Halifax Woollen Market
Hebden Bridge Cattle Market

King Street Market

Lister Lane Cattle Market
Lower Market, Halifax

Market Hall

New Cattle Market, Halifax
New Market, Halifax

Old Market, Halifax

Swine Market, Halifax

Todmorden Market

Victoria Cattle Market, Halifax

Westgate Market, Halifax

See Early Closing Day and Halifax Borough Market

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