Several local people lived to a ripe old age, including

Peter Ambler

John Baines
Henry Bamford
Agnes Marion Barber
Rose, wife of George Bodger
Nancy Bramham
Roger Brook
Broughton brothers

Miss Jane Carter
Mrs Betsy Collinge
Miss Mary Ann S. G. Constantine

Francis Drake

Harry Farnell
Ann Farrar
Joseph P. Farrar
Catherine Farrel
John Firth

Miss Sophia Greaves
Mary, wife of Abraham Greenwood
Susan Greenwood

Edward Hellawell
Mrs Hines
Elias Hoyle
Elizabeth, wife of Dr Tom Harold Hunt

Luke Jackson

Benjamin Kagan Joseph Kagan
Mrs Grace Hannah Kershaw
Samuel Kershaw

Mr Littleton
John Logan

Mrs Violet Mawson
Mrs Esther Mitchell
John Morby

Elias Patefield

John Ratcliffe
Dorothy Florence Rawson
John Roberts
Margaret Ryan

Margaret Scholfield
John Shepherd
Mrs Susan Smith
Corronetta Snowden
James Stancliffe
Abraham Sunderland
Mrs Sutcliffe

Abraham Thomas
Mrs Elizabeth Tiffany
James Tilley

Nathan Wood
Henry Wright

See Infant mortality

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