Mankinholes is a district of Calderdale south-east of Todmorden just below Stoodley Pike. The community stands 725 ft above sea level.

It was once a halt for cattle drovers and evolved into a community of hand loom weavers.

The area was settled by Norsemen in the 10th century, and is first mentioned as Mancanholes in 1275.

The name comes from Mancan's holh and means the hollow of Mancan. Mancan is an Irish name, and may have come to the district from the Norse colonies in Ireland – compare Parkinhole.

One of the first recorded Quaker meetings in the area was held at the home of Joshua Laycock in 1667.

In 1838, there were violent scenes in the area when a mob threatened officers who were attempting to make an arrest under the Poor Law Amendment Act [1834].

Look for the water trough with 6 linked tanks. These were used for cooling milk churns.

As a surname, this may have forms such as Mangnall, Mangold or Manknall.

Pronunciation: The name is pronounced as it is read, with the stress on the first syllable: man-kin-holes

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