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Lassey, Charles BlandRef 522-124
Son of
John Lassey.

Born in Idle [3rd April 1872].

He was a carpet creeler [1891] / an official porter (workhouse) [1901] / a clerk at HM Prison [1911, 1921] / a clerk at HM Prison (retired) [1939].

The Newcastle Evening Chronicle [22nd October 1931] published

Notice of Change of Surname

I, Charles Bland Lacey of Foggy Forze, Romanby in the North Riding of the County of York, lately Clerk in His Majesty's Prison in the City of Durham, now Retired, heretofore called and known by the name of Charles Bland Lassey, hereby give notice that on the Tenth day of October 1931, I renounced and abandoned the use of my surname Lassey and assumed in lieu thereof the surname of Lacey; and further that such change of surname is evidenced by a Deed dated the 10th day of October 1931 duly executed by me and attested and intended to be enrolled in the Enrolment Department of the Central Office of the Royal Court of Justice.

Dated: 16th October 1931


He married Susannah Tindale [1871-19??] in Hartlepool.

Susannah was born in Hartlepool [12th April 1871]


  1. Mildred May [1897-1901]
  2. Eric Tindall [b 1903]
  3. Colin Bland [b 1906]
  4. Muriel Bland [b 1907] who married [Northallerton 1927]  George Hector Chilton

They lived at

  • Wortley, Yorkshire [1901]
  • Romanby Road, Northallerton [1911, 1921]
  • Carlinghowe Farm, Croft (Charles & Susannah living  with daughter Muriel & family) [1939[

Charles died in Newcastle district [Q3 1951] (aged 78) 

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Lassey, G.Ref 522-88
He died in World War II.

Question: Is he the same person as George Lassey [1921-1944]?


He is remembered on a memorial in St Thomas the Apostle, Claremount

Lassey, GeorgeRef 522-118
Son of
John Willie Lassey.

Born 20th April 1921.

He lived at 6 Roseberry Terrace, Halifax [1939].

He was educated at Heath Grammar School / a clerk at the Halifax Building Society [1939].

During World War II, he enlisted [October 1941] and served as a Pilot Officer with the 10th Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.

He trained in California, and was awarded the Gold Star.

He was reported missing and assumed to have died as captain of a Halifax bomber [2nd May 1944] (aged 23).

The Halifax Evening Courier [3rd May 1945] reported his death with a photograph.

He was buried at Brussels Town Cemetery, Belgium [Grave Ref X 17 2].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, on Heath Grammar School Memorial Gates, on the Memorial at Halifax Building Society, and on the family grave at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden

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Lassey, GeraldRef 522-119
Son of Amelia & Priestley Lassey of Highroad Well.

He was educated at Halifax Modern School / a member of the Sunday School at Highroad Well Congregational Church / employed in the goods office of the LMS Railway.

During World War II, he served as a Gunner / Signaller 67th Field Regiment Royal Artillery.

He was killed in action [25th September 1944] (aged 21).

He was buried at Faenza War Cemetery, Italy [Grave Ref II F 21].

He is remembered in the Halifax Town Hall Books of Remembrance, and on the Memorial at Saint Thomas the Apostle, Claremount

Lassey, HarryRef 522-1124
Quarry owner at
Rushton Hill Quarries, Pellon.

He lived at Sandy Fore [1905]

Lassey, J.Ref 522-894
Around 1890, he and his son took over the woolstapling business of
J. E. H. Thwaite to establish J. Lassey & Son

Lassey, JohnRef 522-9320
From Halifax.

Mining engineer.

In the 1860s, he went to Buckley, North Wales where he acquired the Willow Colliery.

He stayed at the Black Horse in Buckley, and subsequently married the licensee Catherine Hewitt. Through his wife's family, he became a shareholder in the Buckley Colliery Company.

Around 1872, he sold the Willow Colliery to John Watkinson of George Watkinson & Sons Limited for £7,000

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Lassey, JohnRef 522-410
Donated land for the construction of the
Co-operative Mills at Bradshaw

Lassey, JohnRef 522-1567
Of Mixenden.

He married (Peggy) [1831-1923].


  1. Mary Ellen [1855-1908]
  2. George Henry [1862-1935]
  3. infant
  4. infant
  5. infant
  6. infant

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: Vm23

Lassey, JohnRef 522-2
Born in Northowram.

He was a blacksmith's apprentice [1861] / a blacksmith [1871, 1881, 1891] / a blacksmith (out-of-work) [1901].

In [Q3] 1859, he married Elizabeth Bland [1840-1922] in Halifax.

Elizabeth was born in Northowram


  1. Mercy Hannah [1861-1862]
  2. Sarah [b 1865] who was a worsted spinner [1881]
  3. Jonas William [b 1867] who was a wire drawer [1881]
  4. Mary [b 1870] who was a worsted spinner [1881], a carpet  setter [1891]
  5. Charles Bland
  6. John [1875-1884]
  7. Lydia [died in infancy 7th June 1877] & was interred at  Idle Church
  8. Tom [1880-1908] who was a carpet bonder [1891] & was  interred at Riverside Cemetery, Rochester USA
  9. Elizabeth A. [b 1882]

The 1911 census shows that they had had 9 children of whom 5 were still alive at that time.

They lived at

  • Gledhill Row, Northowram [1861]
  • Bank Top, Lightcliffe [1862]
  • Harper's House, Idle, Bradford [1871]
  • Lightcliffe, Hipperholme-cum-Brighouse [1881]
  • Holme Terrace, Lightcliffe [1891]
  • Holmes Street, Lightcliffe [1901]
  • 57 Wakefield Road, Lightcliffe (the widowed Elizabeth  living alone) [1911]

John died 21st November 1908 (aged 69).

Elizabeth died 14th April 1922 (aged 82).

The couple were buried at Wesleyan Chapel, Southowram with the children ().

The children () are remembered on their parents' grave

Lassey, John WillieRef 522-756
Born in Halifax.

He was landlord of the Shibden Mill Inn [1933-1935].

In [Q2] 1911, he married (1) Alice Emma Clayton [1884-1924] in Halifax.

Alice Emma was born in Halifax


  1. George
  2. Ethel [24th April 1923-2004] who married [Halifax Q3  1949] Kenneth K. Cunningham

Alice Emma died in Accrington [Q3 1924].

In [Q4] 1924, he married (2) Alice Smith [1892-1982] in Accrington.

Alice was born 16th April 1892

John Willie died at the Shibden Mill Inn [18th August 1935].

The family lived at 6 Roseberry Terrace, Halifax [1939]. Probate records show that he left effects valued at £240 17/1d.

Probate was granted to his widow Alice.

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: J26

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Lassey, JosephRef 522-175
Built a chapel at
Bradshaw which – in 1864 – was superseded by Bradshaw Methodist Chapel

Lassey, JosephRef 522-1568
Of Bradshaw.

Born in Ovenden.

He was a farmer.

On 28th May 1833, he married Mary Holmes [1811-1878] in Halifax.

Mary was born in Ovenden


  1. Polly [1834-1862]
  2. Mary Hannah [1848-1917] who married Sidney Woodhead

The couple died in Bradshaw: Mary [29th July 1878]; Joseph [10th September 1887].

Members of the family were buried at Mount Zion Methodist Chapel, Ogden (Grave Ref: Qs29

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Lassey surnameRef 522-1
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Unattached BMDs for Lassey

Marriages 1865, 1877


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